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There are a total of 7 endings you can get in Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg. They are the same endings whether or not you’re playing on timed or unlimited mode. You can never “choose” which ending you get if you fulfill multiple endings and I will list the order the endings occur in. If you want the lower endings, then you can’t fulfil the ending requirements of the endings above it.

  1. Two Legendary People Ending – Marie Level 50 AND Schea Level 50 (and make sure Schea is healthy)
  2. Researcher Ending – ALL Items synthesized or found (ALL possible synthesized items AND all equipment bought/found)
  3. Legendary Person Ending – Marie Level 50 (and Schea NOT Level 50) (make sure Schea is healthy)
  4. Savior Ending – Defeat the Demon Lord Farlan boss in the Tower
  5. Teacher Ending – Synthesize Philosopher’s Stone
  6. Normal Ending – Synthesize any item of rank 4 or higher (NO Philosopher’s Stone made)
  7. Bad Ending – Do NOT synthesize any item of rank 4 or higher

So for example if you want the Researcher Ending instead of the Two Legendary People Ending, you need to make sure you don’t level up Schea to Level 50. If you want the Savior Ending, you cannot level Marie to Level 50 or Complete All Items in the Item List. The Bad Ending is not feasible to get when playing the game normally, so just skip entire months and years to get it if you want it.

If you want to see our full playthrough of the game, please see our video below.

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