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How to get all endings in Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters

Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters has two endings – the good ending and true ending.

  • To get the true ending, you need to have the goddess shares and r-phone shares to be “about equal” before the final boss in chapter 12. 51% goddess 49% r-phone shares works
  • To get the normal ending, the two shares be unbalanced.

To guarantee the true ending, I had 51% goddess shares and 49% r-phone shares and then I went into the final boss.

The problem is that most actions in the game (progressing the story, liking your friends’ tweets/chirps and completing quests) will cause the goddess shares to increase, so you may end up having an extremely high goddess shares percentage. There aren’t many ways to increase the r-phone shares unfortunately. You can like the enemies’ tweets/chirps (they have a red text), but it’s extremely slow and takes hours to move the percentage bar substantially.

Alternatively, just do a new game plus (it carries over your level and equipment), skip all cutscenes, and don’t do any optional quests and you’re guaranteed to have about 45% goddess and 55% r-phone shares near endgame. Then just like your friends’ tweets/chirps a bit and increase it to 51% goddess and 49% r-phone shares and do the final boss to get the true ending. For high-leveled characters on a new game plus it only takes 2-3 hours to rush through the story to see the true ending cutscenes.

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  1. This is the 1st guide for Neptunia Sister vs Sister I’ve come across that specifically details the true ending route requirements. Almost completed my 1st play through, will certainly be using this for my true ending route play through.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I used to write and create strategy guides for publishers back when physical guides were more common and I always like to make sure everything is step-by-step so that anyone can follow along.


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