April Daily Schedule – 100% Links and Platinum Trophy Guide for Persona 5 Royal

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If we say “automatic” you can make any dialog choices you want without penalty because the day is just storyline, the only choices that matter are listed explicitly.

Remember, no matching arcana personas are required to get from rank 0 to rank 1. We won’t tell you to get matching personas until after 4/20.

If you have a Persona 5 save, you can go to the cardboard box in your room to get free bio nutrients and 50 000 yen, which will solve money issues early-game. But if you don’t have access to that box, no worries, we will assume you did not get these extras in our guide. Do try to grind in palaces whenever you have access because you can’t make money outside of palaces easily in Persona 5 Royal.

Make sure you go down the Morning column from the top of the box to bottom of the box, then go through the evening box to the right from the top of the box to the bottom of the box, then go to the morning box for the next day. This is because the top bullet points in a singular box won’t proceed time, but the bottom bullet point will, be careful, the bullet points’ order in a box does matter!

Click the links you find to see video walkthroughs of how to get through the palaces or boss fights! Here is a link to my playlist, where I record everything needed to 100% the game and get the platinum trophy, so if you need help on where to go in a dungeon, how to fight a boss, etc, please feel free to check that out.

4/9 (Saturday)•Automatic scenes•Automatic scenes
4/10 (Sunday)•Automatic scenes•Automatic scenes
4/11 (Monday) •Automatic scenes
•Spirit of Rebellion Trophy earned
4/12 (Tuesday) •Classroom question: 3rd choice (villains) 
• Automatic Chariot 0 → 1
•Automatic Fool 0 → 1
•Cardboard box doesn’t work unless you have a Persona 5 save
4/13 (Wednesday) •Automatic scenes•Automatic scenes
4/14 (Thursday)•Automatic scenes•Automatic scenes
4/15 (Friday)Forced Kamoshida Palace
•Try to get some “silk” and “tin clasp” materials for making lockpicks, they are enemy drops.
•OR grind money (knock down then hold up the enemies) to buy the above materials in the recycling shop.
•If you don’t have the bonus, you need to buy bio nutrients from the Shibuya Underground Mall Flower shop soon too. You can start recruiting demons.
•Your money will be very tight unless you have a persona save!
•Automatic Lovers 0 → 1
•Automatic Magician 0 → 1
•Automatic scenes
4/16 (Saturday)•Get hit by chalk, it might be possible to dodge, but it’s okay to get hit•Forced to see Doctor Takemi, don’t buy anything unless you carried over a Persona 5 save for bonus money
4/17 (Sunday)•Forced to go to airsoft shop. Don’t buy anything!
•Ryuji will give you 5000 here.
•Sell anything you can, even medicines, money is tight early on unless you carried a save!
•I have 13k yen now and 1 silk and that’s enough for now
•In the evening, there’s the lockpick crafting tutorial. He provides the materials for 1 lockpick! Craft 1 lockpick as required.
4/18 (Monday)•Library (3F Classroom): Borrow Pirate Legend
•Shibuya Underground (Flower icon): Buy 1 bio nutrients
•Yongen-Jaya Backstreets: Go to Second-hand shop with recycling icon, buy to make sure you have 2 silk yarn and 2 tin clasp and buy DVD player
•Also buy SP recovery items from vending machine next to bath house
•Talk to the doctor Takemi,
Death 0 → 1 
• Examine Placed Magazine in Le Blanc’s, solve the crossword, answer is “semesters
•Examine “junk littered floor” to start cleaning your room, Social Thought and Yoncha Walker 04 books acquired
