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Our Score: 8.5/10

Sonic Colors Ultimate is a remaster of Sonic Colors game released on the Nintendo Wii in 2010. It doesn’t change much, but it’s an excellent way to play this title now without having to break out older consoles.

Our review of the game is for the PC version of the game and will contain no spoilers. We will only provide a brief overview of the plot that happens in the first ten minutes of the game.

In contrast to other Sonic titles, Sonic Colors doesn’t try to be serious and instead maintains a very fun story true to the roots of the Sonic franchise. The scope of the cast is very limited in this title, with most character interactions being between Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman. At the same time, the game makes plenty of witty jokes through the interactions between these characters, and it had us laughing many times.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Review game review screenshot 5
Tails shows the difficulty of translating alien languages.

From a story standpoint, it feels like an older Sonic game, but in a good way because you have interactions between the earlier Sonic characters. There is no character bloat in this game at all and there is certainly not an insanely complex plot with twists or anything like that. The game is very light-hearted and wants to just be a fun game, similar to a modern Mario game such as Mario Odyssey.

The premise of the plot is that Sonic and Tails learn about Dr. Eggman making a carnival to apologize for the actions he did in the previous games. It turns out that Dr. Eggman is actually capturing aliens called Wisps, and it’s up to Sonic and Tails to save the day! It’s an extremely simple plot, but it gets the job done.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Game Review Screenshot 3
As usual, Dr. Eggman is up to no good and has hired henchmen to kidnap these Wisps

The gameplay is very fun and has many quality of life improvements compared to the older Sonic titles. You may be afraid to try this game out because it looks old, having been originally released in 2010, but the gameplay is refined compared to titles before it.

For example, Sonic Heroes was released on every kind of console and did have many glitches that hindered the gameplay significantly, such as not being able to lock onto rails or enemies well.

In Sonic Colors, though, Sonic can lock onto any interactable objects very easily and they will be highlighted for you to use your homing attack on. This includes enemies, boxes, hooks, springs, and more. From the simple tap of the A button on your controller, Sonic will always hit them without a chance of missing. This is in contrast to older games such as in Sonic Heroes, where tapping A would sometimes still miss. The gameplay is extremely accessible to newcomers and these accurate homing attacks make it very easy to hit your targets.

Another change is the ability to double jump now, which has been in older Sonic games as well but was tricky to do and required certain conditions. In this game, however, you can double jump freely at any time. The platforming is much easier as a result, and you can even hold down the A button on your first jump to add extra height to your jump.

There are many other additions as well, such as a notice appearing that tells you if there is a bottomless pit under Sonic. Have you played the old Genesis Sonic games and tried to explore what you thought was a path, but it turned out it led to Sonic falling to his death? There is no ambiguity anymore, so you don’t need to worry about falling if you just want to explore.

The gameplay is generally on the easy side. There may be certain segments of the game where you need to do tricky platforming, but the difficulty is nowhere near the difficulty of the older Sonic games. There is even a Tails icon collectible in certain stages, and if you fall to your death with this Tails collectible he will save you from your death and will release you on a nearby platform instead of you being taken back to the previous checkpoint when you die normally.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more of a challenge, there are many collectibles to keep you searching through stages including red rings scattered throughout each level.

You’re scored with a rank on each stage, which can depend on the amount of collectibles you find as well as the time taken to complete the stage. If you’re looking to S rank all of the stages, you will definitely find the challenge you’re looking for because it requires a precise combination of speeding through the level, and also collecting a fair amount of rings and other collectibles.

If you’re not a completionist, it is absolutely not necessary at all to S rank stages if you’re looking to get through the main story of the game. Getting all of these collectibles will also not offer upgrades; instead, they will only give you cosmetics you can use to customize Sonic’s appearance. This means you won’t be at a gameplay disadvantage if you just want to get through the main story without searching for all the collectibles.

The “Wisps” are new aliens you can find throughout each stage and they also offer new gameplay elements. The regular Wisps provide Sonic with a boost, which you can activate anytime with the B button.

There are also many different colors of Wisps as well, which can offer Sonic can different abilities, from shooting Sonic like a laser, having Sonic drill underground, shooting Sonic like a rocket straight upwards, or even turning Sonic into a shark that can eat metal boxes!

Sonic Colors Ultimate Review game review screenshot 3
Thanks to the Wisps, Sonic now has a new drilling ability!

You need to use these abilities carefully if you’re looking to obtain all the collectibles in the stages, and there are even puzzles in the game that can make you think. Like older Sonic titles, there are always multiple routes through the stages, so there’s a lot of stages you can explore again for a completely different second time.

One of the downsides is that the boss fights in this title are recycled. They add more challenges such as mixing up their attack patterns when they recycle them, but it is a downside nonetheless. It is also a disappointment that you can only play as Sonic in this title and not Tails, though Tails will provide gameplay tips to you if you need the extra help.

The graphics of this Sonic title are a bit dated, being from a 2010 game, but the art direction is top-notch and still holds up today. You have many beautiful level designs, from carnivals, a world made of candy, a game land stylized like old 32 bit games, to even asteroids where you grind on rails. It was really relaxing being able to explore a variety of different planets and you can tell the artists put their soul into making the game.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Review game review screenshot 2
We definitely had to grab a snack after going through the candy stages!

The game is not perfect, but it does a good job at what it tries to achieve. It’s a very short game unfortunately, taking us 5 hours to get through the main story. We’d estimate it would take 10-15 hours to complete all the levels with all collectibles.

With regards to the performance of the game and the controversy, we are only able to comment on the PC (Epic Games) port of Sonic Colors Ultimate, and we did not experience any technical problems whatsoever. We were able to complete the main story of the game from the beginning to the ending with only one instance where the game froze and we restarted the game client, and we had no other technical issues.

Overall, it’s a very fun game that’s definitely worth a playthrough if you haven’t played Sonic Colors before. We’ve played through the classic Genesis titles as well as some of the modern ones such as Sonic Heroes and the Shadow the Hedgehog spinoff series, but Sonic Colors is a really unique title that’s a fun time to get through. It has a lot of funny writing that’s certain to make you laugh and some very enjoyable gameplay.

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