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The developers of SMT V: Vengeance have confirmed that you can use your clear data save from the original SMT V on the Nintendo Switch to carry over 3 demons into SMT V: Vengeance. This only works for the Nintendo Switch version!

We’ve made a save file with powerful demons with the most powerful skills you can use for your Nintendo Switch.

These are completed game save files from the original SMT V you can use in SMT V Vengeance.

If you’re looking to just breeze through the game quickly to get into the Vengeance exclusive content, this is your best bet. Run through the game quickly with level 99 demons at your disposal.

Download the save file HERE. It goes into the first slot (called slot 0 by the game).


Please do not link directly to the download link. Please link to this webpage because it contains important information regarding how to use the save file, what it contains, etc. Often people will only get the download link, then email and comment asking what it contains and how to use it, when the instructions are contained on this webpage already.

Here are some of the powerful demons that the save file contains you can use. You can choose 3 demons, we recommend transferring Yoshitsune, Shiva, and Beelzebub.

Yoshitsune has a powerful Hassou Tobi and critical, he’s your main damage dealer and the critical will always get you an extra turn.

Shiva has Tandava, which also reduces all enemies’ defense.

Beelzebub has Luster Candy and Debilitate along with Boon Boost EX, allowing his buffs/debuffs to last 5 turns instead of 3 turns. Most battles end quickly, so I generally just use Tandava for the debuffs and Beelzebub with Luster Candy for the buffs.

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