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Pom! Pom! Party is basically Puyo Puyo with a few differences. If you don’t know what Puyo Puyo is, it’s a game where you match up colors of blocks. It’s like Tetris, except in Tetris you match the shapes to form squares, but instead now we’re just matching colored blocks.

Pom! Pom! Party differs from Puyo Puyo because you clear the blocks from matching 3 colored blocks or more, whereas in Puyo Puyo you clear the blocks from 4 or more matches.

To get the trophy PPP! Powerhouse, you need to defeat all the opponents in the game EXCEPT post-game “EX” opponents. You need to unlock the game and opponents by spending shards in The True Reverie Corridor. If you don’t have enough opponents, you can progress the story of the game. The trophy is NOT missable because all opponents are available to challenge in the post-game!

The opponents is generally listed in-game from easiest to hardest. You need to defeat all the opponents from the top to bottom – up to and including Arios. Then go out of the mini-game and talk to KeA (she’s by the entrance usually), and when you talk to her after defeating Arios she’ll be a new opponent in the game. You must do this or she won’t appear as a challenger in the game. After you defeat KeA you’ll get the trophy!

You may be wondering how to beat opponents, and you may struggle with this if you’ve never played Puyo Puyo before. I have some basic tips:

You win when your opponent’s screen’s middle is filled with blocks. You lose if your own screen’s middle is filled with blocks. Note that it only counts for the middle, that means you don’t need to worry about the sides of the screen being blocked.

You get points from clearing colored blocks. When you have 100 (1) or more you can either attack or defend. Attacking will add lines of blocks to your opponent’s screen, whereas defending removes lines of blocks from your own screen. It is very situational, but in general try to save it up. I like to use it when it’s 4 or more to attack my opponent, but if you see your opponent about to lose then you can try using it when it’s at 1-2. I rarely defend unless I’m about to lose. You can activate your move immediately after the opponent does too, so if the opponent attacks you, you can quickly defend to reduce the amount of blocks you’ll get added to your screen.

You get much more points from unleashing combos from clearing blocks rather than just clearing blocks normally. So consider this, you drop a block and it clears 3 blocks, and when those blocks fall down they end up having their colors matched too clearing another set of blocks. This is called a chain combo and you purposely want this to happen.

You can google “staircases in Puyo Puyo” for basic guidelines, but in this game it’s different because you clear blocks as soon as 3 colored blocks are matched unlike Puyo Puyo’s 4 colored blocks matching so the strategy isn’t the same. You can also only vertically rotate your blocks in this game, whereas in Puyo you can horizontally rotate the block, so this actually really limits the gameplay you can do.

So you might ask “how to you make big combos in Pom Pom Party?” My technique is simple but worked most of the time and I was able to defeat most of the later, challenging opponents within 1 or 2 tries. Purposely make as many groups of 2 matching colored blocks everywhere you can. Purposely let you screen fill as much as possible, and as the screen is about to hit the top then activate a chain by adding a third matching block, and hopefully when you clear it the blocks drop and keep matching, resulting in a big combo. Sometimes if you’re lucky you can even trigger multiple sets of 3 blocks to be cleared when doing combos. Don’t be slow, be fast when doing this.

Sometimes your opponent adding lines of blocks to your screen is good for you because they end up adding combos for you. If you’re about to lose because your screen is very full, don’t panic, stay calm and sometimes your opponent will usually end up making bad moves and losing.

The game will automatically get faster as you keep playing. If you last this long you can beat the opponent, just keep playing it safer as the match goes on and often the opponent wrecks themselves.

I have a video guide on how to play Pom Pom Party below where I defeat all of the opponents, see the later opponents on how to beat them, I defeat all the EX opponents too for fun too. See my fight against Celine on how unleashing a large combo can instantly win the game for you!

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