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Your dialog choices are important with Maruki, and you do need a matching arcana persona when talking to Maruki for a bonus. You start Rank 1 on May 13, and at that point in the game it may be tricky to have a Councillor arcana persona because your character level may not be high enough for the lowest level Councillor arcana persona.

The exceptions are Rank 0→1→2 (you begin with two rank ups) and Rank 9→10, where dialog choices and matching arcana persona don’t matter. You only need to get to rank 9 for Councillor, the last one is automatic after that.

NOTE: You should try to talk to Maruki whenever he’s available, his contract with the school will eventually end and he will leave on November 18.

Automatic Councillor 0→1→2 on May 13

Talk to Maruki (Practice Building 1F), Councillor 2→3
Q1: 1 or 3 (So they have, huh? OR Thanks to you, probably)
Q2: 1 or 2 (Of course OR Yeah, our deal)
Q3: Any
Q4: 1 or 3 (That one seems necesary OR It’s a seed for new loves)
Q5: Any
Q6: 1 (Good work over there)

Go to School, Practice Building 1F, talk to Maruki, Councillor 3→4
Q1: Any
Q2: 1 (I know, right?)
Q3: 3 (Is that what you’re researching?)
Q4: Any
Q5: Any
Q6: 1 (That sounds fun)
Q7: 1 or 2 (I feel completely fine OR It’s part of our deal…)

Talk to Maruki in Practice Building, Councillor 4→5
Q1: 1 (This looks great!)
Q2: Any
Q3: 3 (You know, you’re right)
Q4: 1 or 2 (My senses lied to me! OR Hey, as long as it tastes good)
Q5: 2 (I guess so)
Q6: 1 or 3 (I really don’t mind OR It was thought-provoking)

Talk to Maruki in Practice Building, Councillor 5→6
Q1: 2 or 3 (Another cup OR We’ve got curry too)
Q2: 1 (I can do that)
Q3: Any
Q4: 3 (So give up)
Q5: Any
Q6: Any
Q7: 1 or 2 (Calm down OR What’s going on?)

Talk to Maruki, Councillor 6→7
Any choices are fine

Talk to Maruki, Councillor 7→8
Q1: 2 (What do you mean?)
Q2: 1 (Ooh, really?)
Q3: 1 (Thanks for the food!)
Q4: 3 (We’ve made a deal)
Q5: Any
Q6: 1 or 2 (I sure do OR Let’s celebrate)
Q7: Any
Q8: 1

Talk to Maruki, Councillor 8→9
Q1: Any
Q2: 1 (Kind of sad…)
• Note: Maruki leaves the school in a few days, but “9” is his maximum rank for now, don’t worry!

Automatic Councillor Rank 10 on November 18

Persona 5 Royal All correct dialogue choices for Confidants

Fool (Igor)

Magician (Morgana)

(Makoto Nijima)

(Haru Okumura)

(Yusuke Kitagawa)

(Sojiro Sakura)

(Ann Takamaki)

(Ryuji Sakamoto)

(Goro Akechi)

(Futaba Sakura)

(Chihaya Mifune)

(Caroline and Justine)

(Munehisa Iwai)

(Tae Takemi)

(Sadayo Kawakami)

(Ichiko Ohya)

(Shinya Oda)

(Hifumi Togo)

(Yuuki Mishima)

(Toranosuke Yoshida)

(Saw Niijima)

(Kasumi Yoshizawa)

(Takuto Maruki)

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