SMT V Vengeance – Completed Perfect Game Save File Download for New Game Plus for Nintendo Switch & Steam

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We have a perfect game save file for SMT V: Vengeance for download HERE .

Download the files and unzip using 7zip. The Password is: .

Please link to our webpage and not directly to the file if you want to share our saves!

Please read the following for instructions on how to use these downloadable game saves, we won’t list any spoilers for the game. Always make sure you backup your own game saves in case anything goes wrong.

These were made to be used for a Nintendo Switch and for legal Switch emulators. They also work on the Steam version as well!

These saves were made having the 2 demon DLCs (Sakuna and Dagda). You do need the 2 demon DLCs to use the save though so be aware – they’re called Holy Will and Profane Dissent and Sakura Cinders of the East.

For the Steam version, just add the save files to where your saves are located, just rename the extension to .SAV

To use these game saves on your Switch, put them into a Switch save manager such as JKSV, please Google JKSV for instructions. For legal emulators, you’ll need to Google resources on where the save folder for your emulator is and put the folder there.

There’s only 1 save in the folder. It’s a clear save file with most endings completed (has the True Neutral ending and all Canon of Vengeance endings) so you can access all of the game in one go.

When you load up the clear save file:

  • You can choose either to make a new game from level 1 (called Newborn. It still keeps track of the clear save meaning you can unlock everything that is locked behind other endings such as certain superbosses)
  • Or you can do a new game plus carrying everything over (called Reborn).
    • If you choose to carry over everything I have maxed 150 protagonist and maxed out demons as well as almost maxed out all consumable items in inventory, almost all demon essences and 100% completed demon compendium with dozens of level 99 demons.
    • The Nahobino protagonist has an almighty strength build, almost all miracles unlocked, and there’s 9 million macca currency.
  • There’s also a Godborn mode, which lets you carry over all of the above but all enemies & bosses are level 150, it’s very hard so don’t do this unless you know what you’re doing.

These save files take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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