Perfect Playthrough Guide – Cold Steel IV Official English Localization Walkthrough



Perfect playthrough guide for Trails of Cold Steel IV, All collectibles and missables, all treasure chest maps, all master quartz, etc.

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We have everything in our guide for a perfect playthrough of Cold Steel IV. We used the official English localized copy, so all item names are 100% correct and are not guessed translations.

We have all treasure chests with maps, enemy names in English, all character notes, all minigames, all master quartz, all books such as Imperial Chronicles, The Chosen One, Three & Nine, cooking recipes, etc!

Midway I will start counting through everything. All Treasure Chests, all Trial Chests, all recipes, all enemies in the enemy list, all fish, all character notes, etc. I have a counter so you can go back if you missed anything.

*There is one thing that you can’t perfect on a first playthrough, sadly, and that’s the romance trophies. You only have so many bonding points you can spend on your first playthrough, on New Game Plus you get infinite bonding points and can max everything, but on your first playthrough you can only max out a certain number of relationships. Here’s the trick: some bonding events have character notes mixed in, some bonding events have hearts mixed in, and the rest are normal bonding events. Character notes bonding events will be noted and prioritized because you need all character notes for the trophy and they’re a logistical nightmare. For the female relationship trophies, there’s one for every female except Duvalie and Celine, but you need to see the “2 heart bonding events” beforehand for that girl and then trigger the girl’s final romance event. One trophy is for maxing out all guys’ relationships, and one more trophy for maxing out Duvalie and Celine’s together. So it’s best to choose some of these and go for them, then do a cleanup run on NG+. 

*I think that Trial Chest Bosses DON’T need to be scanned for the Enemy List trophy! Why? I notice I scan them and my enemy counter in the book doesn’t go up, they don’t count towards the 490, just like how the Extra’s enemy section doesn’t increase the counter either! I scan them all to be safe though. Divine Knight boss battles count towards the enemy list trophy, but they automatically are marked as complete when you defeat them, you don’t need to scan them because I don’t believe there’s an item to scan them.


Prologue: Nightfall


Orchis Tower

  • You don’t need to collect any treasure chests nor collect enemy data, this prologue doesn’t count for anything so you can rush through it and defeat the bosses as you make your way up the tower.

Thors Academy Branch Campus

  • Go to Kurt’s room, then first floor to find him, you can’t go into anybody’s room until you do.
  • You can optionally talk to everybody on the second floor afterwards, they have green markers on your map (down-directional pad).
  • I say it’s optional because character notes are not being added yet.
  • Third floor red marker to progress story.

Eryn, The Hidden Village

  • Buy Imperial Chronicles – Issue 1 from Lemuric General Goods, buy battle scopes – you can use certain battle arts to scan enemies as well such as Altina’s first craft.
  • Character Note 1 for Laura automatically, she’s a mandatory red marker
  • Talk to all red markers to progress

Act 1: The Trials of Class VII


Saint Gral Labyrinth First Visit

  • Juna 1 Character Note added automatically
  • Treasure chests and enemies now count! I would assume everything is missable! Enemies that don’t count toward the trophy are in the EXTRA tab of the list, you don’t need to complete those. Remember to collect all books, all master quartz’s, treasure chests, etc. Keep extra battle scropes and fishing bait in case you’re out in a dungeon and cannot get to an item shop.
  • Enemies: Mizerambler, Homing Mold, Masked Magewraith, Rubbletroll, Boss: Roselia
  • 6 Treasure Chests: See map
  • For the boss, you get +3 AP for all characters surviving her S-craft, she uses it after her HP is below 50%. You don’t actually defeat her. Use Altina’s healing before you hit her 50% mark.


Eryn, The Hidden Village

  • Randy 1 Character Note added automatically
  • Buy Imperial Chronicles – Issue 2 from Lemuric General Goods
  • Talk to Sigyn, obtain Three & Nine 1 from Fortune-teller’s home
  • Mandatory fishing scenes at red marker, fish Type 1 Kasagin now
  • You can buy more rods and fishing bait at Lemuric General Goods now, I sold some health potions to buy them all
  • Brave Seed from Auler in Herbalist’s Home if you’re interested
  • Finish mandatory red events, for cooking recipes etc, then proceed to teleportation stone

Eerie Woods

  • Teleport to Eerie Woods – South
  • New Enemies: Astral Butterfly, Sleepfrog, Devil Flower, Silver Fang, Sylvan Banshee
  • 4 Treasure Chests (10/358)

Isthmia Great Forest

  • New Enemies: Dedigaga, Boss: Starer, Great Zan Su,
  • 4 Treasure Chests (14/358)
  • New fish to obtain, Type #2 Snow Crab

West Sutherland Highway

  • 3 Treasure Chests (17/358)
  • New Enemies: Simiamanita, Brockary, Hypnotoad (LOL!)


  • Can buy Master Quartz Moebius for 2000 mira, in Chamber’s Orbal Factory
  • You could trade Analyze R and 18 U-Material for a Moon Lens, it helps you detect treasure chests more easily, but I think you can just use our maps.
  • Buy Recipe 2, Delicate Millefeuille for 500 mira, in April Cafe & Inn
  • Buy The Chosen One – Part 1 in upper floor Ernool Used Books, in Albion Garden Dept. Store in Saint-Arkh Cathedral Square
  • Progress the story via red markers
  • After story events, go to Cathedral Square, then South Sutherland Highway

South Sutherland Highway 1

  • Note, you’re forced into the Sutherland Field Ex. Camp, so you have to come back to get the fourth treasure chest after the boss fight
  • Rare enemy Golden Pom enemy does NOT count towards battle trophy
  • 4 Treasure Chests (21/358)
  • New Enemies: Vampskipper, Pom, Rhinocider, Jeweled Ripper, Boss: Magic Knight Sigheim
  • New Fish: Type 7, Red Perch

South Sutherland Highway 2

  • Note, Trial chests have their own trophy and aren’t in the list for regular treasure chests
  • I scan Trial Chest bosses to be safe, but I notice my enemy counter wouldn’t go up from scanning them…
  • 1 Trial Chest
  • 3 Treasure Chests (24/358)
  • New Enemies: Feathered Guest, Neo Mantis, and Trial Chest: Fat Pom


  • Talk to Pablo for Vantage Masters tutorial, I save before each VM battle and reload if I lose, I want to collect all cards, I will list opponents as we go along.
  • Play VM against Pablo, win 3 Dullmdalla cards
  • Talk to Lakelord II in the White Footpath Tavern & Inn to get 3 & 9 – Chapter 2.
  • Fish for Type 5, Carp
  • Talk to Father Hobbins in the Parm Chapel for Substitute Medicine Ingredients Sidequest
  • Teleport to Saint-Arkh Cathedral, talk to Archbishop Ramsen for Healing Herb
  • Go to the Albion Garden Department Store, talk to Rosumi, then go to West Sutherland Highway, you can teleport to the Highway Entrance to find it, location shown below
  • Teleport back to Parm Chapel to complete quest
  • Exit to Old Agria Road

Old Agria Road

  • 5 Treasure Chests (29/358)
  • New enemies: Egg-guard snake, Fell Hydra, Emperor Sparrow, Fanged Wolf, Crimowl
  • New Fish: Type 3, Cangiru
  • Sidequest green marker in ruins to the north, Draco Shrine

Draco Shrine

  • Get Draco Shrine Exploration sidequest automatically
  • 5 Treasure Chests (34/358), if my map looks odd, your map changes because the switches rotate platforms, keep rotating and manipulating the platforms to get all of the chests
  • 1 Trial Chest, you can’t open it yet, but examine it so you can warp back here later
  • New Enemies: Adamanclion, Wyvern Warrior, Wyvern Wizard, Petrifying Hydra, Boss: Stone Domina
  • You can teleport to Parm Byroad

Parm Byroad 1

  • 4 Treasure Chests (38/358)
  • 1 Trial Chest
  • New Enemies: Kumanba, Forest Mosquito, Tagamemnon, Queen Kumanba, Trial Chest: Titan Roach
  • Fishing spot only has old fish you collected earlier

Parm Byroad 2

  • 5 Treasure Chests (43/358)
  • New Enemies: Ogrefly, Doom Spinner,
  • Fishing spot only has old fish you collected earlier

Titus Gate

  • Automatic Rex Photo Tutorial
  • Go to the blue marker, take a photo, and use R2 + circle to send Rex the photo
  • Talk to Albert at the green marker, you get riding horses tutorial
  • Go to the Titus Gate Rest Area
  • Talk to Rommie, buy the Luxurious Cheese Doria recipe
  • If you fail cooking and create peculiar dishes, you can give them to Margarita for rewards
  • Teleport back to Parm Byroad 1 and go to Hamel Road

Hamel Road 1

  • 5 Treasure Chests (48/358)
  • New Enemies: Bite Plant, Hamel Kong, Bomb Grass, Feeler Blob
  • New Fish: Type 8, Tiger Arowana
  • Boss Fight as you enter Hamel Road 2

Hamel Road 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (52/358)
  • New Enemies: Bite Plant King, King Snail, and Bosses: Gilbert, Enhanced Jaeger – Greatsword, Enhanced Jaeger – Rifle, Blade Cougar, Rutger, Xeno, Leonidas, Palatinate Knight – Zector
  • Fishing spot only has Tiger Arowana again
  • 2 boss fights and a divine knight boss battle at end of Hamel Road 2, be certain to save
  • +5 AP for second boss fight (Rutger, Xeno, Leonidas), reduce their HP to a certain amount within 35 turns
  • For the Divine Knight boss, you can just defeat him normally and it will record him as completed, you don’t have battle scope items in divine knight boss battles
  • For the Divine Knight battle, use the following attacks for the poses shown below, click them to view full image if needed:
  • 27 AP



  • Ash Character Note 1 added automatically
  • Report Battle Notes and Book Notes to Tatiana for rewards
  • Win Vantage Masters against Elliot, win 3 Requ cards
  • Talk to Liese in Lux Lunae Inn for Moonlight Mandrake Special sidequest, make sure you accept this sidequest before entering the dungeon.
  • Do mandatory red marker events, Jingo Character Note 1 added, do all red events but DO NOT go to your room!
  • Talk to Old Man Aaroy as well for a new fishing rod, also buy all new cards from Lemuric General Store
  • There’s a cryptid in the Eerie Woods, let’s save it for later because it’s a very high level…
  • Do any other shopping errands you’d like, and go to Saint-Gral Phase 2 from the Eerie Woods. Don’t go to your room!

Saint-Gral Second Visit

  • 6 Treasure Chests (58/358)
  • New Enemies: Blood Monad, Grimblade, Vampire Bat, Boss: Gargoylorus
  • Get mandrake from enemy drops in the dungeon
  • Teleport to Lux Lunae Inn after and give the mandrakes to Liese to finish the sidequest
  • 31 AP



  • Buy Imperial Chronicles – Issue 3 from Lemuric General Goods
  • Talk to Auler in Herbalist’s Home for Spirit Incense
  • Teleport out and go to the red marker, you can choose 1 old Class VII classmate to join you, choose any you prefer, I chose Sara

Eerie Woods – North

  • New Fish: Type #9, Rockeater
  • 4 Treasure chests (/358)
  • New Enemies: Dog Mummy, Weed Beetle, Agilataran

Avon Hills

  • Trial Chest #4
  • Map is blocked to the west
  • 4 Treasure chests (66/358)
  • New Enemies: Tail Jumper, Gourd Boar, Hyenadon, Rock Bison, Ice Condor, Crushbone Boar, Trial Chest: Rolling Thunder

Milsante Byroad 1

  • This map is blocked off to the south for now, let’s return for the treasure chests later…
  • New Enemies: Grass Drome, Koboldfly, Fate Spinner, Rainbow Mosquito
  • Head to Milsante for now


  • Buy If You Said Goodbye – Part 1 from Harche in Diana’s General Store
  • Take a picture on the outside second floor of the White Burch Inn, and send to Rex
  • To Lake Gala Byroad

Laka Gala Byroad

  • Grab the 1 treasure chest, no enemies here
  • You can buy another rod, Drome Grease, from Annabelle
  • New Fish: Type 4, Sky Gill
  • Go into the ruins, the Luna Shrine

Luna Shrine

  • No Treasure Chests here, only a boss fight
  • New Enemies: Lilith Domina
  • Now return to Milsante then Milsante Byroad 1


  • You can return to Diana for a conversation (optional, doesn’t affect character notes)

Milsante Byroad 1

  • 5 Treasure Chests (72/358)
  • Enemies listed earlier

Milsante Byroad 2

  • Trial Chest #5, you cannot open it yet, but interact with it so it gets listed on the map
  • 3 Treasure Chests (75/358)
  • New Enemies: Pestcargot, Neo Roach


