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Video Guide (Merciless Difficulty)

The same strategy will work for all difficulties. I beat Elizabeth on Merciless difficulty, the hardest level of difficulty. For a text version of how to beat Elizabeth, keep reading.

Preparations (Equipment and Personas)

You unlock the ability to fight Elizabeth when you unlock floor 255 F in Tartarus and after you beat the Reaper. You need to beat all of the fixed location Monad doors to gain access to the last Monad door that has Elizabeth. You need to beat all the bosses on the Monad door on 255 F and turn in the request Defeat the Shadow of the Void as well. You can do this on 1/31 (January 31), but it’s best to prepare beforehand. When you enter Tartarus on 1/31 you cannot access the shops anymore so make sure you get all the equipment you need beforehand!

The best persona for beating this boss is Orpheus Telos, but you need to 100% all social links and 100% all linked episodes to unlock the personas required to fuse him. We offer alternatives though if you are unable to fuse him.

One rule of Elizabeth’s boss fight is you CANNOT use a persona that nulls/repels/absorbs any element she uses because she will spam you with powerful Megidolaon attacks. You can technically use these personas, but as soon as you null/repel/absorb the element just once from her, she spams her Megidolaon moves that will one-shot you and make you unable to continue. Counter is not allowed anymore too so don’t put that skill on your personas (no Tetrakarn and Makarakarn too). The Armageddon Theurgy is required, and is only to be used at the last step of the battle, if you use it early she will heal and counter attack with Megidolaon spam. Equipment is an exception to the null element rules, we use Shoes of Bane to prevent Dark insta-death!

Personas to use and skills

You need to unlock the Armageddon Theurgy to use in the final turn of the battle. To unlock this you just need Helel and Satan personas in your Compendium (you just needed to have fused each one at least once).

In general you need a persona for attacking, and another for buffs/debuffs and possibly healing. We didn’t put healing skills onto our personas and just used Beads and Somas (you can get good healing items from the Antiques shop by farming gems).

Damager Dealer – Orpheus Telos


Our first persona is Orpheus Telos. He’s the best persona to use for this because he Resists all elements, and doesn’t break Elizabeth’s rules because he doesn’t null/repel/absorb any element. To fuse him you pretty much need to do a 100% playthrough, which means completing all social links AND completing all link episodes. Note that these builds are not necessarily set in stone, you can substitute these skills around a bit.

Fusing the demons isn’t hard because you can choose skill inheritance in this version. Just keep fusing demons, you can even pass fancy spells to low level demons and work your way back up to fusing powerful demons again. I just kept grouping the spells together until I got demons with almost everything.

As a final step, use Skill Cards for any skills you have left to place that you’re struggling with. We got a lot of Skill Cards from just playing the game normally, and the Antiques shop sells some Skill Cards as well. If you’re desperate for Skill Cards just go to a high floor of Tartarus, finish battles quickly and select Skill Cards as your reward.

Here’s some steps on how you can fuse him (but with Enduring Soul instead of Spell Master), get as many skills as possible and use Skill Cards last:

Orpheus Telos has 6 personas needed to fuse him, but you can get most of the needed skills on 2 personas. Use these fusions to keep inheriting skills until you get the final result.

  • Level up Kumbhanda to Level 67 to get Insta-Heal
  • Level up Suzaku to Level 61 to get Fire Amp
  • Fuse Kumbhanda + Suzaku = Surt
  • Level up Surt to Level 64 to get Inferno
  • Fuse Surt + Orpheus = Thoth
  • Level up Thoth to Level 45 for Concentrate
  • Fuse Thoth + Surt = Nebiros
  • Fuse Nebiros + Ananta = Lilith
  • Fuse Lilith + Metatron = Helel
  • Level up Yamata-no-Orochi to Level 26 for Single Target Boost
  • Fuse Koumokuten + Yamata-no-Orochi = Okuninushi
  • Level up Hua Po to Level 23 for Fire Boost
  • Fuse Okuninushi + Hua Po = Virtue
  • Fuse Virtue + Thoth = Ose
  • Fuse Ose + Orpheus = Slime
  • Fuse Slime + Legion = Orpheus
  • Level up Thanatos to Level 80 for Enduring Soul
  • Fuse Orpheus + Thanatos = Messiah
  • Fuse Thanatos + Asura + Chi You + Metatron x Helel x Messiah = Orpheus Telos

You can use a Severe level elemental spell, we used Inferno, as well as Fire Boost, Fire Amp. Magic Ability will also increase your spell damage, and Single-Target Boost also increases damage since the spell is single target.

Magic Ability can be replaced if you have Lucifer’s Sword (having two of Magic Ability don’t add up, it only counts one so it’s redundant).

Spell Master is used to half SP costs, but can be replaced if you have many SP healing items.

Concentrate is used to do over double damage.

Insta-Heal is used to instantly recover from status ailments, but can be replaced if you have other ways to stop ailments. We used all of the Stat Incenses we got in a regular playthrough onto Orpheus Telos as well (acing exams).

If you have the yen to spare, you can also buy gems from the nightclub (Club Escapade) and then trade them for Stat Incenses to raise your persona’s stats to maximum (99 points in each stats) to make the fight easier.

