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We have the locations of all the Moon Gatherers in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Please see the screenshots below. The reward for completing the quest is an extra health potion. You need to find the NPC in the same order from beginning to end to finish the quest.

Starting the quest

Moon Gatherer Location 1

Moon Gatherer Location 2

Moon Gatherer Location 3

For this one you’ll see that the door is locked. You need to go right and down from where my cursor is below and go around to unlock the door.

Moon Gatherer Location 4

This one was odd for me. I just went to where the cursor is and a boulder fell on top of an enemy and it automatically triggered the cutscene. If the quest doesn’t progress, go to the marker and kill the nearby enemies and he’ll pop out of a chest on an enemy’s back.

This ends the questline. The reward is an extra health potion!

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