  • Talk to Marjorie in the second floor of the Alisha Casino for Three & Nine – Volume 3
  • Buy Minotauros Master Quartz from Ikaros Mart for 3200
  • Win Vantage Masters against Sister Olfa in Raquel Chapel, get 3 D-Arma cards
  • New Recipe: in Decken Pub & Diner, Talk to Morley to buy Spaghetti Bolognese for 700 mira
  • Progress the story by visiting the 3 red markers, Rex Character Note 1 added automatically
  • After the plot events, visit Liberty Heights Apartments, second floor into Ash’s room, for an optional scene with Ash
  • Talk to Recruit Chris near the fountain in the middle of the city for “Sidequest Won’t Stan for This!”
  • Go to Alisha Casino, talk to Peugeot
  • Talk to Ridnour, to the right after exiting the casino
  • Go to Decken Pub & Diner, talk to Recruit Stan
  • Use Square to teleport, change tabs to East Lamare, teleport to Milsante and go to White Burch Inn, talk to Alban
  • New Recipe: Delicious Fish Pie from this sidequest
  • Save your game and make it, you can buy ingredients from stores, try using Yuna or Elliot to make it, it needs to be “Artisan Special Pie”, the highest rank, if you don’t get that, reload!
  • Return to Raquel Deck Pub & Diner, Serve food to Stan, Serve a special artisanal fish pie
  • +2AP for giving the best quality pie, you’ll get a notification of this when completing the side quest
  • Exit to North Languedoc Canyon Road

North Languedoc Canyon Road 1

  • 2 Treasure Chests (77/358)
  • New Enemies: Billgasso, Celestial Scarab, Mother Billgasso

North Languedoc Canyon Road 2

  • 3 Treasure Chests (80/358)
  • Side quest “North Languedoc Canyon Monster”, automatically completes when you defeat Great Abyss in this zone
  • New Enemies: Dancing Owl, Dahng Tiger, Rockbuster, Great Abyss
  • New Fish: Type 11, Rainbow Trout

Old Lamare Road 1

  • You’ll be forced to visit the Rest Lodge to continue
  • Talk to Edel, buy Acerbic Tomato Pizza for 1100 mira, you can also give superb dishes to her for rewards
  • 4 Treasure Chests (84/358)
  • New Enemies: Magma Drome, Rolling Stone, Rock Spider, Juciy Organ
  • New Fish: Type 12, Cobrahead

Old Lamare Road 2

  • 3 Treasure Chests (87/358)
  • New Enemies: Crop Munchling, Giant Crop Muncher,
  • Take a photo by the blue marker, send to Rex


  • Talk to Nielsen for optional event
  • Talk to Sandy for free items
  • Talk to Lord Michelin for horse
  • Do the story events
  • Win Vantage Masters against Tilia, get 3 Kyria-Bell cards
  • There are bookshelves in Kai & Tillia’s Home, you don’t need to examine these
  • After, exit to Osgiliath Basin

Osgiliath Basin

  • 3 Treasure Chests (90/358)
  • Trial Chest #6
  • New Enemies: Lantern Spider, Guelmar, Carabase, Death Scorp, Scorpion King, Trial Chest: Mantis Devourer, Bosses: Crown Prince Cedric, Fritz, Ada, Shirley, the Sanguine Ogre, Divine Knight Boss: Vermillion Knight, Testa-Rossa
  • For the boss fight, reduce their HP within a 40 turn limit for +3 bonus AP
  • For divine knight boss fight, use the following images below for best attacks to use, click to view in full-screen:
  • 21 AP gained, total of 52 AP



  • Character Note 1’s added automatically: Kurt Note 1, Musse Note 1
  • Talk to Crimson Roselia or Emma to get Emma Character Note 1
  • Upstairs in Lux Lunae Inn, win Vantage Masters against Fie, win 3 Blaze cards
  • Talk to Auler in Herbalist’s Home for new sidequest, “Erebonia 101”, choose any partner you’d like, but the answers DO matter for bonus AP!
  • Q1: “Which new sport has been gaining popularity?”, Answer: Tennis (second option)
  • Q2: “What is Mishy’s sister’s name?”, Answer: Mishette (third option)
  • Q3: “Why does the Heimdallr Summer Festival take place in July instead of June?”, Answer: To commemorate the War of the Lions (first option)
  • Here’s the trick, Q4 will be different depending on your partner, but it’s always the third answer. For example, I chose Kurt, the Q is “What is Parm’s major industry?”, the answer is the third option (spinning)
  • Q5: Any answer
  • +2AP for correct answers
  • Talk to Old Man Aaroy in Lemuric General Goods for a free fishing rod reward
  • After talking to the red events, teleport to the Eerie Woods, then go to Saint-Gral Labyrinth’s Third Phase, don’t go to your room!

Saint-Gral Labyrinth Third Visit

  • 5 Treasure Chests (95/358)
  • Trial Chest #7
  • New Enemies: Spike Jellyfish, Ashen Crusher, Kijimun, Trial Chest: Ashen Scratcher, Boss: Mega Kraken
  • Return to room now, +5 AP, 26 AP gained, Total AP: 57



  • Talk to Auler in Herbalist’s Home for free items
  • Progress the story, leave through the gate, you will need to choose old Class VII members, I chose Jusis and Machias

Bobcat II

  • Progress the story events on the Bobcat II, if you viewed all red markers and it won’t let you progress, just walk in and out and it’ll trigger the story
  • New Enemies: Boss: Magic Knight Dynagram

East Crossbell Highway 3

  • 1 Treasure Chest (96/358)
  • New Enemies: Acerbic Tomartian, Harimander, Ripper Noa,
  • New Fish: Type #15, Noble Carp

East Crossbell Highway 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (100/358)
  • New Enemies: Neo Fall Eagle, Blade Fang, Softshellion,
  • New Fish: Type #6, Azelfish

East Crossbell Highway 1

  • 2 Treasure Chests (102/358)
  • New Enemies: Same as previous encountered enemies


Crossbell City

  • Win Vantage Masters against Shanshan in Long Lao Tavern & Inn, receive 1 Bard card
  • Talk to Receptionist Salem in the Fishing Guild for free reward, EX Spool
  • You can buy High End Rod and more Bait
  • Talk to Ozelle in Harbor District, buy Ozelle Miso Noodles for 900 mira
  • New Fish in Harbor District: Type #10, Puffer
  • Buy “A Coco Panda’s Tale – Part 1” and “Imperial Chronicle – Issue 4” for 500 and 100 mira, respectively, at Southwark General Store in Times Department Store (Central Square)
  • Talk to Flotte in Vingt-Sept Cafe (Central Square) for Three & Nine – Chapter 4
  • Buy Master Quartz Katze in Genten Orbal Store (Central Square)
  • Talk to Eric in Garante Jazz Bar (Entertainment District), buy Midnight Cola for 1000 mira
  • Talk to Imelda in Imelda’s Antique Shop (Entertainment District), you can give her unique dishes for rewards
  • Teleport and return to East Crossbell Highway Boathouse, talk to Josette for free items
  • Sell any septith mass to the IBF, they’ll give you more than other places, just like in the previous games
  • Do the red events, then go to Bellheim Apartments in West Street, then the Barca Casino 2nd floor talk to Proprietor Drake, then go into the Geofront’s X Sector on the 1st floor

Geofront X Sector 1

  • 4 Treasure Chests (106/358)
  • New Enemies: Rozu, Saccharine Tomartian, Great Geenew, Tri-Copter, Torso Mk. III, Empress Geenew

Geofront X Sector 2

  • 3 Treasure Chests (109/358)
  • New Enemies: Boss: Genesic Clown

Crossbell City Return

  • Go to West Street, then Villa-Raisins Apartments, then talk to Sammie on the third floor for Sully Character Note 1
  • Go to Central Square, then Times Department Store for optional scene
  • Go to West Street, CNS Temporary Office for a new sidequest from Reporter Grace, “NML Survey”
  • No extra AP so you can’t mess up this sidequest, just go to 10 red markers, 3 in Central Square, 2 in Harbor District (one of them runs on and off the map, so wait 10 seconds if you don’t see him), 2 in East Street, 3 in Entertainment District
  • Grace Character Note 1 added automatically after sidequest
  • Progress plot via red marker, go to the Station Street, then Ursula Road 1

Ursula Road 1

  • Pom! Pom! Party! Introduction. Win against Jonas if you’d like, just match the colours, I’ll explain when there are new opponents
  • Force into Ex. Field Camp, so do that first, then you can continue and collect all chests
  • 3 Treasure Chests (112/358)
  • New Enemies: Harpoon Hornet, Coco Panda, Bracken Monkey, Forest Snail
  • New Fish: Type #13, Cobalt Crab

Ursula Road 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (116/358)
  • New Enemies: Terribrous
  • Photo opportunity, take a picture and send to Rex
  • Fishing spot has old fish
  • Near the beach you will find the Stella Shrine, let’s go in for sidequest Stella Shrine Exploration, and more chests and enemies…

Stella Shrine

  • 4 Treasure Chests (120/358)
  • Trial Chest #8, you cannot open it yet, but make sure to examine it so you can teleport to it later!
  • New Enemies: Armored Veil, Misfortune-Teller, Star Lambda, MKE Maus, Boss: Nebras Domina

Ursula Road 3

  • 4 Treasure Chests (124/358)
  • New Enemies: Goldflier, Gordi Ossa, Nauseating Tomartian, Spineedler, Fire Beetle, Boss: Man o’ War, Bennu Nucleus
  • New Fish: Type #17, Forest Gill

St. Ursula Medical College

  • Talk to Superintendent Kirsch in Le Lectier Inn, buy XL Hashed Rice for 1100 mira
  • Talk to Albert in the Lobby for horse riding
  • Progress story
  • After, head to Lake Elm Wetlands 1

Lake Elm Wetlands 1

  • No enemies or treasure chests
  • You will return after to St. Ursula, and you can examine the boat to get to Michelam


  • New Fish: Type #13 Cobalt Crab
  • Do the mandatory red events including talking to the hotel manager, then going into Restauraunt Fortuna
  • At the MWL Entrance Plaza
  • Photo opportunity at Mishy’s Face in the Entrance Plaza, send the photo to Rex after
  • Win Vantage Masters against Mishy in Entrance Plaza, win 3 Uptide cards
  • Progress story, Beryl Character Note 1 added automatically
  • After 3 mandatory events, talk to Harold or Sophia for a new sidequest, “The Search for Colin”
  • In Entrance Plaza, talk to MWL Staff and Mattew
  • Go to Mishelam Center, talk to Gabrion, then talk to Receptionist Remina
  • Go to the nearby exit to the Lakeside Beach, then talk to Colin
  • Next choice affects AP, make sure to choose second option, “A Whitestone” for +2 AP bonus
  • Take exit from beach to Lake Elm Wetlands 2

Lake Elm Wetlands 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (128/358)
  • New Enemies: Mist Flower, Cryon Bit, Rime Butterfly, Massibrus, Dimension Gravemaker, Bosses: Major Lechter, Kreuger the Severing Eclipse, Campanella the Fool, Divine Knight Bosses: Sorge – Gun, Sorge – Sword, Auric Knight, El-Prado
  • New Fish: Type #17 Forest Gill
  • For the bosses, reduce their HP within 40 turns for bonus AP
  • For the divine knight bosses, use the following attacks for each of their poses shown below (For El-Prado third pose attack the head instead):
  • Part 1 end, Acquired AP 27, Total AP 84, Thors Unity 44

Act: Fragments: A Shattered Blade



  • Buy The Chosen One – Part 2 from Old Man Aaroy in Lemuric General Goods
  • Renne Character Note 1 automatically from mandatory events, talk to Renne again to get Estelle’s info for Pom! Pom! Party!
  • KeA Character Note 1 automatically from mandatory events
  • Talk to KeA, win against her in Vantage Masters, obtain 3 Fifenall cards
  • Talk to Euclase in Herbalist’s Home for free fishing bait
  • Talk to Liese in Lux Lunae Inn for free food items
  • New Recipe: Buy Strawberry Tar for 1300 from Liese in Lux Lunae Inn
  • Talk to Gandolf or Emma in Gandolf’s Orbal Factory for Sidequest “Repairing the Pendant”
  • Teleport to Eerie Woods – South, go to green marker on map for Dryad’s Tears
  • Teleport to Eerie Woods – North, go to green marker on map for Lotus Vine
  • Automatic return to Gandolf to complete the sidequest, Altina Character Note 1 added for completing sidequest
  • Go to Saint-Gral Labyrinth Phase Four

Saint-Gral Labyrinth – Fourth Visit

  • 6 Treasure Chests (134/358)
  • Certain doors warp you back to the beginning, check the floors before the door, the left design warps you back, the right design lets you continue, explore around and make sure you get 6 chests
  • Equip confuse resistance accessories before boss for an easier time
  • New Enemies: Octofiend, Blurred Shadow, Ultimate Being, Boss: Arachne Graia (146/490)
  • Before returning to room, be careful, there’s a large multiple-team dungeon ahead, so make sure to equip 4 men and 4 women from your team, also emphasize new class VII, but in general it’s not hard, make sure to have many battle scopes

