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Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Walkthrough and Court Answers


Hello, welcome to our Great Ace Attorney 2 guide. I’ve recorded my answers for others to view in case there is anybody struggling to get through the game.

We made this guide for the Japanese release of the game, but we’re updating the guide with English localizations so you can use it no problem if you’re playing in English.

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Also, I’ll point it out in this guide but you should always try to examine evidence whenever you have the opportunity. Sometimes you can present the correct evidence on the correct statement but still be penalized if you didn’t examine the evidence.

Examining the evidence will change the evidence by updating its description and changing it. To give a quick example, maybe you get a camera as evidence, if you examine it, turn it around and click it, you’ll get a photo in the camera. There’s a lot of evidence like this.

If you move to an area and a character is not appearing, it means you skipped one of the steps, go back to all other areas and make sure you’ve unlocked all dialogue options and have exhausted them and also double check you’ve examined the necessary parts in the room.

There are always areas to examine, but in general you only need to examine the area of the crime scene to proceed as explained in this guide, all other areas (like your own room) usually just have funny commentary on the setting.

*I’ve updated the guide to include the fan translation character names AND the official localized character names. The fan translation of the game only covered up to Episode 3, so I’ll have both names listed up to and including Episode 3, but only the official translation exists for Episode 4 and 5 so I’ll only use the official character names for those. (If you’re confused about what I mean, one example is that the fan translation used the name Vortex, whereas his name was officially localized to Stronghart.)

Since the game has been officially translated and localized, I recommend you purchase the regular copy of the game on the Nintendo Switch and not use the fan translation on the Nintendo 3DS. 

Our guide will have no story spoilers or commentary, only the court answers guide in a bullet format.

Episode 1 – Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney

If you’d rather watch a video walkthrough, please see the link to the playlist:

Trial – Day 1

  • Option 3 (Jezail Brett/Jezaille Brett)
  • Option 3 (murderer)

First Cross Examination

  • Statement 5 present postmorterm
  • Option 2 (pulled knife out to save life)

Testimony: Basics of First Aid

  • Examine fountain pen in evidence, in particular the middle of the pen and the tips of the pen
  • Examine Souseki article to add poison article to evidence
  • Statement 3 present poison article
  • Option 2 (a drop could kill)
  • Present postmorterm
  • Option 2 (I have it right here)
  • Present Souseki article
  • Option 2 (issue with camera)

Courtroom break

Testimony: Truth through lens

  • Press statement 4 to add crime scene sketch to evidence and to update statement 6 testimony
  • Statement 6 present fountain pen
  • Present the emblem on the pen (there is a 3 circle emblem logo on the top tip of the pen, rotate it to see)

Testimony: The witnesses’ cover up

  • Press Statement 3, statement 4 added
  • Press all statements
  • Option 1 (I can prove it)
  • Point to the left of the room (the region to the left outside the room)
  • Present crime scene photo
  • Point to hole in wall (center horizontally and top vertically)

Testimony: Here’s why I’m not guilty

  • Press all statements, statement 4 added
  • Press statement 4, poison article updated
  • Present poison article on statement 5
  • Present fountain pen
  • Present reagent

Episode 2 – The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

If you’d rather watch a video walkthrough, please see the link to the playlist:

Investigation – Day 1

  • Talk to Sherlock Holmes (option 1, 2, get option 3)

  • Move to hospital automatically
  • Talk to Viridian Green/Olive Green (option 1 and 2)

  • Moved to murder scene automatically
  • Talk to Gregson and Souseki
  • Talk to Holmes

Deduction – Day 1

  • Present other soap
  • Present teacup
  • Present lone cup
  • Examine 3 books, updated to Souseki’s books
  • Present Souseki’s books
  • Examine room, bricked windows (twice)
  • Examine paper on floor for scrap of envelope
  • Examine teacup on table, pair of teacups added

  • Move to Mr Garrideb’s house
  • Talk to John (option 1, 2, 3)
  • Option 4 unlocked, talk

  • Move to Gaol
  • Talk to Souseki (option 1, 2) unlock option 3

Trial – Day 1

  • Crime scene photo added automatically

Testimony: My actions on that cursed night

  • Press 4, victims medical report added
  • On statement 5 present victims medical report

