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General Tips

  • This is a spoiler-free guide! I will only mention the bare minimum of information required, such as characters you can recruit each chapter, how to best complete each map, names of characters in support conversations, etc. As long as you don’t purposely scroll to the last chapter you won’t find spoilers.
  • The guide is based off of the easier difficulty. The collectibles in the villages and shop inventories should still be the same. The main difference with harder difficulties is that there will likely be more enemies initially on the map, more enemy reinforcements, and they may also spawn on earlier turns than listed. The strategy I explain and the principles can still be used on higher difficulties.

Chapter 1 – A Timely Arrival

gales of nayeli chapter 1 a timely arrival
  • Automatically recruit: Avatar, Nayeli, Daisie
  • Flower: Oasis Tonic
  • Use Daisie (the fairy) to collect from flower icons, other characters right now cannot get rewards from flowers.
  • Nayeli is the protagonist and you also have a playable avatar character that is a class of your choosing. If either die then it’s a game over. Depending on your class you chose for the avatar player unit, this chapter may be easier or harder.
  • In general there is no perma-death except for the two protagonists who will have a game over if they die, and certain story objectives failing may cause a game over as well. But if other supporting characters die (when you get more units in the future), they’ll return the next map.
  • Nayeli will often need to talk to characters later on to recruit them (not the player avatar). She also has to be the one to reach the map objective in later maps (rather than the player avatar).
  • Nayeli is very weak to attacks so be careful, two hits from these enemies is enough to destroy her. Her wind spear does powerful damage and has 1-2 range. Wind is powerful against the flying bug enemy. She seems to be mandatory in the game, so it’s best to train her up.
  • Pay attention to everyone’s Combat Arts as well. They vary character to character but be careful of the cost, they can deplete your weapon durability fast. Nayeli has a useful one where it cancels the enemy’s counterattack.
  • Daisie is usually useful for healing. She has spells to attack with and has high resistance, making her good to use against enemies who deal magic damage like the spirit wolf.
  • I had a adventurer (swordsman) avatar class who had good defense and I used them to draw in attacks while Nayeli picked them off. Otherwise how you use your player avatar depends on the class you chose – if you’re a mage perhaps you can use a fire spell to deal more damage to bugs, or if you’re an archer you could use your arrows to deal more damage to flying enemies.
  • Try to learn the enemy classes as well – it’s mostly the monster enemies that have their quirks.
  • The blue spirit wolves use magic attacks (your defense will be the resistance stat for magic attacks so watch out). Use your fairy, Daisie, to take that wolf’s attack and to also deal damage to it.
  • The regular grey (dire) wolves have fangs that ignore your defense stat so be careful.
  • The dark fairy in the bottom right is pretty powerful. All my characters had low resistance and unfortunately the enemy fairy has the tome Dispel that deals more damage to fairies, so you shouldn’t approach her with Daisie. I had to just gang up on the dark fairy at the end of the battle using the Avatar and Nayeli, and take the damage.