Black Workshop

  • Multiple teams with multiple maps, be careful there are many enemies and chests, and you can’t revisit this area!
  • In each zone, there are 4, 4, 7, 4, 4, 4 chests, see the 6 maps (161/358), from left to right A1, B1, C1 on top row, then A2, B2, C2 on bottom row
  • Forced boss fight, Rean can’t use items yet so scan the boss with Celine!
  • Boss: Hecatoncheir, Celine Character Note 1 added automatically
  • Start with route A1, 4 Treasure Chests
  • A1 New Enemies: Killerpillar, Generot, Sol Blein
  • At the end of A1, automatically switched to B1
  • B1: 4 Treasure Chests
  • B1 New Enemies: Easy Trigger, Mein Gada, Proto Tron, Boss: Oz Mirage ‘Crimson’
  • A1 New Enemies: Boss: Oz Mirage ‘Cobalt’ (155/490)
  • C1: 7 Treasure Chests
  • C1 New Enemies: If you got all enemies listed, you’re good until the bosses
  • B2: 4 Treasure Chests
  • A2: 4 Treasure Chests
  • C2: 4 Treasure Chests (161/358)
  • Afterwards, sequence of 5 bosses, final boss fight has bonus AP requirements, but you can save a little bit before it
  • New Enemies: Bosses: Red Rossweisse, Copper Georg, Easy Trigger G, McBurn the Blazing Demon, Ines the Stout, Ennea the Sharp
  • Save your game, then 2 more boss fights
  • When fighting Osborne and Arianrhod, reduce both of their HP’s to <50% at the same time for +5 bonus AP
  • New Enemies: Bosses: “???”, Arianrhod the Steel Maiden, Chancellor Osborne (164/490)
  • Acquired AP 24, Total AP: 108, Thors Unity 48, Special ops Rank B1
  • AP Obtained: 51

Act 2 – Guiding Starlight



  • Rean and Millium Character Notes 1 added automatically
  • Vita Character Note 1 added from mandatory red marker
  • Thomas Character Note 1 added from mandatory red marker
  • Buy Imperial Chronicle – Issue 5 from Old Man Aaroy in Lemuric General Goods for 100 mira
  • New cards also available from Lemuric General Goods
  • Talk to Crimson Roselia, win Vantage Masters against her for 3 Reduce carcds
  • Hot springs optional events
  • Talk to Auler or Euclase in Herbalist’s Home for free items
  • After all red mandatory events, go to Clearing to head out


  • Gaius Character Note 1 added automatically
  • Win Vantage Masters against Laura, get 1 Knight card
  • June Character Note 2 added automatically from red marker event
  • Talk to Altina again for free item, only if you repaired the pendant
  • Talk to Machias to get his info for Pom! Pom! Party! You need to win against everyone to get a master quartz.
  • Go in and out after viewing the red mandatory events, then go to the washroom, then to Gaius

Bryonia Island

  • There’s a green subevent, afterwards you cannot explore the rest of the island
  • 4 Treasure Chests (165/358)
  • 2 Trial Chests #9, #10 (opened 7/28)
  • New Fish: Type #23 Blue Marlin (fishing spot by the entrance)
  • New Fish: Type #19 Elecantus (fishing spot by the treasure chest)
  • Photo Opportunity, send to Rex after
  • Continue, Rean will get a new craft
  • New Fish: Type #14 Spiky Puffer (fishing spot next to lodge) (18/30)
  • New Enemies: Spark Herb, Zippoda, Spike Gellar, Scalyptera, Volg Tiger, 2 Trial Chests: Arachne Zigma, Ippoda, Bosses: Crow, Duvalie the Swift
  • For divine knight boss battles, attack the body part I listed in the following poses in the images below:



  • Duvalie and Crow Character Note 1 added automatically
  • Talk to Rosine for Rosine Character Note 1
  • Talk to Yuna, win against her in Vantage Masters and Pom! Pom! Party!
  • With bonding points, they’re limited, in New Game + you get unlimited bonding points and you can see all interactions, for this playthrough we’ll prioritize all character notes, we’ll try to get as many bonds as high as possible, but you may have to do another playthrough just rushing through all the bonds…
  • 3 Bonding points, +1 extra bonding point from a sidequest soon, prioritize Fie, hers is a special memory leading to Fie Character Note 1
  • We also chose Duvalie, Crow, and Altina
  • You might notice in bonding events you can get optional battles, if you scan enemies in such bonding event battles, they will go to the Extra menu and will not be counted! Your counter will stay match ours so no worries!
  • Buy Pandora Master Quartz for 6400 mira from Brother Ryuna
  • Teleport and go through the tabs to check in on Trial Chests, let’s do Trial Chest #3 now, put Crow into your party
  • New Enemies: Trial Chest #3: Ginosha-Zanak (Enemy 172/490), (Opened 8/28 Trial Chests)
  • Teleport to West Lamare, then Bryonia Island, we need to explore more of it…

Bryonia Island

  • Teleport to Near Lodge, go inside, talk to Annabelle, she provides access to a new fishing spot, go to it near the waterfall area
  • Talk to her again for a free fishing rod, she also has another fishing rod for sale
  • Explore new areas you couldn’t access before!
  • New fishing spot behind waterfall, type #26, Snow White (19/30), fishing spot disappears after, you can trade it with any fisher to get an Evergreen accessory
  • 3 new treasure chests in the unexplored areas (Chest 168/358)
  • 2 new trial chests (#11 Rean/Kurt, and #12 Jusis/Machias), (Opened 10/28 Trial Chests)
  • Remember, if you don’t have the correct party members for the trial chests, just interact with them, then go to the airship to change party members, then teleport directly to the chest, it’s extremely convenient
  • New Enemies: Armored Dino, Sidelle, Sasa Panda, Ancient Ossa, Trial Chests: Lone Rontes, Panda Sage (Enemy 176/490)
  • Photo opportunity near statue, send to Rex
  • Optional Boss: Magic Knight Regulus-Zamiel, we will save for later…

Eerie Woods Return

  • Teleport to Eerie Woods Entrance, defeat Fornelius now, obtain Lost Art 1/5 (Enemy 177/490)
  • Teleport to Eryn, use the hot springs with Crow and Duvalie in party
  • Teleport to Parm


  • Buy Studded Tie Pin & Cuffs for 1000 mira from Iris
  • Buy Creamy Risotto for 1300 mira from Bertrand in the White Footpath Tavern & Inn
  • Buy a White Petite Croquette as well, needed to trade for a gift later
  • Win Vantage Masters against Anton, win 3 Gia-Bro cards
  • Talk to Kairi in Parm Chapel, Kairi Character Note 1 acquired
  • In Manager’s Residence talk to Manager Galart for sidequest “Wads of Cash”
  • Talk to the 3 green markers
  • To South Sutherland Highway 2, battle with 3 Rhinociders
  • Automatically report the sidequest, Hugo Character Note 1 from sidequest
  • Automatic call from Rosine, you will get a cutscene next time you go into Merkabah, DO NOT start the mission
  • Teleport to Parm Byroad 2 for Monster Extermination, the enemy has a unique red marker
  • New Enemy: Creepink Squad, Creepink Sheep (Careful, they blend in but are different enemies!) (Enemy 179/490)
  • Extra bonding point, go to Merkabah to use it!
  • Teleport to Titus Gate

Titus Gate

  • Talk to Orvid for quest “Ambergris Amour”
  • Teleport to Parm Byroad 1 and 2 for 2 pieces
  • Talk to Freddy in Old Agria Road, get final piece
  • Automatic report quest, you can make magic food from Freddy, Freddy Character Note 1 acquired
  • Report quests, Acquired AP 11, Total AP 119, Rank A7, Thors Unity 70
  • Use up remaining bonding points, then proceed the story by talking to Rosine
  • Choose any 2 party members to bring, but Altina will have a Trial Chest if you want to save time


West Lamare Highway 2

  • 3 Treasure Chests (171/358)
  • 1 new trial chest (#13 Rean/Altina), (Opened 11/28 Trial Chests)
  • New Enemies: Silver Drome, Fell Broodmother, Hornbore, Hinomikoto, Creepy Sheep, Trial Chest: Iglute Garmr (Enemy 184/490)

West Lamare Highway 1

  • 3 Treasure Chests (174/358)
  • 1 new trial chest (#14), need Ash/Kurt/Emma/Sara, interact so you can teleport to it later
  • New Enemies: Omegacean (Enemy 185/490)


  • Buy If You Said Goodbye – Part 2 from Amy in Kleist Mall – Manista’s Bookstore
  • Buy Cypher Graph (Machias Gift) from Hubert in Kleist Mall – RF Store
  • New Recipe: Talk to Granny Jacqueline, buy Bittersweet Tomato Gelato for 1300 mira (12/24)
  • New Recipe: Talk to Betty in Sea Breeze Tavern & Inn (North Street), buy Sea Breeze Bouillabaisse for 1400 mira (13/24)
  • Buy Teal Anklet (Fie Gift) from Luther in Strauss Orbal Factory (North Street)
  • Talk to Sailor Basani in Harbor District for Three & Nine – Chapter 5
  • New Fish: Type #18 Pink Azelfish (Harbor District) (20/30)
  • In Business District, go to Riveria Court for new sidequest, “Riveria Runaround”
  • Talk to 3 green markers around room, then a new green marker appears on the table, then head out
  • Teleport to Noble District, go to Ordis Mansion, talk to Butler Oliver
  • Teleport to North Street – Entrance, talk to Glycine at the flower shop
  • Teleport to Business District – Kleist Mall, talk to Herman
  • Automatically turn in quest, Riviera Court shop is now unlocked
  • Talk to Margarita, you can give peculiar dishes to her again
  • Talk to Capo in Riviera Court, buy Chevalier Gloves for 1000 mira (Kurt Gift)
  • Win Vantage Masters against Vincent, win 3 Tarbyss cards
  • Progress story

Ordis Waterway 1

  • 4 Treasure Chests (178/358)
  • Be careful of the boss when you exit Area 1, there are two types of Imperial Soldiers in the boss fight that count for 2 enemies in the enemy list!
  • New Enemies: Tomb Beetle, Red Hammerhead, Murder Organ, Absorbling, Boss: IDF Member, IDF Member (Enemy 191/490)

Ordis Waterway 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (182/358)
  • New Enemies: Trial Chest: Runaway Sheep
  • 1 new trial chest (#15) (Opened 12/28 Trial Chests) (Enemy 191/490)
  • To progress you need to raise and lower the water, when the water’s lowered go down and switch to Machias with L1, and use his field attack square to destroy the boxes, it won’t work with Rean, then raise the water again to go across the boxless bridge

Duke’s Mansion

  • New Enemies: Bosses: RMP Troop Member, Captain Engels (Enemy 193/490)
  • Divine Knight Bosses: Choose any partner you’d like, then use the following attacks for the poses in the images below:
  • Note, when Melgia uses the STR boost effect, target the arm in the turn after, otherwise target the head for the pose
  • There are more poses, but they seemed pretty easy and I tried farming them for more moves but they wouldn’t show me them…
  • Continue onwards
  • New Enemies: Bosses: Red Rossweisse, Major Claire (My game seemed to already have Red Rossweisse scanned)
  • Total AP 139, Thors Unity 74, Rank A6, Ap Obtained 31



  • Pick anybody
  • Machias 1, Angelica 1 Character Notes added automatically
  • More bonding points, we get an extra 1 point from a sidequest as well
  • Talk to Kurt, win against him in Vantage Masters and Pom! Pom! Party!
  • Win Vantage Masters against Angelica, obtain 3 Amoltanis cards
  • Buy Imperial Chronicle – Issue 6 for 100 mira from Emma
  • Teleport to Eryn – Fairy Springs with Angelica and any other 3 girls for optional event, Unity goes up
  • Teleport to Osgiliath Basin, new areas to explore

Osgiliath Basin

  • New level 122 optional boss, we’ll save for later…
  • 2 new Trial Chests #16 (Laura/Emma), #17 (Sara/Fie), interact with if you don’t have the correct party members on-hand (14/28 Trial Chests opened)
  • 3 New Treasure Chests (185/358)
  • New Enemies: Grass Hydra, Sinister Hornet, Grand Kumanba, Sepith Bison, Luminous Rat
  • Trial Chest Bosses: Adamantine Bison, Jeweled Zahr, Jeweled Ohr, Jeweled Pahr (Enemy 202/490)
  • Next to Beryl is a photo opportunity, take a photo and send to Rex
  • Next, teleport to West Lamare highway

West Lamare Highway 2

  • Go to Field Ex Camp, talk to Leonora for Leonora Character Note 1
  • Put Ask, Kurt, Emma and Sara into your party and open Trial Chest #14 (15/28 Trial Chests opened)
  • Trial Chest Bosses: Crabandit (Enemy 202/490)
  • Move to Highway 2, optional boss: Scyllamarme and Nastilus for Monster Extermination sidequest (Enemy 204/490)
  • Be careful, for some reason some enemies have white text and their info looks filled out, this happened to me with the Nastilus, but scan them again, always keep scanning to be safe especially with these unique minibosses
  • Bonding points acquired, let’s spend them!