You can alternatively use a Physical build too and make use of critical attacks, but you’ll need to change the passives for that.

Alternatively, if you cannot fuse Orpheus Telos due to not completing all social links or linked episodes, you can do a similar build with Yurlungur, though you’ll need Resist Dark to protect against its weakness.

Buffer/Debuffer – Chi You


We used Chi You for buffing/debuffing. So you’ll need Heat Riser for buffs and Debiitate for debuffs. We used Insta-Heal again to instantly recover from status ailments. And we used some Resist elements, you can’t get them all but make sure to have Resist Elec because Chi You has a weakness to the Electric element. He needs to be able to deal damage, so we put Morning Star (strongest AoE Almighty spell) but you can replace this for any other damage dealing spell, this is just for chip damage to carefully move between phases, he’s not your main damage dealer.

And he absolutely needs Endure, this lets you survive an attack that kills you, and when you switch between certain phases of Elizabeth she launches a giant mandatory Megidolaon on you that you need to survive.

One viewer suggested to use other demons for this purpose such as Hecatoncheires or Saki Mitama as their buffer/debuffer, with Hecatoncheires you can resist all elements very easily so these are alternative options. They’re low leveled though, so if you want to use them instead, buy gems from the nightclub (Club Escapade) and then trade them for Incenses to raise their stats to maximum. Saki Mitama would also need Resist Phys, Resist Light, and Resist Dark.

Alternatively, if you just want to use Chi You for buffing/debuffing and healing, and don’t want to put an attacking move on it, there’s another easy way to deal chip damage. Use damage dealing gems, they will always deal fixed damage. They can be purchased from the Antique shop and found randomly in Tartarus’s treasure chests.

Another Persona with Enduring Soul


The last one is just any other demon you want, we used Pixie. She really only needs Enduring Soul to survive another one of Elizabeth’s giant attacks. This one doesn’t need to deal damage or do anything else other than just to swap to. In this game you can use Endure AND Enduring Soul in a single battle, but make sure they’re on different demons.

(Alternatively, you can just replace Magic Ability on Orpheus Telos if you have Lucifer’s Sword and put Enduring Soul on him instead.)

Equipment for Protagonist


Lucifer’s Blade is used to maximize your Attack and Accuracy. It raises your stats and also comes with Magic Ability, meaning your spells will be strengthened. If you have Lucifer’s Blade, you don’t need Magic Ability on your personas, so feel free to put any other passive you want on your Orpheus Telos such as Enduring Soul (then no need for Pixie).

You make Lucifer’s Blade in the Antique shop by using 1 Dead Moon’s Husk, 1 Fallen Angel Wing, 10 Gold Quartz and 10 Ruby. Most of these are from exploring Tartarus, opening Chests and completing Monad Doors. The Fallen Angel Wing requires you to level up the persona Lucifer, when you level him up a few times his Heart icon will fill and he’ll give one to you.

Armor of Light is made in the Antique Shop by using 1 Dead Moon’s Husk, 1 Savior’s Augite, 10 Diamond and 5 Ruby. It’s similar to above, except the Savior’s Augite is obtained from leveling up the persona Messiah. It reduces Magic Damage which is very helpful.

Shoes of Bane is purchased from Tanaka on 11/29 for 390800 yen. It’s extremely useful because it nullifies instant-death dark attacks (so you’ll always survive against Alice’s Die for Me!).

If you don’t have Shoes of Bane you’ll need to look into other ways to protect yourself from Alice’s attack. You can automatically use Homunculus items in your inventory to protect you from instant-death (can be made in Antique Shop) BUT you cannot rely on Homunculus items to save you IF you have a persona with endure, the endure takes priority over a Homunculus being used (meaning if you want to use Homunculus items to protect from insta-death, you’ll need to put Endure on separate personas). Alternatively, you can defend the turn before Elizabeth uses Alice and Die for Me!, and this should protect you against instant-death (Elizabeth’s turn follow fixed cycles we’ll explain more about soon).

The accessory we used is the Divine Pillar (accept request to defeat Reaper to get it, and this is required to get access to Elizabeth’s boss fight anyways) and it has the Firm Stance passive (less damage from all attacks but you cannot dodge, a good tradeoff for this boss fight). But since we did this we need Insta-Heal on our personas (recover immediately from ailments).

Alternatively, you can use the Amirite Necklace as your accessory in this fight. It can be bought from Club Escapade (evening) for 500k yen. It makes you immune to all ailments, meaning you don’t need to put Insta-Heal on your personas. But, you’ll instead need to make sure you put the Firm Stance passive on your personas since you’re equipping the necklace instead of the Divine Pillar.

How to Battle her & Her Phases

Elizabeth switches between Personas each turn and the resistances change. She will always use her Personas in a specific order that follows cycles though the moves might vary each turn.

You just need to Concentrate whenever (Concentrate lasts indefinitely but buffs/debuffs are timed. And debuff her and buff yourself right before you attack. We use a Fire build, so we attack her after she uses Jack Frost.