Testimony: A midwinter nights tragedy

  • Press all

Closing argument: the jury’s assertions

  • Press statement 1
  • Press statement 4
  • Clash jurors 1 and 4

Testimony: Results of Altamont’s investigation

  • Press 3 to add gas meter
  • Examine soap in evidence (flip soap to find coin mark) to update
  • Examine both teacups to update
  • Examine hole on the bottom of gas meter to update
  • On statement 4 present gas meter
  • Choose option 2 (different coins) and statement 4 updated (note: if you keep pressing this statement it will change back and forth, you need her to be talking about different coin types)
  • Examine soap evidence to update
  • Flip the soap over and point out coin indent
  • Point to hole under the coin box
  • Present crime scene photo
  • Option 1 (objection)
  • Option 3 (poison in tea)
  • Present soap

Investigation – Day 2

  • Talk to Susato (option 1,2,3), added option 4

  • Move to Holmes’ flat
  • Talk to Holmes (option 1,2)
  • Option 3 unlocked from 1, 4 unlocked from 2

  • Move to Viridian Green’s/Olive Green’s room

  • Move to Pretency’s/Shamspeare’s flat
  • Examine room (teacups, soap, windows with bricks, coin box)
  • Examine Sherlock Holmes
  • Spray around the area where there is a painting on wall
  • Spray floor to the right of the table, under the scrap of envelope
  • Wall handprints added to evidence
  • Examine Gregson
  • Talk to Gregson (option 1,2,3)
  • Present Selden article to add dialogue option
  • Present hidden photo to add dialogue option
  • Examine cat

  • Move to gaol
  • Talk to Souseki (option 1,2)
  • Present Selden article to Souseki for option 3
  • Option 3 leads to option 4

  • Move to Garrideb’s room
  • Talk to Garrideb (option 1,2)
  • 3rd option unlocked
  • Present hidden photo to Garrideb for 4th dialogue option

  • Move to hospital (Viridian Green’s/Olive Green’s room)
  • Talk to Viridian Green/Olive Green
  • Present hidden photo
  • Examine medicine spilled on floor next to dead rat
  • 2nd dialogue option, talk to Viridian/Olive again
  • Examine card on stool and talk to Viridian/Olive

Trial – Day 2

Testimony: The trouble with the tea

  • Present pair of teacups on statement 3

Closing argument: The jury’s assertions

  • Press statement 4 and question juror 3, statement 3 updated
  • Clash jurors 3 and 6
  • Present wall handprints
  • Press juror 1
  • Present third option (person)
  • Present Souseki Natsume
  • Present Souseki Natsume again

Present Viridian Green/Olive Green

Courtroom break

  • Vial of poison added
  • Selden files updated

Testimony: Six days ago

  • Press statement 4 and question Pretency/Shamspeare
  • Viridian’s/Olive’s card added to evidence
  • Examine Viridian’s/Olive’s card
  • Vridian’s card and scrap of envelope updated
  • Press 3, present evidence option 1, present Viridian’s/Olive’s card
  • Viridian/Olive statement 5 updated
  • On statement 5 present scrap of envelope

Testimony: The contradictory letter

  • On statement 4 present vial of poison
  • Present Duncan Ross
  • Present Selden files
  • Present wall handprints
  • Option 2 (present a person)
  • Present Viridian Green/Olive Green

Episode 3 – The Return of the Great Departed Soul

If you’d rather watch a video walkthrough, please see the link to the playlist:

Investigation – Day 1

  • Talk to Holmes, exhaust all dialogue options
  • Examine newspaper in inventory, turn it around, “Attacks on the reaper” dialogue choice unlocked with Holmes

  • Move to Chief Justice’s Office, present newspaper to Vortex/Stronghart (you need to examine the back of it beforehand)
  • Talk to Vortex/Stronghart, he’ll leave

  • Move to prosecutor’s office, talk to van Zieks, present newspaper to him to unlock another dialogue option

  • Move to Gaol, talk to Dobinbough/Harebrayne

  • Move to demonstration stage, examine brown object (Mysterious Device), examine mysterious device in inventory, turns into crossbow, examine green cloth (Green Cloth)
  • Talk to Gina
  • Examine stairs on the left side to move and examine the contraption, you can now talk to Gregson, talk to him and examine the contraption again

  • Move to Madame Rosaiques/Esmeralda Tusspells and examine Holmes on the right, then talk to Madame Rosaique/Esmeralda Tusspells