  • 4 Bonding Points but 5 characters, do Alisa because she has a character note, Sara has a special memory, and choose the rest
  • We chose everyone except Celine’s bonding events, you miss out on an accessory, but there’s no trophy for that
  • The romance trophies include one trophy for all men’s bonding, 1 for each girl except Duvalie and Celine, and 1 for maxing both Duvalie and Celine, I’m thinking it’d be easiest to do everyone except Duvalie and Celine on your first playthrough, then rush through a second playthrough to max those two out after…
  • Alisa Character Note 1 added
  • Teleport to Raquel


  • Talk to Margarita in Decken Pub & Diner for optional subevent
  • Buy Decken’s Ribs from Morley in Decken Pub & Diner, and Hermit Blue from Julia in Hermit Bar & Grill
  • New Recipe – Crispy Pickles for 1300 mira from Julia in Hermit Bar & Grill (14/24)
  • In McEnroe’s Pawn Shop trade these items for Fuga Braid (Gaius Gift)
  • Buy Violet Musk (Angelica Gift) 300 medals, 3000 mira conversion
  • Imelda is in Hermit Bar & Grill
  • Talk to Kaela in Hermit Bar & Grill for new sidequest Cody Red, it has bonus AP so be careful
  • Go to green marker by the fountain and talk to the barker, then Yang in Ikaros Mart, then McEnroe in the Pawn Shop, and exit the shop for an event
  • Immediately go north towards the casino for +2 bonus AP
  • Head to the northeastern area of Languedoc to the green marker, examine the gate
  • Call from Towa, teleport back to the Merkabah for story events, but don’t proceed the story with Rosine yet
  • Teleport to Old Lamare Road – Rest Lodge, and talk to Edel for Edel Character Note 1, then teleport to Alster


  • New quest, Brandy Recognition
  • Teleport to Merkabah and go to the workshop and talk to Brother Ryuna for Pressure Valve
  • Teleport to Gandolf’s Orbal Factory in Eryn for Helix Pipe
  • Teleport to Dwight Arms & Orbal Factory in Parm for Large Pump Gear
  • Teleport to Steinrose Distillery in Alster and return the quest, Pablo Character Note 1 acquired


  • Put Rean, Elliot, Machia, Sara into your party and open Trial Chest #6 (16/28 Trial Chests opened)
  • Trial Chest Boss: Rainbow Drome (Enemy 204/490)
  • Talk to Rosine, commence operation


South Sutherland Highway

  • Choose Fie or Sara, we chose Sara
  • Head to Saint-Arkh, we finished South Sutherland Highway already


  • Buy Scarlet Leather Belt (Ash Gift) from Aram in Albion Garden Dept. Store in Cathedral Square
  • New Receipe: Buy Refreshing Berry Shake from Dyna in Cathedral Square (15/24)
  • Buy White Smoothie from Dyna as well
  • There’s a free bed in Luna Crest Apartments before you do the 3 mandatory red events, if you go to this after the 3 red events it progresses the story, so don’t do that until after the sidequest
  • Buy Violet Shining Bracelet (Sara Gift) from Chamber in Chamber’s Orbal Factory in Residential District
  • Trade for Silver Wolf Ring (Crow Gift) from Louvre in Demeter Exchange & Antiques in Residential District
  • Talk to the 3 red mandatory events
  • In Cathedral Square, talk to Albert or Wonder for a new sidequest, “Crazy Horse”, use the nearby exit to North Sutherland Highway 1

North Sutherland Highway 1

  • Now you can properly explore these areas
  • 2 Treasure Chests (187/358)
  • New Enemies: Iron Vise, Attack Dog, Thunder Dino,
  • Trial Chest #18, Kurt/Mussu/Fie/Crow, interact so you can teleport to it later

North Sutherland Highway 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (191/358)
  • New Enemies: Stone Fly, Mothro, Danghorn, Sidequest Boss: Tainted Stallion (Enemy 211/490)
  • Trial Chest #19, Elliot/Gaius, interact so you can teleport to it later (16/28 Trial Chests Opened)
  • New Fish: Type #20 Gold Salmon (21/30)
  • Subevent with Altina in the Goliath, can summon Goliath Noa now
  • After defeating Tainted Stallion, automatic sidequest return
  • Return to Luna Cres Apartments to continue the story

Dreknor Fortress 1

  • Be careful with enemies, many have similar names and will appear with white names, robots have G, R and M variations!
  • 3 Treasure Chests (194/358)
  • New Enemies: Sneak Gunner G, 4th Div. Soldier – Sword, Phalanx J9, 4th Div. Soldier – Gun, Sneak Gunner R, Sneak Gunner M, Zephyranthes (Enemy 218/490)

Dreknor Fortress 2

  • 3 Treasure Chests (197/358)
  • Alan Character Note 1 added automatically after divine knight boss battle
  • Bonus AP for boss fight against General Craig, need all party members to survive when you win, it’s OK if they hit 0 HP but you need to revive them when you end the boss battle for the bonus 2 AP, also be sure to scan them first.
  • New Enemies: Pale Apache II, Bosses: General Craig, Lt. Colonel Neithardt (Enemy 224/490)
  • Acquired AP: 26, Rank A5, Total AP: 165, Thors Unity 85



  • Elliot, Agate, Neithardt Character Note 1 added automatically
  • Complete Trial Chest 18, Kurt/Musse/Fie/Crow, Enemy: Dino Jupiter (17/28 Trial Chests Opened)
  • Complete Trial Chest 19, Elliot/Gaius, Enemy: Stone Dragonfly (18/28 Trial Chests Opened)
  • Talk to Alisa, win Vantage Masters against her for 3 Oonvielve
  • Talk to Elie, win against her in Pom! Pom! Party!
  • Enter Hot Springs in Eryn with Agate and Tita in Party
  • Teleport to Saint-Arkh Noble District


  • Go to the mansion gates in the Noble District to get into Marquis Hyarms’ Mansion, go north and talk to Marquis Ballad
  • Win Vantage Masters against Marquis Ballad, obtain 3 Transmute cards
  • Go to Count Altheim’s Residence to see Margarita if you’re interested, talk to Freddy for a free rod as well
  • Go to Hotel Augusta for Rosenberg Roundup quest
  • Teleport to Alster – Kai and Ilia’s Home, go upstairs to the green marker
  • Teleport to Parm Byroad – Hamel Road 2, then to the green marker
  • Teleport to Eerie Woods – Saint-Gral Labyrinth, switch to Phase 1, head in, then teleport to Phase 1 Depths
  • Forced fight, enemies: Alice, Kanan, Char (Enemy 224/490)
  • Teleport to Titus Gate, talk to Recruit Nash for Three & Nine – Chapter 6
  • Teleport to Raquel, then exit to West Languedoc Canyon, you will get a prompt to start a quest, then exit to West Languedoc Canyon again and accept the quest Emergency Rescue

West Languedoc Canyon Road

  • 3 Treasure Chests (200/358)
  • Trial Chest #20, interact with so you can quick teleport to it later
  • New Enemies: Death Squirm, Dong, Elder Burdon, Bundidge, Calvary Lancer, Bosses: Nidhoggr – Rifle, Jagd Cougar, Nidhoggr – Greatsword
  • Continue to the Rock Patio

Rock Patio

  • 4 Treasure Chests (204/358)
  • Trial Chest #21, interact with so you can quick teleport to it later
  • New Enemies: Abyss Worm, Bosses: Former N. Jaeger – Rifle, Saber Cougar, Former N. Jaeger – Greatsword (Enemy 236/490)
  • Teleport to Merkabah, and let’s complete the Trial Chests
  • Trial Chest #20, Musse/Juna/Laura/Sara, Trial Chest Boss: Magnum Dong (19/28 Trial Chests Opened) (Enemy 236/490)
  • Trial Chest #21, Crow/Angelica, Trial Chest Boss: Venom Stalker (20/28 Trial Chests Opened) (Enemy 236/490)
  • Teleport to Old Lamare Road – Old Lamare Road 1

Old Lamare Road 1

  • Defeat optional boss for Old Lamare Road Monster sidequest
  • Boss: Eldergeist (Enemy 237/490)
  • Extra bonding point, teleport to Merkabah and do bonding events
  • In general, prioritize everyone except Kurt because Laura, Machias, Alfin have character notes, and Altina, Towa, Laura, Alfin have heart events
  • Machias 2, Alfin 1, Laura 2 Character Notes from Bonding Events, then proceed the story by talking to Rosine


Avon Hills

  • Head to Milsante
  • Buy If You Said Goodbye – Part 1 for 500 mira from Harche in Diana’s General Store
  • Buy Flowing Light Sphere (Towa Gift) for 1500 mira from Meyer in Diana’s General Store
  • Win Vantage Masters against Josette, get 1 Shadow card
  • Progress story and to Lake Gala Byroad

Lake Gala Byroad

  • Now can explore the north region with more chests and enemies
  • 2 Treasure Chests (206/358)
  • New enemies: Baba Batusi, Wild Dang, Ice Drome, Death Pisces (Enemy 241/490)
  • New photo opportunity on a dock, send to Rex
  • New Fish: Type #21 Northern Arowana (22/30)
  • Trial Chest #22, Altina/Musse/Tita/Alisa, interact with so you can teleport to it later
  • Exit to Leeves – West Side


  • Forced into Dorms, take a bath if interested
  • Buy A Coco Panda’s Tale – Part 2 for 500 mira from Rachel in Carnegie Book & Games
  • Buy Moon Rabbit Choker (Altina Gift) for 1500 mira from Marcus in Lapin Boutique
  • Buy Shining White Pocket Watch (Patrick Gift) for 1500 mira from Old Man Rod in Nyo-Sui-An Imports, I bought new rods for sale as well
  • New Recipe: Buy Delicious Cheese Curry from Barney in Barney’s Tavern & Inn (16/24)
  • New Fish: Type #16 Quicksilver Carp (23/30) (you can use either fishing spot to get it)
  • Talk to Jessica after the red mandatory event, you will acquire Jessica Character Note 1

Thors Branch Campus

  • Be careful, there are many instances of “same enemy names” but a different “look”, these are different enemies, scan each one!
  • Do all green marker events for bonus AP, they are in Main Building, Clubhouse, and Pool/Training Ground (+3 bonus AP)
  • Bosses upon entering: Tri-Attacker R2, Main Campus Student, Main Campus Student, Main Campus Student, Tri-Attacker HG (Enemy 246/490)
  • 11 Treasure Chests in total, I will give a break-down, remember to click on the images if you need full-screen
  • Main Building Green Marker New Bosses: Main Campus Student, Main Campus Student
  • Main Building – 2 Treasure Chests
  • Main Building – Rooftop – 1 Treasure Chest
  • Cafeteria – 1 Treasure Chest
  • Pool/Training Ground New Enemies: Phalanx J9
  • Pool/Training Ground – 2 Treasure Chests
  • Clubhouse – 1 Treasure Chest
  • Progress Red Events
  • Platform – 2 Treasure Chests, then progress red events more
  • For Divine Knight boss battle, use the attacks shown in the poses below:
  • Outside, go to the southwest corner of the campus for 1 Treasure Chest
  • Now back to the Pool/Training Ground for red marker event, New Enemy Boss: Gespard Gerrod
  • Now to the hangar, more Divine Knight bosses, use the attacks I did on the following poses:
  • Hangar – 1 Treasure Chest (217/358)
  • You should have 5 of the same “Main Campus Student” in your enemy list, we have (Enemy 254/490)
  • Go into Einhel Keep

Einhel Keep – LV. X

  • 4 Treasure Chests (221/358)
  • New Enemies: Diver Bit EX, Dovon PRO, Gigant Organ, Teropes, Stratos Diver EX (Enemy 259/490)
  • If the path looks blocked, switch to Yuna using L1 and use her field attack (Square) to destroy the obstacles blocking your path
  • When you go on the lower floor, those gates also act as bridges, keep manipulating the switches to get all the chests, then proceed

Einhel LVX – Midpoint

  • 4 Treasure Chests (225/358)
  • New Enemies: Zephyranthes S (Enemy 260/490)
  • Bonus AP for boss fight, defeat within 100 turns
  • Bosses: Ada, Fritz, Instructor Michael
  • Acquired AP: 25, Rank A4, Total AP: 190, Thors Unity: 96



  • Tita 1, Fritz 1, Ada 1 Character Notes added automatically
  • Go to the Red Marker on the Monitor, check the optional quests
  • Open Trial Chest #22, Altina/Musse/Tita/Alisa, Trial Chest Boss: Boarbarian (21/28 Trial Chests Opened)
  • Win Vantage Masters against Celine, obtain 3 Expel cards
  • Win Vantage Masters against Ash, obtain items
  • Also Win in Pom! Pom! Party! against Ash
  • Buy Imperial Chronicle – Issue 7 for 100 mira from Rosine in Merkabah Garage
  • Teleport to Eryn


  • Buy Sapphirl Choker (Laura Gift) and Esmelas Hunting Cap (Jusis Gift) from Old Man Aaroy in Lemuric General Goods
  • “The Hot Spots” quest, go to green marker by the hot springs
  • Teleport to Osgiliath Basin Entrance, Milsante Byroad 1, and Bryonia Island Beach and exmaine the green events
  • Now is a good time to defeat the Bryonia Island optional boss, go to the blue event to do so
  • New Enemy: Magic Knight Regulus-Zamiel, obtain Leanan’s Kiss (Enemy 264/490)
  • Warp back to Eryn to return the quest, you can choose anybody you want, you won’t get affection bonuses
  • Warp back to Merkabah, and put Tio and Randy into your party and go into the hotsprings now for an event and unity increase
  • Teleport to Parm


  • Go to White Footpath Tavern & Inn, talk to Lord Quinn for quest “Family Scattering”
  • Teleport to White Birch Inn in Milsante, talk to Helena
  • Teleport to Old Lamare Road – Noce Rest Lodge and talk to Luna or Eclaire upstairs, automatically return quest
  • Teleport back to Milsante


