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We have a save that’s level 25 in Dakar Desert Rally (the 2022 video game) (you can unlock Simulation Mode), download it HERE .

The password is: www.bai-gaming.com

Read the instructions below for installing it! If you want to share these save files, please link to this webpage and not directly to the file! I won’t list any spoilers for the game for the descriptions of the saves. These saves are for the PC (Steam) platform!

To use on PC, unzip the file using 7zip (or any unzipping software) and put the game saves in the Dakar Desert Rally save directory (I’ll explain the folder path below).

Sometimes your game save location varies from user to user. You can also right-click the game in Steam and select Properties and Browse Local Files to find where your game saves are located and just put the files there (this is the easiest way, otherwise follow instructions below).

Also, if you’re using Steam, right-click the game, go to Properties, and under General uncheck “Keep game saves in the Steam Cloud for game”, otherwise your cloud save will immediately overwrite our save you downloaded.

It’ll look like something like below (put your PC username instead, copying and pasting will NOT work so find your folder structure, you’ll also have a unique number too):


Above worked for me, but alternatively, you can try to go to your Steam directory and find the game (you’ll need to use your own Steam ID and the game ID is 1839940), this can vary depending on your Steam location (and the 1’s will be unique for you):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\1111111111\1111111\remote

Alternatively sometimes game saves are in: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local

If you cannot access the folders or if they’re not visible, please click the View tab in Windows Explorer and put a checkmark on Hidden Items.

My zip file has 1 save file, it is at about level 27, so you can unlock Simulation Mode since that only requires level 25. Otherwise the save has a few regular cars and a regular amount of currency, nothing is really maxed. The purpose of this save file is so you can immediately use Simulation Mode.

My save file includes: 

  • Over Level 25 so you can play in Simulation Mode.

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