Creating Vitae to Power the Chair Puzzle Guide – Amnesia: Rebirth

Creating Vitae puzzle guide, how to power the chair to get your baby cured – Amnesia: Rebirth

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You need to “create vitae” to power the chair to cure your baby. If it’s your first time in the room with the chair, keep progressing until you find a triangle, and bring it back to this room with the chair to start the puzzle. If you don’t see the man attached to the torture device, you need to bring the triangle in the room!

If you’d rather see a video demonstrating the actions, please see this video. Otherwise keep scrolling and I’ll explain it step-by-step with corresponding images.

To start, there are many switches and it looks confusing, but it’s not. The leftmost area you bring a circular core, the two arms is where you attach the spiky devices, and you need a panel device for the control area, and there’s a button you need to press on the rightmost side.

Search around the room to find the following items, none of the items are outside of the room.

You can choose different methods of torture, I did flame torture, so I use a yellow core to put into the left side, and I found a panel with the flame icon to stick onto the control device, shown below. If you use the rain icon, you need to get other items.

Next, attach the spiky devices onto the arms of the torture device. As with the other devices, you can find them around the room.

After adding the devices onto the arms, press the button to the right:

Some torture will start, but now it’s all set up, you can move the lever up to continue the torture and extract the vitae from the subject. Go all the way, and afterwards you can sit in the chair and get your baby cured. If you’re not comfortable doing all this, I think you can just go out the way you came and use the shuttle, you still need to bring the triangle in though.

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