Elizabeth Fight Phase 1

1 – Surt
2 – Jack Frost
3 – Thor
4 – Cu Chulainn
5 – Metatron
6 – Alice
7 – Nebiros
8 – Masakado

There’s a trick, although it says she’s neutral to elements I suspect that certain personas of hers take more damage to the opposite element.

I attacked with Fire on Jack Frost, but you could’ve alternatively attacked with Ice on Surt, Wind on Thor, or Thunder on Chu.

This is why I often waste time defending in the video, I just need to waste time until she brings out Jack Frost in my case. The buffs/debuffs expire, so I often just debuff and buff directly on the turns before Jack Frost will appear.

When you attack with an element she’s weak against (like using Inferno on Jack Frost), she will skip a turn’s persona, so don’t be alarmed if the pattern is not exact.

You’ll want to make sure you do buff yourself or debuff her when Masakado comes out, his Almighty normal Megidolaon can still do hundreds of damage to you. If you have turns where you can’t do anything, you can always just heal your HP or SP with items.

You have about 50 cycles in total to defeat her before she spams Megidolaon with Pixie too but it’s very generous, I probably took 15-20 cycles to defeat her.

Get a calculator and set it to 20,000 HP (she starts with this much HP). Keep track of the damage dealt to her by substracting from her health pool.

When she reaches 13,000 HP she has a line of dialog, and at this point you need to quickly get her under 10,000 otherwise she Megidolaon spams after a few turns.

The trick is to get her as close to 13,000 HP as possible, like 13,100. Then you need to use the most powerful attack you can, in this case it’s you use Debilitate on her, you use Heat Riser on yourself, Concentrate, and you unleash your most powerful spell. Once you hit the 13,000 threshold you want to reduce her HP to under 10,000 as quickly as possible. If you have attack spell gems in your inventory, use them because they deal fixed damage, so there will be no uncertainty when you’re close to phase thresholds.

When she hits under 13,000 HP she will have dialog and switch her moveset to Phase 2. You’ll know you’ve hit Phase 2 because she’ll use Nebiros with Concentrate (her moves are fixed in this phase unlike other phases).

Elizabeth Fight Phase 2

1 – Nebiros (Rakunda, Concentrate)
[Equip a Persona with Enduring Soul now!]
2 – Pixie (Megidolaon, Charge)
3 – Thor (God’s Hand, Tarukaja)
4 – Thor (Concentrate, Charge)
5 – Pixie (Megidolaon Spam), If you hit turn 5 it’s too late, she spams it.

The goal after getting to 13,100 HP or so is to get her to under 10,000 as quickly as possible.

When you do this hopefully you get under 10,000 but if not you still have time and you should be close. After you trigger the dialog line, she will use Pixie with Megidolaon once, so you need to equip a persona with Enduring Soul as shown in the turn order above.

I switch to a dummy Pixie I made with Enduring Soul to take the hit. I’ll need to use another persona who can deal damage with Endure later.

After you survive the Megidolaon after her first dialog line, now you need to get her under 10,000 HP as quickly as possible. Note that Pixie is also immune to all elements, so use your attacks after she switches to Thor.

I believe you have 2 or 3 turns. She will use Charge, Thor with God’s Hand, etc. Try to concentrate and debuff her. You can use your navigator’s special move on yourself and she might buff you, but it’s random and sometimes she will only cast Charge on you which isn’t useful here.

Try to unleash a powerful move and if you get her under 10,000 you’ll get another line of dialog and she will heal up, this means you’re safe and you’re now on Phase 3.

Elizabeth Fight Phase 3

In Phase 3 she now uses 2 personas to attack per turn. Her elemental defense will be the last persona she used, I put the personas she used in order. Phase 3 has two different kinds of cycles that repeat (every 15 turns you’ll see Masakado).

1 – Surt, Jack Frost
2 – Thor, Surt
3 – Metatron, Alice
4 – Nebiros, Thor
5 – Jack Frost, Thor
6 – Alice, Surt
7 – Chu, Metatron

1 – Surt, Jack Frost
2 – Thor, Surt
3 – Metatron, Alice
4 – Nebiros, Thor
5 – Jack Frost, Thor
6 – Alice, Surt
7 – Chu, Metatron
8 – Alice, Masakado

This third phase is her final phase, you reset your calculator back to 20,000 and keep an eye out. The plan is to get her to under 10,000 HP, but we need to be careful. When you get her below 10K she will unleash a Megidolaon again. So get her to as close as 10,000 HP as possible, I get her to about 10,500 in the video. Then you use a damage dealing persona with Endure to get her down to below 10,000 HP, it doesn’t have to be a good damage dealer, I used my buffer/debuffer persona to just chip away. She then unleashes a Megidolaon, and Endure saves me. Now she has under 9999 HP, so you can just use Armageddon to finish the battle!

You can then hand in the request back to her. Your reward for beating her is the Omnipotent Orb, an accessory that makes your personas null all elements (except almighty). It’s the best accessory in the game, but there’s not much else to use it on. Congrats on defeating Elizabeth! If you’re still struggling leave a comment here or on my video and I’ll help you out.

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