4/19 (Tuesday)•Class question: 3rd option (they’re the same)
•Chariot 1 → 2 It’s okay if you don’t have matching arcana persona yet, answers below:
•Q1: 1 or 2 (I’m counting on you OR you seem pretty excited), •Q2: any, Q3: any, Q4: any
•Use bio nutrients on plant
Craft 2 lockpicks
•You now have the 3 lockpicks needed for all of the Kamoshida’s Palace’s locked treasures
4/20 (Wednesday)•Read “Pirate Legend” on train
•Go to “hideout” in school, infiltrate Kamoshida Palace, persona fusion unlocked, you will definitely need a hierophant arcana persona after this.
•Start collecting personas of other arcanas too, but hierophant is needed!
•Level up to 9 and fuse Berith.
•After this, money shouldn’t be a problem.
•Automatic Fool 1 → 2
•In LeBlanc, Examine booth to study
4/21 (Thursday)•Study in school library•Talk to Sojiro
Hierophant 0 → 1
4/22 (Friday)•Before we forget, sell junk to airsoft shop, buy more silk and clasps to make more lockpicks, buy a few bio nutrients too, etc.
•Go to Shibuya underground walkway, go to part-time job magazine rack, and get a job for Triple Seven (convenience store)
•You can now visit the Velvet room outside of palaces, anyways go to Shibuya Central Street (24/7 icon) to work
•Talk to Sojiro
Hierophant 1 → 2
Q1: 1 (making coffee),
Q2: 2 (that guy seemed suspicious),
Q3: 1 (I want the ladies to love me),
Q4: 1 (Got it)
4/23 (Saturday)•Classroom question: 4 (all of them)
•Study in school library
•Make coffee by examining the siphon to the left of Sojiro
4/24 (Sunday)•Go to Shibuya Underground Walkway, drink beauty juice, we will do this every Sunday
•Go to part time job magazines nearby, apply for Rafflesia, the florist job
Work at florist job in Shibuya Underground Mall
•Yongen-Jaya bathhouse, take medicinal bath
4/25 (Monday)•Finish reading Pirate Legend on the morning train
•In Shibuya Underground Mall, work at florist, I was asked for “large, brightly coloured flowers”, so I chose scarlet rose, gold gerbera, and care-nation, she’ll tell you the customer was “extremely happy” and you get 7800 yen if it’s done correctly
•Go to Shibuya Central’s DVD Rental Shop, pay the fee, take out the X Folders
•In school library, return Pirate Legend, and take out The Alluring Dancer
•Classroom question: 1 (you unquestionably support it), then 3 (you have a duty to correct it)
•Talk to Sojiro Hierophant 2 → 3 Q1: 1 (Medium-fine),
Q2: 2 (Is it trouble?),
Q3: 1 OR 3 (I’m ready to work OR Thank you in advance)
4/26 (Tuesday) •Study in school libraryBuy SP recovering items next to bath
•Buy lockpick materials from the recycling store if you don’t have some already!
•We’ll be making 4 lockpicks within the next few nights, but it’s good to stock up more in case you forget later on
•Start watch X Folders on TV and DVD player
4.27 (Wednesday)•Classroom question: 2 (four colour theorem)
•Send calling card
•Solve crossword puzzle, “blossom” is the answer
Craft 2 lockpicks
4/28 (Thursday)Kamoshida Palace Boss
•Automatic Magician 1 → 2
•Finish watching DVD The X Folders
4/29 (Friday)•Go to the Velvet room (Shibuya Central), chariot, death, lovers arcana persona required from now on in a few days!
•Talk to Ryuji, Shibuya Central Arcade,
Chariot 2 → 3
Q1: 1 (Let’s not fight),
Q2: 1 (Calm down, Ryuji),
Q3: 1 (I can’t exactly blame you)
•Go to DVD rental shop in Shibuya Central, return The X Folders, borrow Wraith
•Study in LeBlanc
4/30 (Saturday)•On the train begin reading The Alluring Dancer
•Three classroom questions: Q1: 2 (wonder), Q2: 2 (child), Q3: 3 (a prodigy)
•Go to Shibuya Central, watch movie “Tanktop Millionaire”

•Craft 2 lockpicks

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