Chapter 2 – Nagata’oh Valley

gales of nayeli chapter 2 nagata-oh valley
  • Automatically recruit Quidel (Turn 3 on the northern cave)
  • Recruit Keri using Nayeli (Mandatory before she dies!)
  • Turn 13 (or so) has powerful wolves that spawn in the north, finish the map before this! (This happens soon after rescuing Keri, so it may happen earlier than this.)
  • Flower: Fortune Staff
  • Caves: Grindstone, Illusory Powder, Bandages
  • Bones: Examine the Bones in the northwest to make 1 weapon of your choosing. This can be a unique Lance, Sword, Axe, Dagger, or Bow. We went with a Fishbone Axe.
  • You need to move Nayeli to Keri as soon as possible. If a monster reaches Keri it will attack and kill her instantly, though sometimes you can get lucky and they’ll miss, but it’s best to be safe. It looks like you have a lot of time at first, but the enemies can sneak up on her quickly (such as that fairy in the northwest).
  • Anybody can visit the caves and bones, but only Daisie can examine the flower.
  • Blue houses are tutorials without item rewards but they do give experience for the first character to visit them (and they give gameplay tips). Anyone can visit the blue houses.
  • On Turn 3 Quidel joins automatically in the northern cave, use him to destroy the enemies that spawn. Change his weapon to his handaxe to always counterattack the ranged enemy units that attack him. He’s a very tanky unit that is good at taking hits. He can deal more damage to enemy units if his strength exceeds their strength stat and he can push ally units a square too.
  • This map is generally easier than the first map. Inspect the enemies carefully – the stronger bugs will have Fire Sticks that deal magic damage at 1-2 range.
  • After recruiting Keri, use her to open the chest (no key required for her, she will open doors and chests no problem). She’s like a thief from Fire Emblem but she can be useful in combat. Her resistance is high making her an ideal mage killer. She can finish off enemies too by having an ally next to her target as well as her skill where she can double her amount of hits if her target has <50% HP (Keri typically triples enemies so then you’d end up with 6 attacks).
  • After recruiting Keri escape the map with Nayeli south of where Keri is.
  • Clean up as much of the map as you can and as you’re finishing up you may see some powerful wolves spawn in the north. This means you should finish the map soon! Only Nayeli needs to escape, so you can try taking a wolf or two down with the other characters to squeeze out a little extra experience if you really want to.

After Chapter 2 there is a Branch of Fate. It’s not known exactly how this will affect the later events. The choices are either Quidel or Keri. We chose to have Nayeli talk to Keri. This acts as the first support conversation between Nayeli and Keri.

Make sure to do the optional map because in this game optional maps have recruitable units (and unique rewards)!

Chapter 3EX – Farmland Defense

gales of nayeli chapter 3ex farmland defense
  • Recruit Remington using Nayeli
  • Turn 3 has Curtis automatically join (though make sure to answer a dialog correctly after the mission as well)
  • You need to defend the chickens. If you save all the chickens I believe you get more weapons as a bonus.
  • Curtis, a bow user, will spawn to the left of the house on turn three. He’s your first bow user and he’s extremely useful for taking down flying enemies. He gains stat increases when he’s not around other ally units.
  • There are many flying bugs, so use Curtis’s bow or Nayeli’s Wind Spear for easy bonus damage.
  • You’ll use Nayeli to recruit Remington, so use her to take down the flying bugs in the west or southwest.
  • As for the wolves it’s the same as Chapter 1. The regular grey dire wolves will have fangs that ignore defense, and the blue spirit wolf deals magic damage. Try using the southern bridge as a chokepoint, but you have a lot of space if you need to retreat.
  • On the right side there are more bugs. They’re very easy to deal with but as before watch out for the stronger bugs that have Fire Sticks equipped. I used Quidel on the right side with a handaxe, he’s tanky but the Fire Stick bugs will wear him down have healing items or Daisie. If you’re too slow some bugs might use the upper bridge to sneak around you to attack the chickens, so watch out (that’s some decent AI).
  • The reward for protecting all the chickens was: Deft Sword, Sawn Off Shotgun, Far Heal Staff and Silencer Daggers (The reward might be reduced if some chickens are destroyed? I only got one prompt for a reward and everything else was suddenly in my inventory.)
  • Make sure to choose “We need all the help we can get” to recruit Curtis after the battle. You need to pay gold, but you’ll have the required gold from completing the mission so you don’t need to save up in advance.