Deduction – Day 1

  • “What’s the truth behind these 200 pounds?” Turn the room, examine note to turn it into ransom note and present ransom note
  • “What knocked out this old man?” Manipulate the camera behind Rosaique/Esmeralda Tusspells around her back, examine “her arm” to turn it into wax arm, present it
  • For Question 3: turn the camera, examine metal rod and present it
  • Manipulate the camera, examine shaking leg and present it
  • Talk to Rosaique/Esmeralda Tusspells again

Trial – Day 1

Cross examination – “Proof of murderous intent”

  • Press statement 4
  • Press statement 5, and move the camera to Dobinbough/Harebrayne to question him when he has an exclamation mark
  • Press the new statement 5
  • Examine the screwdriver in your inventory, examine the bottom part of it to update screwdriver’s description in court record
  • Statement 5 present screwdriver

Cross examination – “Opinion on the contradiction”

  • Present crime scene photo (crystal tower) on statement 2
  • When prompted with a choice, choose “raise an objection”

Cross examination – “60 feet above ground”

  • Press statement 2, question Gotts
  • Statement 3 changed (you might not have to do this)
  • On statement 1 present green cloth

Cross examination – “Mr Marmatch’s balloons”

  • Press statement 5, question Gotts, acquire hot air balloon photo
  • On statement 2 present hot air balloon photo
  • Are there no other clues hidden in this photo? Answer: There’s another clue, then “The Cause of the explosion”
  • Point to the ray of light near the middle of the photo, it’s just to the left of the balloon
  • Present Crossbow (Examine the Mysterious Device to turn it into the Crossbow if you haven’t already!)
  • Choose “nothing but a magic trick”

Investigation – Day 2

  • Talk to Susato
  • Examine the room right side, talk to Iris

  • Move to Chief Justice’s Office, talk to Vortex/Stronghart

  • Move to Gaol, talk to Dobinbough/Harebrayne
  • Examine Drebber’s Business Card in your inventory, turn it around and examine it, it gets updated

  • Move to demonstration stage, talk to Gina
  • I presented her my badge and it updated her dialogue skipping it, might be optional
  • Examine the stairs to move upstairs
  • Examine van Dieks, talk to him
  • Examine the cage, you may also need to examine the main part too, and you will be prompted to leave
  • Talk to Gina again, present Drebber’s Business Card to her (AFTER speaking with her)
  • Go to Forensics Laboratory, examine the room including her book on her desk, Sythe/Sithe
  • will come in, talk to her
  • Go to Madame Rosaique’s/Esmeralda Tusspells’, examine Holmes and talk to him, present the Photo of Drebber (AFTER going through his lines of dialogue)
  • Examine the red curtain to move into a new room, and examine objects in the room
  • Examine the left figure, manipulate the camera to examine its face
  • You can also examine the headless figure to get glass shard
  • Examine the left figure again, manipulate the camera to examine the camera it’s wearing to get camera
  • Examine the camera in your inventory to open it, then examine its red inside, camera description updated
  • Talk to Sherlock Holmes, and you will automatically move

  • Examine the Drebber’s Room (Greg, trophy, quiver with arrows), then you’re moved to another room
  • In Drebber’s Workshop examine the objects and the game will progress

Deduction – Day 2

  • “What will prove whether the theory holds true?” Manipulate the camera to examine the upright vase to the left of the flipped bed furniture, present it
  • “Why is everything upside-down?” Turn the camera left, examine and present the safe combination written
  • “What left these footprints?” Turn the camera right, examine and present show on top of the balloon
  • “What evidence should we use here?” Present crossbow
  • “Where is Enoch Drebber hiding?” The answer is… Turn the camera right, examine and present safe
  • Talk to Drebber

Trial – Day 2

Cross-examination – “The Experiment’s Device”

  • Examine the cage in your inventory to update its description, I forgot to do this earlier
  • On statement 4 present cage
  • Statement 4 changed
  • On statement 4 present crime scene diagram
  • Point to the contraption on the left, right underneath the gun where the platform is
  • Choose “There was an accomplice”
  • Choose “Courtney Sythe/Sithe”
  • Choose to “Present Evidence”
  • Present Wax Figure Head

Closing argument – “The Defence’s Rebuttal”

