Endings and Choices Guide (ENGLISH) for Death End Re;Quest 2

All Choices and Endings Guide for Death End re;Quest 2, Official English Localization

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Here’s our guide on what all those choices in Death End re;Quest 2 do and how to get all 3 endings in the game! This guide is SPOILER FREE! Even though I tell you how to get the endings and what to do each choice, there’s no spoilers whatsoever

We have an official English copy of the game so we have the official English translations! You don’t need to worry about weird translations because we purchased the game in English officially!

Remember to make many backup saves because there are many choices in the game, but to be honest you can always go to new game plus, carry over your level and equipment, and skip the cutscenes, only takes <5 hours to finish the game like that on NG+, just like the original Death End re;Quest game.

How to Get The 3 Endings and All “Special Bad” Endings

  • To get the regular “true” ending, beat the final boss normally.
  • To get the regular bad ending, lose to the first phase of the final boss (the part where a character is taken away from you, the final boss has “3 battles”, if you’re not getting the bad ending you’re not losing the correct phase of the final boss fight)
  • To get the EX true ending, go to new game plus from beating the game and beat the game again, you’ll get the true ending scenes, then an additional scene at the very end. On new game plus, you get extra scenes added, watch the new scenes to be safe! The EX true ending has the same cutscenes as the regular true ending, but with an additional scene at the end, so you won’t know if you unlocked it unless you beat the game and watch all the ending cutscenes. 
  • There are many death scenes to unlock, to get all of them, make the wrong choices below
  • There are certain choices you can make that causes “side characters” to die, all this does is remove certain scenes from the game. Watching those scenes add extra dialog and lore as well as rewards in the form of money or weapons, but they’re actually NOT required for getting the true ending! Having characters die also give maybe 2-3 unique lines of dialogue from the characters who mention that they died, but that’s about it.
  • I’ll give you the choices and explain which choices specifically cause characters to die and how to avoid them. In general, I make choices to save everyone so I can watch extra scenes and get extra rewards. Remember, you can save all the characters and get any ending you want by reloading. 

ALL Choices Guide, Use to Save All Characters or to get Unique Bad Endings!

Chapter 2 – January 6
Take the USB stick, and…
Choices: “Insert it” OR “Don’t insert it”
Choose “Insert it”, otherwise you get a unique game over

Chapter 3 – January 12
The house is on fire.
Choices: “It may spread to the church” OR “It won’t spread”
Choose “It won’t spread.” If you chose “It may spread to the church”, you’ll get a later choice when you progress the chapter, where you must choose between a side character death or a unique game over.

If you chose “It won’t spread”, you will get no choices later for the chapter boss and you’re guaranteed the character lives.
If you chose “It may spread”, you will get a choice before the chapter boss, “Resting” makes you get a unique game over, “Keep going” will let you continue the game, but you lose a “side character” permanently.

Chapter 4 – January 23
This monster…
Choices: “Finish it off.” OR “Get closer.”
Choose “Finish it off”, otherwise you get a unique game over.

Chapter 5 – January 30
Choices: “Search just in case” OR “She may have returned.”
Choose “Search just in case” to prevent “side character” death, the other option will let you proceed in the game fine, but you will be forced to have a side character death later.

The mysterious symbols?
Choices: “Head straight back.” or “Look for the passcode.”
You might not get this choice if you didn’t choose “search just in case” earlier.
Now choose “Look for the passcode”, otherwise you get a unique game over.

Chapter 7 – February 2
What should I do…?
Choices: “Call out.” OR “Keep quiet and watch.”
Choose “Keep quiet and watch.”, otherwise a unique game over.

Who do I sent it to…?
5 different names you can choose from.
Any name will work, it just results in slightly different scenes later on depending on the choice.
As well, if you’re on New Game Plus, who you choose here will give you a another different event in the subevents later on, where you get a cameo with one of the original protagonists of Death End Re;Quest 1. If you want to see them all without saving/reloading 5 times, I have them all recorded in my video, about 22 minutes in
But to summarize, this won’t affect your ending, it’s just different optional scenes you can obtain.
These unique events continue all the way to chapter 8 from the name you chose here, so consider making a backup save before this choice if you want to see them all.

Run away? Or fight?
Choices: “Run away.” OR “Fight!”
Always choose fight, and you’ll need to keep doing that until it stops asking you. Otherwise, the game will continue but you’ll get a side character death.

Chapter 8 – February 14
Should I ask Headmistress Midra…
“For the truth” OR “Don’t say anything.”
Choose “Don’t say anything.”, otherwise unique game over.

Chapter 8 – February 15
Choices: “Rest for a bit.” OR “There’s no time.”
Choose “There’s no time.”, otherwise unique game over. Note if you choose the wrong option, it doesn’t cut away to the game over immediately like other game overs, it makes you go to a destination, then you get the game over. The game should prompt you to remake the choice, but to be safe use multiple saves!


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