  • Go to White Burch Inn to the blue event upstairs and talk to Peter or Kopan, you get a new fishing spot in Lake Gala Byroad
  • New Fish: Type #28 Estrella (24/30)
  • This is another unique fish, you can trade it for an accessory, Sell Fish – Exchange when you talk to Peter, and get Deep Ocher if you’re interested
  • Teleport to Alster


  • Talk to Tilia outside Steinrose Distillery, get Three & Nine – Chapter 7
  • New Recipe: Alster Plate for 1800 mira, in Sunny Spot Inn (17/24)
  • Teleport to Avon Hills – Teleportation Stone

Avon Hills

  • Complete Avon Hills Monster sidequest by defeating optional boss
  • New Enemies: Rostrum, Rostrum Bug (Enemy 266/490) and get extra bonding point
  • Back to Merkabah to do bonding events


  • For the bonding events, character notes are in the events for Elliot, Elise and Jusis, and heart events for Juna, Musse, Emma. Prioritize the character note bonding events, then choose the remainders you’d like
  • Elliot 2, Elise 1, Jusis 1 Character Notes added from bonding events, also I recommend Musse’s event because it relates to the plot that will occur next…
  • Talk to Gaius and progress the story


  • Estelle 1, Ash 2, Joshua 1, Lloyd 1 Character Notes added automatically
  • Win Vantage Masters against Lloyd, get 3 Da-Colm cards
  • Progress the story through some red events
  • After talking with Cassius, talk to Klaudia to get her account for Pom! Pom! Party! and win against her, then progress the store more
  • Klaudia Character Note 2 is from talking to her about her Pom! account
  • Cassius 1, Elie 1, Klaudia 1, Lucy 1 Character Notes obtained automatically from red events

Pantagruel (Dungeon)

  • 2 Treasure Chests (227/358)
  • Be sure to scan all enemies, they look similar but aren’t, don’t mix up the Red Constellation and Jaegers…
  • New Enemies: Sneak Gunner G, Sneak Gunner M, Sneak Gunner R, Sleipnir F2X, Blade Cougar
  • There’s a boss battle with Gareth, but you can’t target him, it’s fine, he will be recorded into the enemy list automatically after
  • Bosses: Gareth, Crimson Cougar, Red Constellation – Rifle, Red Constellation – Greatsword
  • Switch to Team B automatically
  • New Enemies: Balance Clown
  • Bosses: Gilbert’s Apache, Enhanced Jaeger – Greatsword, Enhanced Jaeger – Rifle (Enemy 279/490)
  • Then proceed to the Deck, a total of 12 bosses in 4 rounds you need to scan…
  • For the Mariabell and Cedric bosses, you need to reduce ALL bosses’ HPs for two sets of bonus AP! So focus on damaging the others before Mariabell and Cedric!
  • Bosses: Trap Master Xeno, Major Lechter, Leonidas the Behemoth, Kreuger the Severing Eclipse, Ines the Stout, Ennea the Sharp, Shirley the Sanguine Ogre, Mariabell the Wellspring, Campanella the Fool, Jaeger King Rutger, Crown Prince Cedric, Copper Georg (Enemy 291/490)
  • Acquired AP: 27, Rank A3, Total AP: 217, Thors Unity: 105

Act 3 – Seekers of the Dawn


Courageous II

  • New Character Notes Added Automatically: Musse 2, Aurelia 1, Schmidt 1, Lechter 1
  • Talk to Pablo (on the bridge) for Pablo Character Note 2
  • Talk to Mueller (hallway next to the bridge) for Mueller Character Note 1, then move to 3F
  • Talk to Major Michael after his red event for Michael Character Note 1
  • Take a bath for optional event
  • Take another bath to get bathing suit outfits, if you change your party members you can get their outfits as well by going in and out
  • Talk to Freddy 3 times for fishing reward
  • Win Vantage Masters against Duvalie, win 1 Paladin card, then move to 2F
  • Win Pom Pom Party! against Emma
  • At Jingo’s shop Neinvalli Exchange, we need to exchange to get Sterling Dog Tag (Randy Gift), but we need to buy Fresh Grape Juice and Souffle Pancakes from Alster and Leeves, respectively, we’ll come back to it
  • Talk to Becky, buy Soft Donut Cushion (Roselia Gift) and The Chosen One – Part 3 at Becky Association, I found new Vantage Master cards here as well
  • Get Patrick Character Note 1 automatically from red event on deck, then move to 1F
  • Buy Master Quartz Oberon from Tita on 1F, this quartz is useful for avoiding status ailments
  • Ferris, Schera Character Note 1 automatically from red event on 1F, finish up red events, teleport in and out, and progress story

Luna Sanctuary

  • 6 Treasure Chests (233/358)
  • Trial Chest #23, Trial Chest Boss: Sayla Kijimunmon (22/28 Trial Chests Opened)
  • New Enemies: Kijimunmon, Redmoon Drome, Double Sickle, Silvermoon Drome, Soul Eater
  • Boss: Vita, the Azure Abyss, Emma Character Note 2 added automatically
  • New Enemies: Luna Abyss
  • Bosses: Principal Le Guin, Aurelia Character Note 2 added automatically
  • Boss: Holy Beast Roselia (Enemy 300/490)

Courageous II

  • Automatic Character Notes:
  • Use Terminal to unlock sidequests
  • Talk to Sandy on 4F for Sandy Character Note 2
  • Talk to Duvalie on 3F for combat training, it gets updated as you progress the story and we’ll let you know when to return
  • Do all the combat training she has available, remember to scan the enemies…
  • New enemies: Sleipnir F2-I, Sleipnir F2-II (Enemy 302/490)
  • Talk to Tita on 2F for Pom! Pom! Party!
  • Talk to Linde or Kairi for Linde 1 Character Note on 2F
  • Buy Imperial Chronicle – Issue 8 from Becky on 2F
  • Talk to Gustaf or Ash for Gustaf 1 Character Note on 2F
  • Win Vantage Masters against Jusis, win 3 Neptjudo cards
  • Teleport out, remember for Sterling Dog Tag (Randy Gift), but we need to buy Fresh Grape Juice (Gasco’s Store) and Souffle Pancakes (Recette Bakery & Cafe) from Alster and Leeves
  • Talk to Maya on 1F for quest “A Father-Daughter Bout”, your choices matter for bonus AP!
  • Choose second response (Pick them off from higher ground), first response (Set up for a surprise attack), first response (Concentrate on defense). +2 AP bonus, Maya Character Note 1 added
  • Talk to Valerie on 4F for quest “Clearing the Airwaves”
  • Teleport to Auros Coastal Road, let’s do the sidequest for now and do the enemies/chests later, find Louise at the green marker
  • Go to green markers, New Enemies: Killer Shmark, Phalanx J9
  • After, teleport to Milsant Byroad 2, find Tatiana, New Enemies: Rainbow Mosquito, Zephyranthes, Tatiana Character Note 1 added from completing the quest

Post-Luna Sanctuary “World Tour”

  • We have access to the world to pick up a lot of collectibles…feel free to explore, relax, talk to the people for the fun dialogue, and grab all collectibles as I list them…
  • Buy Indigo Ribbon Barrette (Duvalie Gift) from Kai in Gasco’s Store in Alster
  • Teleport to Saint-Arkh – Marquis Hyarms’ Mansion, go to the office, talk to Lucy for Three & Nine – Volume 8
  • Teleport to South Sutherland Highway – Field Exercise Camp Site, talk to Kenneth for Kenneth Character Note 1
  • Back to Courageous II, put Emma, Alisa, Laura, Sara, Fie into party, then go into Eryn Fairy Spring for an event and Thors Unity
  • New Recipe: Teleport to Ordis, on North Street buy Wild Grill from Bartolo at Bartolo’s Sausaga Stall (18/24)
  • At Strauss Orbal Factory, buy Aries Locket (Juna Gift)
  • At Kleist Mall in Business District, buy Advanced Goggles (Tita Gift) from Hubert at RF Store
  • At Riviera Court in Harbor District, buy Lacrima Earring from Capo
  • In Noble District, green event at Duke Cayenne’s entrance, you can go in and talk to Governor Regnitz and Empress Priscilla if you’re interested
  • Teleport to Business District – Hotel Ortensia, talk to Kaela or Humphrey for quest, “A Herculean Task”, choose either Emma or Gaius it doesn’t matter, and go to the green events

Avon Hills

  • (Forgot to take a screenshot of the map, but it’s 4 new chests, and the new enemies listed below)
  • You teleport here during the “A Herculean Task” sidequest, New Enemies: Hercules – Greatsword, Hercules – Rifle, Lucifuge
  • During the quest you unlock a new area of Avon Hills, so let’s explore the new chests and new enemies in this unlocked region
  • Kaela 1 Character Note upon sidequest completion
  • Win against Kaela in Vantage Masters, win 3 Regna-Croix cards
  • 4 Treasure Chests (237/358)
  • New Enemies: Green Raccoon, Stray Dog, Abyss Maggot, Goldcider, Witch Cat (Enemy 313/490)
  • New Fish: Type #22 Marble Snakehead (25/30)

Post-Luna Sanctuary “World Tour” Continued

  • Teleport to Raquel – Alisha Casino, trade your mira for tokens, buy Melty Charm (Alfin Gift)
  • Teleport to Old Lamare Road – Rest Lodge, and talk to the group upstairs, new quest “Interview with Nielson”, choices matter for bonus AP!
  • Third option (The post-war renaissance), second option (The North Ambrian Disaster), first option (Immigrants from the East), +2 bonus AP for correct answers, Thomas Character Note 2 added
  • Teleport to Lake Gala Byroad – Luna Sanctuary – Altar, go to the deppest part of the dungeon for a sparkle on the ground, a new hair color for Rean, not really necessary because it’s not a chest but if you’re interested
  • Teleport to Lake Gala Byroad – Entrance for an optional boss for the sidequest “I Want to Believe”, New Enemy Boss: Galliosaurus, and extra bonding point acquired
  • Teleport to Leeves, win Vantage Masters against Scherazard for 3 Vanish cards
  • Go into Radio Trista nearby, talk to Munk, “The Radio Stars Reborn” sidequest
  • Teleport to Courageous II – Front Deck, talk to Vivi, teleport to Leeves – Branch Campus Dorm, talk to Edel, teleport to Courageous II – 2F, talk to Dorothee, teleport to Eryn Village – Lux Lunae Inn, talk to Beryl, then automatic return to do the sidequest
  • Choices matter for bonus AP – second option (Drop the flirty act), first option (Pull yourself together and continue), first option (Confirm for Neun with a touch of sadness), second option (Be calm and thrust the blade), Munk Character Note 1 added
  • Return to Courageous II 2F and talk to Fie after the Radio Trista sidequest, you get Fie Character Note 2
  • New Recipe: In Leeves, go to Recette Bakery & Cafe, buy Yummy Caesar Salad (19/24)
  • Teleport to Auros Coastal Road, let’s get its enemies and chests

Auros Coastal Road 1

  • 4 Treasure Chests
  • Level 133 optional boss, save for later, carefully walk around it to a fishing point
  • New Fish: Type #24 Glutton Shark (26/30)
  • New Enemies: Meteor Sparrow, Wingal, Killer Shmark, Rotten Lancelet

Auros Coastal Road 2

  • 4 Treasure Chests (245/358)
  • Trial Chest #24, Rean/Alisa/Fie/Jusis, we will teleport to soon, interact with it
  • New Enemies: Stealthskulk Shark
  • Fishing spot has the same fish as before
  • Photo opportunity, send to Rex after
  • Go to Ordis – Harbor District – Miranda’s Tavern and talk to Lord Lakelord II, he opens a new fishing spot in Auros Coastal Road 2
  • New Fish: Type #29 Zafiro Espada (27/30), this is a unique fish and you can trade it in for Still Blue accessory
  • Complete Trial Chest by warping to Courageous II and switching party members, Trial Chest Boss: Magic Knight Heavy Ruby (Enemy 318/490)

Courageous II

  • Finally, do bonding events. Kurt, Musse, Towa, Gaius, Sara have Character Notes and should be top priority. Musse, Towa, Laura, Sara, Alfin have special memories. You only have 6 points unless you’re on New Game Plus, so after doing the character note bond events choose your favorites.
  • Sara 1, Musse 3, Gaius 2, Towa 1, Kurt 2 Character Notes added from bonding events
  • When finished, teleport to Old Agria Road – Old Agria Road – Entrance and head to the red event


Gargantua – Ship’s Hold

  • (Screenshot lost, but there are 3 Treasure Chests in the first zone)
  • 3 Treasure Chests (248/358)
  • New Enemies: Oz Mirage ‘Crimson’, Oz Mirage ‘Cobalt’, Proto Tron, Easy Trigger, Hecatoncheir, Bosses: Emily, Theresia

Gargantua – Corridor

  • 3 Treasure Chests (251/358)
  • New Enemies: Stratos Diver G, Diver Bit G, Bosses: Kreuger the Severing Eclipse, Copper Georg, Easy Trigger G
  • Divine Knight Boss, use the attacks I show for the poses below:
  • Enemy 331/490

Courageous II

  • Alisa 2, Angelica 2, George 1, Sharon 1, Schmidt 2 Character Notes added automatically
  • Win Vantage Masters against Sara on 4F, win 1 Beast card
  • Shower on 3F for scenes and Unity increase
  • On 2F, talk to Valerie, Dorothee, Vivi, Stark, Wayne for their Character Note 1’s
  • Then progress the story by going to Hamel

Draco Sanctuary

  • Immediate warning – LET XENO SUMMON ENEMIES DURING HIS BOSS FIGHT! The enemy he summons is unique and counts in the enemy list, without it you can’t get the trophy for scanning all enemies! Careful!
  • 8 Treasure Chests (259/358)
  • Trial Chest #25, Gaius/Jusis, Interact with so you can teleport to it later
  • New Enemies: Salamandragon, Dracol – Staff, Dracol – Sword, Genbu Draco, Astral Domina, Twin Bite, Bosses: Leonidas the Behemoth, Trap Master Xeno, Judgement Javelin (WAIT FOR XENO TO SUMMON THESE JAVELIN ENEMIES BEFORE DEFEATING HIM!), Jaeger King Rutger
  • Then for the Divine Knight boss, use the following attacks I show for the poses below:
  • Acquired AP: 46, Rank A2, Total AP: 263, Thors Unity 148 (I realized now that Thors Unity can be increased if you hand in dishes or if you report your battle book, etc, I haven’t, so if yours is above this good on you!)