  • Press statement 4, question police officer juror 6
  • Statement 1 changed
  • Press statement 5, choose “I have evidence”, present glass shard
  • Statement 5 changed
  • Clash jurors 4 and 5
  • Clash jurors 2 and 6 and present Professor’s Autospy report

Cross-examination – “The Professor’s Wax Figure”

  • Press statement 4, say it’s important
  • Press statement 5, say it’s important (might not be needed)
  • On statement 4, present Professor’s Autopsy Report
  • Present Ten-Year-Old Article
  • Choose Enoch Drebber (35)

Cross-examination – “Ten Years Ago”

  • Press statement 4 to update the camera’s description
  • On statement 3 present Ten-Year-Old Article
  • Statement 3 changed
  • Press statement 3, question Madame Rosaique/Esmeralda Tusspells
  • Statement 4 changed
  • On statement 4 present camera
  • Present Courtney Sythe/Sithe (39)
  • Present Ten-Year-Old Article and Contract
  • Point to the signature of E. Meningen/Odie Asman on the bottom right of the image in the article
  • Present Science Award Trophy
  • Choose “Request further testimony”

Cross-examination – “An Accomplice to Murder”

  • Press statement 3, choose “About tampering with the body”
  • On statement 4, present Crime Scene Photo – Crystal Tower
  • Point to the bloodstain in his chest
  • Choose “stabbing the body”
  • Choose “the lancets”

Episode 4 – Twisted Karma and His Last Bow

If you’d rather watch a video walkthrough, please see the link to the playlist:

Investigation – Day 1

  • Talk to Mikotoba

  • Move to Naruhodo’s Legal Consultancy (optional)

  • Move to Sholmes’ Suite, examine the newspaper on the couch for Read-Headed League Article evidence
  • Present Red-Headed League evidence to Sholmes for extra dialogue option
  • Talk to Sholmes

  • Move to Lord Chief Justice Stronghart’s Office and talk to Stronghart

  • Move to Sholmes’ Suite, talk to Evie

  • Move to Prison Governor’s Office

  • Move to Great Waterloo Hotel, examine Mikotoba to get Letter of Introduction
  • Examine the Letter of Introduction in your Court Record, turn it around and it will get updated

  • Move to Prison Governor’s Office, present Letter of Introduction
  • Talk to Caidin

  • Move to Sholmes’ Suite, talk to Gina

  • Move to Fresno Street Room
  • Talk to Gina
  • Examine everything in the room, including: board, photograph stand, chimney, rope outline, red wig, gun, toy policeman, candles, and the broken windows
  • In the Court Record, examine the policeman figurine to update it

  • Move to Prison
  • Talk to Van Zieks

  • Move to Lord Chief Justice Stronghart’s Office
  • Talk to Stronghart
  • Examine Kazuma
  • Move to Prison
  • Present Gregson’s Photograph to update it
  • Talk to Van Zieks

Trial – Day 1

Cross-examination – “The Facts of the Incident”

  • Press all statements
  • In the Court Record, examine the Noticeboard, flip it around and examine it to update it
  • In the Court Record, examine Venus Firecracker to update it

Cross-examination – “The Witnesses’ Account”

  • Press statement 1 to get Photograph of the Victim
  • Press statement 4, look right to pursue Sandwich, statement 4 changed
  • On statement 4, present Noticeboard
  • Choose option 2, “The board moving”
  • Point to the area to the left of the body (to the right of the doorway)

Cross-examination – “The Mystery of the Moving Board”

  • Press statement 2, look right twice to pursue Sandwich, statement 2 changed
  • Press statement 2 to acquire Gregson’s Pocket Watch
  • In the Court Record, examine Gregson’s Pocket Watch, then examine the Policeman Figure again. Gregson’s Pocket Watch will be updated.
  • Present Gregson’s Pocket Watch on statement 5

  • Present Venus Firecracker
  • Present Candelabrum
  • Present Red-Headed League Article


Cross-examination – “The Man in the Photograph”

  • Press statement 3, choose second option “his profession” and look right to pursue De Rossi
  • In the Court Record, examine Inspector’s Identification to update it
  • Present Inspector’s Identification on statement 4

Cross-examination – “The Detective and the Identification”

