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We show which 3 pieces of evidence to use for every question in every chapter, so you can get the true ending to the game. No spoilers within!

Chapter 1 – A Day at the Cinnabar

Q1: Realistic Dreams?

Q2: What Happened to Eloise?

Q3: What Are Lilac Grass’ Origins?

Q4: Searching for Cecile’s “Eyes

Q5: Reasons for Harming Younger Students

Chapter 2 – For Love and Family

Q1: Strange Happenings in the Neighbourhood

Q2: Hidden Danger

Q3: The Purpose of the Visionary Society

NOTE: This question has a trick! While you’re talking to the old ladies, save beforehand. They’ll give you information (you will get information on the marks on the family portrait). Later you’ll return to the Hermitage. Even though there’s no exclamation mark examine the Bookshelf again, and read the Symbols Book again! Your Marks on the Family Portrait clue will be updated.

This is the only time this happens in the game where this happens and it’s a pretty cruel trick. If you don’t do this, you will still have these clues and they won’t work! If you saved by accident don’t worry, the game autosaves in the Hermitage, we were able to read the book and then do this question from the autosave.

Q4: Reasons for Hilde’s Involvement

Chapter 3 – Run Boy, Run!

Q1: A Brand New Case

Q2: Actual Reasons for the “Kidnappings”

Q3: What Happened to Zack?

Q4: Hibernators in a High Rise Building

Chapter 4 – Siamese Ghosts

Q1: What Happened to Those People?

Q2: The History of the Factory

Q3: The “Owner” of the Factory

Q4: What Was the Cause of the Tragedy?

Chapter 5 – Phantom

Q1: The Story Behind the Theft

Chapter 5 Phantom Q1 The Story Behind the Theft BAI GAMING

Q2: The Real Motivation of the Person Who Started It All

NOTE: This question has no solution! You’re forced to fail it, so put in any 3 evidence pieces 3 times to fail it and continue the game.

Chapter 5 Phantom Q2 The Real Motive of the Person Who Started it All BAI GAMING
Chapter 5 Phantom Q2 The Real Motive of the Person Who Started it All Fail BAI GAMING

Q3: Danger at Tora Memorial Middle School 1

Chapter 5 Phantom Q3 Danger at Tora Memorial Middle School 1 BAI GAMING

Q4: Danger at Tora Memorial Middle School 2

Chapter 5 Phantom Q4 Danger at Tora Memorial Middle School 2 BAI GAMING

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.


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