Courageous II

  • After the events, your Enemy List should be 342/490
  • Save bonding events for later, doing one of the sidequests adds a bonding event for Elise, for example
  • Read Terminal to obtain sidequests
  • On 4F talk to Gustaf for Gustaf Character Note 2
  • On 3F talk to Gaius for Pom Pom Party! account
  • On 2F talk to Becky for Becky 1, buy Wishing Star Bell (Celine Gift) and Imperial Chronicle – Issue 9 from Becky Association
  • On 2F Win Vantage Masters against Sharon, win 3 Ma-Gorb Cards
  • We didn’t have Gaius and Jusis in our party for Trial Chest #25, so do it now, Trial Chest Boss: Chief Genbu Draco (24/28 Trial Chests Opened) (Enemy 342/490)
  • On 2F, you can get Oriana Bangle (Musse Gift) if you trade 1 Alster Risotto and 1 Miranda’s Paella, from Alster – Sunny Spot Inn and Ordis Miranda’s Tavern
  • On 3F talk to Stark for “Herbal Supplements” quest, you need to warp to Parm Byroad 2 and Hamel Road 1, be sure to scan the new enemies, they’re unique even though we saw lower level ones with the same name (Kumanba), even though it looks like their information is mostly white scan them! I keep a running counter of all enemies and it went up!
  • Teleport to Parm Byroad 2 and talk to Sidney, New Enemies: Kumanba, Queen Kumanba (Enemy 344/490)
  • Teleport to Parm Byroad – Hamel Road 1, talk to Kairi, New Enemies: Magic Knight Sigheim (Enemy 345/490) and automatic quest return, Sidney 1 and Kairi 2 Character Notes added
  • On 3F talk to Wayne or Jessica for Persistent Study quest, New Enemies: Laura and Duvalie the Swift, you don’t have items so their info will be automatically recorded into the book (Enemy 347/490), win the battle for +2 bonus AP, Wayne 2 Character Note Added
  • New Training Battles on the Courageous II, talk to Jessica, do the 2 new LV2 battles, New Enemies: Sleipnir F2-I, Sleipnir F2-II (Enemy 349/490)

Post-Draco Sanctuary World Tour

  • Teleport to Eyrn, then teleport to Avon Hills Entrance and run to the teleport crystal (you can use other teleport crystals around the world as well), Operation: Free Eryn quest acquired, automatic warp to Saint-Gral Labyrinth, exit and follow the green events, New Enemies: Enhanced Jaeger – Rifle, Enhanced Jaeger – Greatsword, Blade Cougar, Gespard Gerrod, Achtzen, Gilbert’s Apache, Gilbert (Make sure to scan Gilbert both times), extra bonding point and Elise bonding event unlocked, Agate 2 Character Note added (Enemy 356/490)
  • After, put Juna, Musse, Tita and Altina in your party and go to the Fairy Spring in Eryn, optional scene and Thors Unity up
  • Teleport to Ordis – Noble District, Caynne Mansion – Entrance for scenes, Lucy 2 and Alfin 2 Character Notes acquired
  • Teleport to Harbor District – Miranda’s Tavern, talk to Miranda for a quest Super Swimming Showdown, go out to the green event, you need to win the swimming minigame, if you lose just hit retry and try again for +2 bonus AP, Leonora 2 Character Note acquired
  • Teleport to West Lamare Highway – Field Exercise Camp Site, talk to Ferris for Ferris Character Note 2
  • Teleport to Alster – Kai & Tilia’s Home, talk to either for new quest Alster Assistance, talk to the 5 green events around town, then return and answer questions, the responses matter for bonus AP!
  • Correct responses: Third response (That it showed up now), second response (It’s being controlled by people), third response (Something else), first response (Mayor Mathim), then talk to Kai or Tilia again, New Enemies: Phalanx J9, Gespard Gerrod (Enemy 358/490), quest automatially returned and Hugo 2 Character Note added
  • Teleport to Leeves – Recette Barkery & Cafe, talk to Levin or Emily for Emily 1 Character Note
  • Teleport to North Languedoc Canyon Road 1 and head to Languedoc Canyon – North

Languedoc Canyon – North

  • Monster Extermination quest N. Langurdoc Canyon Monster
  • 2 Treasure Chests
  • New Enemies: Bloody Fang, Deathstench, Dark Widow, Yyd Vats, Yyd Vanas (Enemy 363/490)
  • Trial Chest #26, Alisa/Sharon, Interact with so you can teleport to it later
  • Photo opportunity, send to Rex
  • Extra bonding point received after the monster extermination sidequest
  • Return to Courageous II, and complete Trial Chest 26, Trial Chest Boss: Corruptera (25/28 Trial Chests Opened) (Enemy 363/490)
  • Now complete bonding events, you can do 7, prioritize Ash and Crow for character notes, as well, Juna, Altina, Alisa, Emma, Fie, Elise have heart bonding events. Choose your preference! I enjoyed the bonding events in this game, Fie has an event where she was mourning Rutger, Duvalie is scared about her upcoming fight, etc, they’re all very related to the main story and are well-made.
  • Ash 3 and Crow 3 Character Notes from bonding events
  • Progress story


  • First we get all the collectibles out of the way…
  • New Recipe: Buy Cheesy Penne Gratin from Hoisdorf in Vingt-Sept Cafe in Central Square (20/24), also buy Vingh-Sept Hamburg Steak in the Shop for later
  • Teleport to Old Special Support Section in Central Square, talk to Jona and Tio for Jona 1 and Tio 1 Character Notes
  • Teleport to Neinvalli Exchange in East Street, talk to Jingo for Jingo 2 Character Note, then trade the food we bought for If You Said Goodbye – Part 3
  • We need to trade for Light Beam Rosary (Alisa Gift), we need Crunchy Melon Bun and Bellberry Ice Cream, which are found in shops in West Street (Morges Bakery) and Entertainment District (Sophie’s Ice Cream)
  • Go to Business Owners’ Association in East Street, buy Star Sphere Earring (Elise Gift)
  • New Recipe: Go to Long Lao Inn in East Street, buy Addictive Mapo Tofu (21/24)
  • While in Long Lao Inn, talk to Munk for Munk 2 Character Note
  • Teleport to Villa-Raisins Apartment in West Street, exit, and talk to Sammie for Three & Nine – Chapter 9
  • If you went to Morges’ Bakery earlier you would’ve seen an event with him and Lloyd, after taking to them find Bennet in the Entertainment District, you will acquire free food items
  • Teleport to Harbor – Heiyue Trading Ltd, win Vantage Masters against Branch Manager Cao, obtain 3 Greon Cards
  • Optional green event with Renne in Harbor
  • Teleport to Entertainment District, Garante Jazz Bar, talk to Gaius or Mint for Mint 1 Character Note
  • Go to Barca Casino in Entertainment District, buy Glittering Brooch by exchanging your mira for tokens
  • Go to Imelda’s Antique Shop in Entertainment District, buy Chrome Blue Harmonica (Claire Gift)
  • WARNING, MAKE SURE YOU BUY THAT HARMONICA! You need it to get one of Claire’s Character Notes, if you don’t buy this item you’ll miss her character note and will have to do another playthrough
  • Monster Extermination Sidequest in Geofront X, go to Barca Casino to get to the dungeon, then defeat the unique enemy, New Enemy: Dimension Destroyer (Enemy 364/490), complete Geofront X Sector Monster sidequest
  • Go into Arc en Ciel in the Entertainment Distrct to progress the story


Orchis Tower

  • Elliot 3, Sully 2, Vita 2 Character Notes added
  • 19 Treasure Chests (280/358)
  • New Enemies: Clay Doll, RBF-AL-00, Titania, Spiral Clotho, Divine Delf, RBF-CN-ZZ, RBF-SL-DD, Bosses: McBurn the Blazing Demon, Viscount Arseid (Enemy 373/490)
  • Laura 3, Victor 1, Mueller 2 Character Notes automatically acquired

Courageous II

  • Talk to Louise on 4F for Louise 2 Character Note
  • On 3F, take a bath for an event and Thors Unity increase
  • On 3F, win Vantage Masters against Crow, win 3 Disaster Cards
  • On 2F, talk to Valerie for Valerie 2, Dorothee for Dorothee 2 Character Notes
  • On 2F, win Vantage Masters against Altina, win random items, also win against Altina in Pom! Pom! Party!
  • We can do Trial Chest #8 now (Rean/Musse/Emma/Duvalie), Trial Chest Boss: Saccharine Tomartian A, Acerbic Tomartian G, Nauseating Tomartian D (26/28 Trial Chests Opened) (Enemy 373/490)
  • Teleport to St. Ursula Medical College – Le Lectier Inn, talk to Kenneth for a new fishing spot near the hospital entrance
  • New Fish: Type #27 Flamear Ojo (28/30), this is a unique fish and you can trade it in for Passionate Rouge accessory
  • Warp to the Rootftop for a green event with Empress Priscilla
  • Remember how we couldn’t explore Lake Elm Wetlands 1 a long time ago? Now we can!

Lake Elm Wetlands 1

  • 4 Treasure Chests (284/358)
  • New Enemies: Eunoira, Nightmare Frog, Metal Monsilo, Tiamat, Dimensional Bug (Enemy 378/490)
  • New Fish: Type #25 Pearlglass (29/30)

Stella Sanctuary

  • 8 Treasure Chests
  • New Enemies: Star Cryon, Dancing Maiden, Crescent Knight
  • New Enemies – Boss: Sleipnir F2-0, then Ennea the Sharp
  • New Enemies: Skullscythe, Ruin Spinner
  • Boss: Ines the Stout
  • Trial Chest #28, (Juna/Ash/Elliot/Randy), we will complete it later
  • Boss: Arianrhod the Steel Maiden
  • For Divine Knight Boss use the following attacks for the poses:
  • Acquired AP: 39, Rank A1, Total AP: 302, Thors Unity: 194
  • You send the harmonica automatically to Claire as well
  • Enemy 388/490

Part: Eventide: Night of Promises

  • Final romance options happen here, if you saw a girl’s 2 heart bonding events and maxed 5/5 star bonds, you need to spend a ticket on an attraction with the girl of your choice, she’ll ask if you want to hang out afterwards, say “Yes” to be safe
  • You can do 5+4 ticket events, so you can choose all the girls and make promises to as many of them as you want, you will get a prompt at the end to choose the girl you will actually see, there’s no punishment for making many promises so you should just do it to be safe
  • So if you meet the requirements of multiple girls, make a backup save, remember you can’t romance any males, and you can’t romance Duvalie nor Celine, you need to speedrun through the game again to do any relationships you missed out on for those trophies, but you actually have to beat the game again on Nightmare Mode for another trophy anyways and that’s easier on a New Game Plus
  • There is one trick, if you have a girl that’s close to 5 but not quite there, you can use some tickets to level up their bond level, but that won’t help if you missed out her heart events
  • Sadly it’s a logistical nightmare and working out the math you can’t do it perfectly, so do as many as you can, then save the rest for another playthrough. Believe me because I actually made a Perfect Persona 5: Royal schedule with everything maxed!
  • You can only progress the story by spending tickets and then story scenes will automatically occur, so remember to make a backup save, there are many missables and collectibles in this interlude as well so be careful
  • Character Notes added automatically: Millium 2, George 2, Roselia 2, Duvalie 2
  • New Recipe: In Mishelam Center, go to Restauraunt Fortuna, buy Imperial Tea (22/24)
  • Talk to Maya and Vivi in Restauraunt Fortuna, Vivi 2 and Maya 2 Character Notes acquired
  • While in Restauraunt Fortuna, talk to Lt. General Cassius multiple times to play Vantage Masters, win 3 Tentarch Cards
  • Go out, talk to Altina in the Mishelam Center for Altina 3 Character Note, talk to Tita for Tita 2 Character Note
  • In Mishelam Center, go to Centrillon, talk to Fiona for Fiona 1 Character Note, Becky for Becky 2 Character Note, then buy Gilded Ultramarine Cameo (Aurelia Gift), A Coco Panda’s Tale – Part 3, and Crossbell Times – Special Issue
  • In Mishelam Center, go to Hotel Delphinia, talk to Patrick for Patrick 2 Character Note, talk to Theresia for Theresia 1 Character Note
  • In Mishelam Center, talk to Makarov or Professor Schmidt to get Mint 2 Character Note, talk to Toval for Toval 1 Character Note, win against Toval in Vantage Masters for items and a Ticket
  • Go to Wharf, talk to Linde and Kenneth for Linde 2 and Kenneth 2 Character Notes
  • In the Wharf, give Elizabeth the cat a Rainbow Trout to receive a Ticket, if you don’t have one on-hand then fish one from the nearby fishing spot
  • Go to Lakeside Beach, Photo Opportunity, take a picture and send to Rex
  • On the Beach, talk to Jusis and Millium for Jusis 2 Character Note, then win Vantage Masters against Millium for 1 Spirit Card
  • On the Beach, talk to Sara for sidequest Ladies’ Night, talk to Cecile on the Beach, talk to Lucy in Michelam Center, talk to Roselia and Duvali in Restauraunt Fortuna, talk to Edel and Aurelia in Hotel Delphinia, and Scherazard in MWL Ferris Wheel (you will get Prince Olivert’s Pom! Pom! Party! account ID as well), automatic quest return and obtain ticket, Sara 2 Character Note from sidequest
  • Go to MWL Ferris Wheel, Photo Opportunity, take a picture and send to Rex
  • Talk to Randy and Towa in MWL Ferris Wheel for Randy 2, Towa 2 Character Notes, watch the Mishy show there for Tio 2 Character Note
  • Go to MWL Entrance Plaza, talk to Machias for Machias 3 Character Note
  • Go to Castle of Mirrors Entrance, talk to Bridget for Bridget 1 Character Note, exit out, talk to Vincent and Estelle for Vincent 2, Estelle 2 Character Notes, talk to Renne for her Pom! Pom! Party! account info and win against her
  • Go to MWL Horror Coaster, talk to Jessica for Jessica 2 Character Note