  • Press statement 4, look right to pursue De Rossi, choose option 1 “It’s important”, statement 4 changed
  • Present Photograph of the Victim on statement 4
  • Choose option 2 “An imposter”
  • Choose Gossip

Cross-examination – “The Inspector and the Identification Revisited”

  • Press statement 3, look left to pursue De Rousseau, statement 3 changed
  • Present Framed Photograph on statement 4
  • Choose Daley Vigil

  • Choose option 1, “Do it”
  • Present Dismissal Notice

Investigation – Day 2

  • Talk to Iris

  • Move to Lord Chief Justice Stronghart’s Office
  • Talk to Stronghart

  • Move to Prison
  • Talk to Van Zieks

  • Move to Prosecutor’s Office
  • Talk to Kazuma
  • Present Autopsy Report to unlock Forensics Laboratory location

  • Move to Great Waterloo Hotel
  • Talk to Mikotoba

  • Move to Mr. Vigil’s Hospital Bed
  • Talk to Vigil

  • Move to Prison Governor’s Office
  • Talk to Caidin

  • Move to Forensics Laboratory
  • Talk to Gorey
  • Present Photograph of the Victim (optional)
  • Present Autopsy Report for more dialog

  • Move to Fresno Street Room
  • Examine the green trunk
  • Talk to Gina
  • Present Red Hairpiece when giving the dog a scent to search for, more dialog unlocked
  • In Court Record, examine the green trunk, automatically moved to Naruhodo’s Consultancy Agency

  • Move to Sholmes’ Suite

Deduction – Day 2

  • Topic 1 – Present Gramophone
  • Choose Kazuma Asogi
  • Topic 2 – Present Metal Chest
  • Present Key
  • Present Case File (under the tray)

Episode 5 – The Final Chapter – The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo

Playlist walkthrough:

Trial – Day 1

Cross-examination – “The Victim’s Movements”

  • Press statement 3, choose option 1 “Insist”, statement 3 changed
  • Present Letter of Introduction on statement 3
  • Present Passport

Cross-examination – “The Reaper’s Notebook”

  • Press all statements, statement 5 changed
  • Press statement 5
  • Choose Kazuma Asogi
  • Present Gregson’s Trunk
  • Open the trunk, and point to the metal lodged in the trunk next to the slash mark


  • Choose first option “Pull his ears”

Investigation – Day 1

  • Examine the fire alarm and pull it
  • Examine all objects, including cup of water, furniture, clogged tube, wastepaper basket, rules of passage sign, bookcase, luggage case, clothes, outline on the wall

Deduction – Day 1

  • Present Glass Containing Ice
  • Present Rules of Passage
  • Present Wad of Banknotes
  • Present Large Trunk
  • Enter “5231045”

Investigation Continued – Day 1

  • Examine Sholmes and talk to him
  • Present Telegram from Japan for more dialog

Trial – Day 2

  • Present Telegram from Japan

Cross-examination – “The Assassin Exchange”

  • Present Evacuation Drill Itinerary on statement 4
  • Present Small Component

Cross-examination – “The Events in the Cabin”

  • Press statement 5, statement 5 changed
  • Present Commemorative Photograph on statement 5
  • Present Photograph of the Victim
  • Choose first option “Impossible”
  • Present Evacuation Drill Itinerary

Cross-examination – “The Reaper and the Assassin Exchange”

  • Present Klint’s Autopsy Report on statement 4
  • Select Mael Stronghart
  • Choose second option “There is someone”
  • Present Yujin Mikotoba

Cross-examination – “The Autopsy of Klint Van Zieks”

  • Press statement 4
  • Present Mr. Asogi’s Ring on statement 3
  • Present Dismissal Notice

Cross-examination – “The Jailbreak Plot”

  • Press statement 5, look right to pursue Vigil, statement 5 changed
  • Present The Asogi Papers on statement 5

Cross-examination – “The Asogi Papers”

  • Press statement 5, look right to pursue Vigil, statement 6 added
  • Present Klint’s Autopsy Report on statement 6
  • Choose third option “A confession”
  • Choose second option “Lord Stronghart”
  • Present The Asogi Papers
  • Choose first option “Present Evidence”
  • In the Court Record, examine Great Sword ‘Karuma’
  • Present Klint van Ziek’s Will
  • Choose second option “Present Evidence”
  • Present Iris’ Lucky Charm


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