Chapter 3 – Trouble in Cherringham

gales of nayeli chapter 3 trouble in cherringham
  • Automatically recruit Miles and Annabelle, who spawn near the top-right house.
  • On Turn 2 automatically recruit Flynn and Sharif, who spawn near the top-left house.
  • Enemies will automatically spawn from the left, south, and southeast every few turns.
  • On Turn 6 a Possessed Armor spawns next to the Breakable Wall on the east side. Have magic units ready because he has high defense but low resistance. He drops a key useful for opening the nearby chest.
  • Every few turns the boss will give all enemy units extra movement (you’ll see this because he yells for his gang to move faster).
  • Red Houses: Grindstone, Recover Scroll, 600 Gold, Throwing Knifes, Chill
  • Top-left Yellow House: Reward depends on character, be careful, only one choice per playthrough. Either Flynn or Sharif get their personal weapon. Flynn gets Saltbreaker (Effective against Demons & Seawalkers), Sharif gets Desert Greatspear (neither user nor enemy get a follow-up attack), and all other units get Sweeping Sword (neither user nor enemy can counterattack). I chose to have Flynn visit, I have a feeling the full game will have many demons and seawalkers, let’s see if this ages well…
  • Flower: Villager’s Growth Scroll
  • Chests: 1000 Gold, Warp Staff (Make sure to get the Warp Staff!)
  • Enemies: Some enemies have drops as well. Most have just healing herbs, but one enemy that is a southern reinforcement who dropped a Guardian Ring. (Enemies that drop items have a pouch icon on them.)
  • Shop: Healing Herbs, Grindstone, Smoke Bomb, Healing Staff
  • Armory: Short Sword, Wooden Swpear, Javelin, Light Axe, Hand Axe, Daggers, Wooden Bow, Sparkle, Ember, Gust
  • There are many collectibles to obtain from the houses! In this game any unit can visit any house, the dialog may be different but the reward is the same. One exception to this is the top-left house in this chapter, who you choose to visit there determines which unique weapon you get, so be careful!
  • This is a defense map and you have a 14 turn limit (or it ends early whenever you defeat the boss). Try to advance outwards and intercept the enemy reinforcements as they spawn.
  • Be prepared to have a magic user near the right side after turn 6 to deal with the Possessed Armor that spawns.
  • Miles is a mage, but he can also Enchant an ally’s weapon. Enchantment turns that unit’s weapon into magical damage for one round of combat and is extremely useful. The enchantment also buffs the target’s magic attack stat too, so don’t worry about their attack scaling from their magic stat.
  • Annabelle is another healer. It’s useful to use Annabelle to heal while Daisie gets the flower (and it seems like many maps will always have a flower). Annabelle can also use Guns to deal damage to enemies from 1-2 range, useful if you need a little extra damage to finish off an enemy.
  • Flynn is a sword user. He’s a bit weak right now, so don’t let him get ganged up. Since he’s a bit weaker I got his personal weapon from the house. He can collect from flowers as well. He gets stronger when he has lower HP.
  • Sharif is very powerful, use him to help clear the left portion of the map and to defeat the boss. He gets stronger when he has full HP.
  • In case you’re struggling with the enemy reinforcements have Sharif positioned close to the boss, that way you can end the map at any time.
  • I found the previous maps to be harder due to the monster units. The human units in this map are very straightforward to deal with, just keep track of the physical attackers and the mages and you’ll be fine.
  • The two chests are very far apart, so I made Keri run to the left to open that chest. Then I had units on the right defeat the Possessed Armor who drops a key to use to open the right chest.
  • Get the Warp Staff from the right chest, it’s extremely useful! It’s always an up to 7 range warp regardless of the user’s magic stat but it can be repaired too, you can apparently repair it when it breaks too (it won’t disappear like broken weapons in other games).
  • Buy items from both of the shops. I bought more healing items and grindstones. Gust seems useful for a mage to deal with flying enemies. The prices between shops on the maps and shops from the base menu later on are the same, but the shops contained within the maps may have exclusive items not sold elsewhere so it’s good to check them. I wasn’t able to make good use of Remington for battle, so I used him to buy from shops while everyone else fought…
  • Be careful of the leaves on the map. If a unit ends their turn on leaves, they will be able to get extra movement for their next turn. You can use it to your advantage if you need to traverse the map quickly. Just be aware of enemies ending their turns on leaves because they will have increased movement too. Regular enemy infantry had 7 movement because of the boss’s movement buff as well as from the leaves – you’d expect that kind of movement from a mounted unit or a flying unit.
  • I defeated as many enemy units for the free experience, then I defeated the boss on Turn 14 because he drops a scroll that gives 1 extra permanent movement to a character.

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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