Part: Eventide: Night of Promises Continued

  • Save a backup save NOW, make an extra even, and do 3 ticket events with whoever you want to romance later or whoever you want to increase bond levels with
  • Go to Restauraunt Fortuna, talk to Lt General Cassius, New Enemy: ???, use each craft once, then unlock a new S-craft, use it to win, this enemy does NOT count for the enemy list trophy, my counter remained the same (Enemy 388/490)
  • Rean 3, Cassius 2 Character Notes added automatically
  • Go to Lakeside Beach, talk to Sharon or Anton, Sharon 2 Character Note acquired, talk to Anton again for another ticket
  • Keep using up your tickets, you can progress the story after using 5 tickets, might as well use them all up though, make another save afterwards
  • When finished, go to Arcus, call it a day, you get a message from Claire, end the day again
  • You need to meet with Claire, exit from Lakeside Beach to talk with her, Claire 1 Character Note Acquired, then choose who to romance

Extra ROMANCE Info for the Ending of Night of Promises Chapter

  • Reload, and choose as many girl’s romance scenes as possible, for any you didn’t get, do another playthrough and focus on those characters’ bonds, remember there’s another trophy for maxing all mens’ bond levels, and another trophy for maxing both Duvalie and Celine
  • Trophies Acquired: Juna-versal Feelings (Juna), Bunny Love (Altina), Musse to my Ears (Musse), Orbal Beau (Alisa), Sword-crossed Lovers (Laura), Spellbound (Emma), Fairy Tale Ending (Fie), Lifelong Drinking Partner (Sara), Him & Herschel (Towa), Arnor Ardor (Alfin), Family Ties (Elise)
  • If you choose “No One” for the romance scene and have all men maxed out you get another trophy: Playing with the Boys (Max bonds with Kurt, Ash, Elliot, Jusis, Machias, Gaius, and Crow). Everyone says that you only need to get all the men to maximum bond levels, but you still need to go to the romance scene and choose to see nobody to get it.
  • Trophies Acquired: Tsunderbolts and Lightning (Just max out Celine and Duvalie’s bond levels and do an event in Mishelam with each of them, afterwards I got this trophy without having to go to the romance selection screen, for example just take Duvalie and Celine each on the Ferris Wheel and have their bond levels maxed)
  • Your head spinning from all these? Individual girl trophies are: Yuna, Altina, Musse, Alisa, Laura, Emma, Fie, Sara, Towa, Elise, and Alfin
  • One trophy for all men: Kurt, Ash, Elliot, Machias, Jusis, Gaius, and Crow
  • One trophy for both: Duvalie and Celine
  • When you’re finished, make sure you reload a “proper” save, make sure your save has Sharon 2 and Claire 1 Character Notes as well as every other Character Note I listed, and proceed to the final act.
  • For fun, I’ve included some romantic images of Rean below. Who is the best harem lead character? I keep debating between Rean, Kirito, and Persona 5 Protagonist. Kirito’s Alicization showed how much of a womanizer he is, but you can’t top Rean’s headpats…see images below for examples of some of the moves Rean has

Finale: Scattered Petals, Dying Flames


Courageous II

  • Olivert 1 and Schera 2 Character Notes added automatically
  • View Terminal to check requests
  • On 4F, talk to Elise for Elise 2 Character Note, talk to Gaius twice for Gaius 3 Character Note, talk to Major Michael for Michael 2 Character Note
  • On 3F, talk to Sidney for Sidney 2 Character Note, talk to Viscount Arseid for Victor 2 Character Note, you can challenge Arseid after beating all other Vantage Cards opponents and acquiring all the cards except Arseid’s final card, we’ll challenge him later….
  • On 3F, do the Battle Training, do LV3, Enemies: Sleipnir F2-I, Sleipnir F2-II (Enemy 390/490)
  • On 2F, talk to Rex twice for Rex 2 Character Note, talk to Tatiana for Tatiana 2 Character Note
  • On 2F, buy Imperial Chronicle – Special Joint Issue from Becky Association
  • On 2F, talk to Margarita and CHOOSE HER APPEARANCE! I say FAT DON’T CRACK. You can choose either, you get Margarita 2 Character Note
  • On 2F, talk to Freddy for Freddy 2 Character Note, talk to Freddy again for free food
  • Talk to Musse twice for Pom! Pom! Party! account and win against her in Vantage Masters for items, we still need to beat Joshua in VM later, we need to beat Joshua to face Arseid after
  • Go to Rear Deck, talk to Stark for sidequest Showdown of the Decade, you need to win with Stark’s deck for +2 bonus AP, it’s not too hard, Stark 2 Character Note added

Remaining Side Content Before Final Dungeon Point of No Return

  • Let’s go around the world and do ALL remaining side content before the final dungeon, you cannot even enter the final dungeon and go out, so do NOT advance the plot any further
  • Go to Saint-Ark Noble District – Marquis Hyarms’ Mansion, go to back office and talk to Fiona or Marquis Hyarms, Fiona 2 Character Note Acquired
  • Go to Cathedral Square – Saint-Arkh Cathedral, talk to Archbishop Ramsen for free items
  • Go to Old Agria Road, Draco Santuary – Altar, run to the end to the glowing crystal and examine it for Black Zemurian Ore Shard
  • Go to North Sutherland Highway – Dreknor Fortress, walk to the green marker for Neithardt 2 Character Note
  • Go to Parm, then go to the Vander Training Hall, talk to Prime the cat for free items
  • Go to Eryn, if you romanced a girl yesterday, go with her into the fairy spring for a scene
  • Talk to old Man Aaroy in Lemuric General Goods for free items
  • Go to Eerie Woods if you haven’t defeated the optional level 100 boss Fornelius yet
  • Go to East Crossbell Highway 1, talk to Renne, Renne 2 Character Note added
  • Put Ash and Tita in your party, then warp to Parm Byroad 1, you get a new sidequest Ghosts of Hamel, there are 5 unique enemies, 2 on the field and 3 in forced encounters, so make sure to scan them!
  • No chests, but new enemies: Deadman, then continue until forced Boss: Cursed Shadow, then new enemies: Lucifuge, then keep continuing to the end for Boss: Angry Maggot, Plutus Bennu (395/490), Joshua 2 Character Note added from sidequest completion
  • After the sidequest, talk to Josette for Josette 2 Character Note, then win against Joshua in Vantage Masters for 3 Xenofiend Cards
  • Warp back to 3F of Courageous, win against Arseid in Vantage Masters, win 1 Tyrant Card, and Woden Master Quartz, Mr Suitcase trophy earned for defeating all Vantage Masters opponents
  • New Recipe: Go to Ordis – Harbor District – Miranda’s Tavern, buy Shrimp Cutlet Sandwich (23/24)
  • Go to Ordis – North Street – Count Egret’s Residence, talk to Setsuna for free items
  • Go to West Lamare Highway – Juno Navel Fortress, Photo Opportunity, take a picture and send to Rex
  • Go to Auros Coastal Road 1, defeat Jivaglyph optional boss, (Enemy 396/490)
  • Go to Bryonia Island – Near Statue, climb up and examine the sparkle for Black Zemurian Ore Shard, also defeat optional boss Magic Knight Regulus-Zamiel if you haven’t
  • Go to Alster – Sunny Spot Inn, talk to Sandy for The Alster Harvest Festival, go to Ordis North Street and talk to Glycine, then go to Bryonia Island – Village Remains, go to Crossbell City East Street Entrance and talk to Pack to buy Galette Flour, go to Leeves – Recette Bakery & Cafe and talk to Liza, then go to Branch Campus and examine the vegetable field, then return to Alster Sunny Spot Inn to complete the quest, Olivert 2, Sandy 2 Character Notes added from completion
  • Go to Osgiliath Basin, defeat the optional boss Agaragion (397/490), then search the sparkle for another Black Zemurian Ore Shard
  • Go to Leeves, talk to Rosine for Rosine 2 Character Note, and go into Barney’s Tavern & Inn upstairs for optional event
  • New Recipe: Go to Branch Campus – Cafeteria, buy Filling Thors Lunch (24/24), now we need to cook them all, we’ll do so later…
  • Go to Branch Campus – School Rooftop, talk to Beryl for Beryl 2 Character Note, take a photo and send to Rex as well
  • Go to Main Building 1F, watch green event, Edel 2 Character Note acquired
  • Sidequest Einhel Keep Monster: Go to Einhel Keep – Keep LVX – Depths, New Enemies: Sneak Gunner R48C, Sneak Gunner G48C, Sneak Gunner M48C (400/490)
  • Go to Milsante – Diana’s General Store, talk to Harche or Meyer for quest Missing Person Report, put Randy and Juna into your party, go to Crossbell City – West Street – Tallys’ General Store and talk to Elsa choosing “Ask for Diana”, go to Central Square and talk to Lenalee, go to East Street and talk to Roy, go to Entertainment District – Back Alley and into Garante Jazz Bar and talk to Eric, and answer the questions correctly, your choices matter for bonus AP
  • Answer: Third option (Yesterday morning), fifth option (Some supernatural being), second option (Station Street), +2 bonus AP
  • Go to Station Square, then to Geofront AF Sector Junction, new enemies and chests…

Geofront F Sector 1

  • 4 Treasure Chests
  • New Enemies: Shadow Spirit, Regenenkopf Type-0, Vargem (403/490)

Geofront F Sector 2

  • 6 Treasure Chests (302/358)

Geofront F Sector 3

  • New Enemies: Laomedeia Scylla, Oozetilus
  • Automatic Quest return, Elie 2 and Lloyd 2 Character Notes from completion

Remaining Side Content Before Final Dungeon Point of No Return Continued

  • Go to Crossbell City East Street – Long Lao Tavern & Inn, talk to Grace for Grace 2 Character Note,
  • Go to Neinvalli Exchange for optional event with Leonidas and Xeno
  • Go to Bellheim Apartments in West Street, talk to Ken or Nana for free items
  • Go to Central Squate, Old Special Support Section and talk to Tio for her Pom! Pom! Party! account, win against her, if you win against all Pom! opponents you get a cutscene and Erda master quartz, and Pom! Pom! Pro! trophy
  • Go to Crossbell Entertainment District – Geofront X Sector – Computer Room, talk to Jona for Jona 2 Character Note
  • Exit the room and head to the exit and head to Orchis Tower, once in teleport to the Roofttop of the Orchis Tower for Black Zemurian Ore Shard
  • Go to Crossbell City Harbor – Heiyue Trading, Ltd. and talk to Kaela for Kaela 2 Character Note
  • Go to Usula Road – Field Exercise Camp and talk to Ada and Fritz, Ada 2 and Fritz 2 Character Notes added
  • Go to East Crossbell Highway 3 via Boathouse, then keep going to the end of the highway past the gate for scenes with Alan, then go to Ursula Road Field Exercise Camp Site
  • Saving Officer Alan sidequest obtained, there’s a Divine Knight Boss Battle in the sidequest, use the following attacks for the poses:

Remaining Side Content Before Final Dungeon Point of No Return Continued 2

  • Automatically record Divine Knight battles into enemy list (Enemy 408/490) and Bridge 2, Alan 2 Character Notes from sidequest completion
  • Go to Ursula Road – Derfflinger Car 3, talk to get Emily 2 and Theresia 2 Character Notes
  • Go to Lake Elm Wetlands 1 for green event, then Photo Opportunity after, send to Rex, you’ve found all the photos, Shutterbug Trophy acquired
  • Go to Ursula Road – Stella Sanctuary – Altar and go to the crystal at the end for another Black Zemurian Ore Shard
  • Go to St. Ursula Medical College Entrance, talk to Kargo for Three & Nine – Chapter 10, Keeper of the Records Trophy acquired for getting all books
  • Go to the Ward – Roofttop for green event
  • Go to Mishelam Theme Park – Lakeside Beach and talk to the group, catch the “Mystery fish” (Grand Lakelord), all fish collected and you get a trophy: Angler God, Master of the Aqueous Realm, it’s a unique fish you can exchange, go anywhere that trades fish such as East Street’s Fisherman’s Guild, and trade it for Sennin Gem
  • Go to MWL Castle of Mirrors, climb up to fortuneteller’s room for another Black Zemurian Ore Shard
  • Go to Stargazer’s Tower under the Crossbell tab

Stargazer’s Tower 1

  • Talk to Tilulu for free items
  • Trial Chest #28 (Rean/Ash/Laura/Gaius)
  • Let’s finish Trial Chest #27 and 28
  • Trial Chest #27 (Juna/Ash/Elliot/Randy), Trial Chest Boss: Starless Knight (Enemy 408/490)
  • Trial Chest #28 (Rean/Ash/Laura/Gaius), Trial Chest Boss: Gildarganon (Enemy 408/490), Trials in the Chest Trophy acquired for completing all Trial Chests
  • Back to Stargazer’s Tower, let’s complete it
  • 4 Treasure Chests
  • New Enemies: Speculo I, Octogeist, Death Slugger, Fyeye, Speculo II, Living Armor

Stargazer’s Tower 2

  • 2 Treasure Chests (Map shows 3, but last one is actually in Stargazer’s Tower 3)

Stargazer’s Tower 3

  • 1 Treasure Chest (309/358)
  • New Enemies: Boss: Loa Phantasma (Enemy 415/490)
  • You get Trophy: Raiders of the Lost Arts for beating the 5 optional bosses scattered throughout
  • Return to Courageous II for special final sidequest

Quest: ???

  • You get a call from Toval after doing all of the other requests AND acquiring the 5 Lost Arts in the final chapter
  • This triggers you getting the “True Ending” of the game, and it has another boss you need to scan and character notes, so you have to do it if you want all the trophies
  • KeA2 added after getting the call
  • Go to Auros Coastal Road 2, you enter Sanctus Shrine, Holy Beast Argres boss, scan it! (Enemy 416/490)
  • Toval 2 Character Note after completing quest, Wings of Hope trophy acquired
  • Also go to 1F of Courageous and you can make 3 ultimate weapons for your favorite characters!

Endgame Reminders, Finish Cooking Trophy and Maxing Thors Unity

  • You’ve completed all content possible before the last dungeon, soon is the point of no return. Make a backup save or two now!
  • Make sure you’ve gotten the trophies I listed earlier, such as Vantage Masters, Pom!, fishing, etc.
  • Make sure you have all the Character Notes I listed, make sure Treasure Chests is 309/358 and Enemy is 416/490, we will finish Chests and Enemies in the final dungeon. Trial Chests should be finished now though!
  • Might as well use up any gifts you’ve gotten, you can’t carry over Bond Levels as far as I know, but you get unlimited Bonding Points in New Game Plus anyways, so no worries
  • Report ALL Arcus info such as Request Completion, Acquired AP: 34, Rank A0, Total AP: 336, Thors Unity: 240, you will get: The Magnificient Class VII trophy
  • Report Profile Notes via ARCUS, I got up to 90% info logged, got Magius Master Quartz
  • Report Battle Notes via ARCUS, I got 80% info logged, got Chevalier Master Quartz and ALL MASTER QUARTZ TROPHY! Trophy Acquired: The Legendary Rean QUARTZ-er
  • Report Book Notes via ARCUS, bunch of Vitality Droplets, and Black Zemurian Ore
  • Now you need the Cooking Trophy, it’s just a grind but it’s not too bad, buy 99 of each ingredient and make 1 superb, 1 unique and 1 perculiar dish for each of the 28 recipes, for unique you must use a particular character to cook it, for superb you need anyone with smiling winky face, and for perculiar you need anyone with a blue sad face. Sometimes the good cooks will screw up too, so try a few times so you get 1 unique, 1 superb and 1 perculiar for each dish
  • For unique dishes, use: Tasty Potato Chowder – Sara, Delicate Millefeuille – Altina, Luxurious Cheese Doria – Randy, Spaghetti Bolognese – Ash, Delicious Fish Pie – Elliot, Acerbic Tomato Pizza – Fie, Ozelle Miso Noodles – Kurt, Midnight Cola – Gaius, XL Hashed Rice – Laura, Starberry Tart – Musse, Creamy Risotto – Rean, Sea Breeze Bouillabaisse – Duvalie, Bittersweet Tomato Gelato – Machias, Crispy Pickles – Alisa, Refreshing Berry Shake – Angelica, Delicious Cheese Curry – Jusis, Alster Plate – Emma, Yummy Caesar Salad – Tita, Wild Grill – Towa, Cheesy Penne Gratin – Juna, Addictive Mapo Tofu – Elise, Imperial Tea – Alfin, Shrimp Cutlet Sandwich – Crow, Filling Thors Lunch – Sharon
  • I ran out of Globby Fat and Clear Gelatin, I farmed more from the salamanders in Draco Sanctuary
  • Get Ashen Chef-alier for cooking all recipe variations
  • Give Peculiar Dishes to Margarita on 2F of Courageous II, show Sandy your Recipe Book as well, then Crossbell City Entertainment District – Imelda’s Antique Shop to report unique dishes, and go to the Branch Campus – School Entrance, and give Edel superb dishes, REMEMBER that you cooked Artisan Special Pie, the superb Delicious Fish Pie for a sidequest early on, so if Edel is still saying “You have no superb dishes to give me!” then you should try making another Artisan Special Pie from Delicious Fish Pi and giving it to her! Hope your thumb doesn’t fall off from all the button-mashing!
  • You get A LOT of Thors Unity from giving all these dishes in, you now will have over 425 Thors Unity, for a Thors Unity Grade of Unbreakable, make a report to Olivert with your ARCUS and you will get a trophy: Pride of the Horned Lions

Remaining Trophy Cleanup Before Endgame

  • We can’t do every Every Treasure Chest, Every Enemy, or Every Character Note until we beat the game, you can get Master Quartz Level 10 easily from defeating the bosses in the final dungeon, and you can raise link level to 7 as well in the final dungeon
  • We need to beat the game on Nightmare mode for a trophy, and most likely you’ll do this on a New Game Plus for a far easier time, NG+ lets you carry over equipment, levels, etc., and on this NG+ run you can get any relationships you didn’t get before
  • To get the rest of the trophies, do grinding, you need over a million mira (cheap way to do this is save, sell everything, get the trophy, then reload), you have over 100 battles won, you can grind for 700 battles won trophy, 300 advantage encounters, 100 S-crafts used, win with tactical bonus of x3.0 or greater (try running into many mobs at once and use an S-craft), inflict Break over 800 times, 500 follow-up attacks, burst 50 times, brave orders 100 times. It’s all mostly grinding so you can do it now if you want because if you go into the new dungeon you can only continue on a new game plus, just remember to go for the true ending otherwise you can’t create a clear save for NG+
  • When ready, let’s go into the final dungeons, this is the point of no return! Remember, make an extra save! Buy many Battle Scopes, but you can always buy more at the orb stations where you rest
  • You’re given the choice which order you want to play as, we’ll go in order from A to E….


Salt Pale A

  • You can buy Battle Scopes at the rest orb, each Salt Pale only has 6 or 7 enemies or so, buy a few extra to be safe but there’s generally one character on the guest teams that will have an analyze art or craft
  • 4 Treasure Chests (313/358)
  • New Enemies: Wormhood, Abyss Sprite, Nastilus, Scyllamarme, Monides (Enemy 421/490)

Salt Pale B

  • 4 Treasure Chests (317/358)
  • New Enemies: Rostrum Bug, Murder Scales, Dragdroc – Sword, Dragdoc – Staff, Rostrum, OI-Gadia (Enemy 427/490)

Salt Pale C

  • 4 Treasure Chests (321/358)
  • New Enemies: Proto Tron S, Aurgelmir, Easy Trigger S, Bennu Nucleus, Man o’ War, Mein Gada S (Enemy 433/490)

Salt Pale D

  • 4 Treasure Chests (325/358)
  • New Enemies: Spiral Norn, Marble Doll, Maddened Delf, Oberon, Yyd Vanas, Yyd Vats (Enemy 439/490)

Salt Pale E

  • 4 Treasure Chests (329/358)
  • New Enemies: Uriel, Thousand-Strong, Samael, Matriel, Great Zan Su, Basilisk Starer (Enemy 445/490)
    Bosses: Aion-Gamma ‘Umbra’, Bells-Agruga, Aion-Beta ‘Fulgor’, Necrovaris, Aion-alpha ‘Potentia’ (Enemy 450/490)

Emp. Fortress – Outer Wall

  • Check your map! Go into the corner for another Black Zemurian Ore Shard

Emp. Fortress – Entrance

  • 2 Treasure Chests (331/358)
  • New Enemies: Gust Inferno, Goliath Lugh

Emp. Fortress – Hall A

  • 3 Treasure Chests
  • New Enemies: Rostrum Pallas, Queen Rostrum, Bosses: Major Lechter, Major Claire – Lechter 2 and Claire 2 added automatically
  • Warp back to Garden after the bosses, it’s now a base, talk and do events, then continue

Emp. Fortress – Hall B

  • 5 Treasure Chests (339/358)
  • New Enemies: Demonfloat, Curascylla, Bosses: Crown Prince Cedric, Shirley the Sanguine Ogre
  • Divine Knight Boss battle, use the attacks I show for the following poses:
  • Kurt 3 Character Note added automatically
  • After bosses, Enemy 463/490, examine sparkle behind boss area for Black Zemurian Ore Shard, then warp back to the Garden, talk to whoever you’d like, then to Hall C

Emp. Fortress – Hall C

  • 5 Treasure Chests (344/358)
  • New Enemies: Demonglare, Nyarlathotep, Findias Nuada, Xanthu the Dark, Bosses: Mein Gada, Mariabell the Wellspring, Campanella The Fool
  • Juna 3 Character Note automatically added, warp back to Garden if you’re interested in talking with comrades, then warp back to continue

Emp. Fortress – Hall C Tower

  • 5 Treasure Chests (349/358)
  • New Enemies: Cursed Looper, Alucard Bennu, Bosses: Governor General Rufus, Black Alberich
  • Divine Knight Boss battle, use the attacks I show for the following poses:
  • Alisa 2, Jusis 3 Character Note added automatically
  • Examine the sparkle on the ground for another Black Zemurian Ore Shard, and you can make 1 more special weapon. Return to the Garden for more cutscenes, and talk to your party if interested, then proceed to the elevator, make sure you have Enemy 477/490 and Chests 349/358, it’s another point of no return

Emp. Fortress – Core

  • 5 Treasure Chests (354/358)
  • New Enemies: Mach Vats, Mach Vanas, Amon, Aka Manah, Unsurtr Maris (482/490), only boss fights left!
  • Proceed to fight McBurn, Enemies: Boss: Overlord McBurn (483/490), Emma 3 Character Note added
  • Warp back to Garden, you need to talk to Crow for Crow 3 Character Note! Even though his “talk” button is greyed out implying no new dialogue, there is new dialogue with him with the character note!

Emp. Fortress – Core Depths

  • 4 Treasure Chests (358/358), Empty Chest-er Trohpy Acquired
  • Rean 4, Sara 3 Character Notes automatically acquired, Ally Almanac Trophy acquired for obtaining all Character Notes
  • Prepare for the final boss fights, remember to put the most powerful into Team C, remember to scan for non-divine knight bosses…
  • Boss: Osborne the Ironblooded
  • Divine Knight Boss, use the following attacks I show for the poses below:

True Ending

  • After you beat the game, save your file in a new slot, then reload it to continue! We’re going to the TRUE ENDING!
  • Choose: “Restart After…”, then “Tread the Path…”
  • Final Bosses, scan them all, switch to Teams B and C to finish those parts, then return to Team A for main body
  • LET ISHMELGA LOGE SUMMON THE TWO “VESSEL” ENEMIES! I doubt you can beat the final boss that quickly enough that he doesn’t summont them, but I’ll mention it to be safe considering there are many combinations of quartzes that break the game.
  • Bosses: Ishmelga Loge, Loge Ogre, Loge Aura, Shadow Vessel, Afterglow Vessel (490/490), Chronicle of Battle Trophy acquired
  • Save a Clear Save File after

There you go! All collection trophies! As I said earlier, just mop up all the “grindy” trophies, mop up the remaining relationship trophies, and rush through and beat the game on Nightmare mode. NG+ in this franchise is extremely easy, you can carry over pretty much anything. Congrats on your platinum! You want another fun lengthy JRPG with many relationships? Consider reading through our Persona 5 Royal – Perfect Schedule guide under Game Guides. Crow sums it all up excellently below!

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