Eternal Starlight VR Gets 1.2 Patch Today! Version 1.3 is on the Way Soon!

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The 1.2 patch for Eternal Starlight VR is out, which includes many bug fixes and other quality of life improvements, full bHaptics support as well as support for several languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean languages.

White Noise Games has also confirmed that patch 1.3 is in the works, which will add a new procedurally-generated campaign mode as well as leaderboards.

David Wallin of White Noise Games explains:

The user response has been great so far. People are enjoying the deeper strategic gameplay of an RTS built for VR. We’ve heard the feedback that people want more: More missions, more variability in their replays, and more opportunities to customize their game experience to their liking.

The new mode, which we’re calling Endless mode will offer a new campaign. It will streamline the experience to get players into combat quicker, while opening up more ship types for the player to control and new ways for veterans to challenge themselves.

Eternal Starlight is a tactical virtual reality (VR) game where the player is in command of a space fleet. Players need to defeat the antagonists, called the Kraya armada. Gameplay elements include gathering (or defeating) alien allies and upgrading their ships in a limited amount of time before the invaders arrive on the human colonies.

Eternal Starlight VR is a very approachable game, with 3 difficult modes: easy, medium, and hard. It features 28 missions for an estimated six hours of gameplay. There are 6 unlockable starting loadouts for 2 different flagships.

The game does offer significant replayability although it’s short. We had a lot of fun redoing missions with different strategies and it’s a surprisingly deep game.

It has full hand tracking support on Quest and it has many options such as full-room, standing, or seated play options. There are other modes such as Skirmish Mode, which allows the player to battle with any ships they want.

Ever wanted to play a tactical space fighting game like Faster Than Light (FTL), but in virtual reality instead? Eternal Starlight would certainly be right up your alley, and with the large 1.3 version patch around the corner there will be many new additions to the game.

Eternal Starlight came out on August 13, 2021, and is available for purchase on the Steam and Oculus platforms.

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