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We have game save files for SMT V for download HERE. Download the files and unzip using 7zip. The Password is: . Please link to our webpage and not directly to the file if you want to share our saves!

Please read the following for instructions on how to use these downloadable game saves, we won’t list any spoilers for the game so don’t worry.

These were made to be used for a Nintendo Switch, I don’t know if they will work on an emulator but they probably should work fine, you’ll need to Google resources on where the save folder for your emulator is and put the folder there. I only provide these backup game save files themselves.

To use these game saves on your Switch, put them into a Switch save manager such as JKSV, please Google JKSV for instructions. You basically put this folder into the JKSV folder of your Switch then run JKSV on your switch.

There are 20 saves included in the folder, most of them are duplicates of the same save. There’s also a system save, make sure to copy it over as well. If you want to start a New Game Plus, I recommend using saves 5, 7, or 9.

You can choose to restart the game from scratch from these saves, OR you can do the Reborn playthrough which lets you keep everything I have…

All these saves have a nearly completed Demon Compendium to summon any demon you like, 99 inventory of incenses for Nahobino and demons, maxed healing items, and 99 million Macca. Nahobino comes with a maxed Magic build with all elemental spells, and we have all Demon Essence in the inventory so if you don’t like his build you can just change it to whatever you like using the incense items and the Demon Essence.

We also have all Miracles unlocked on Nahobino EXCEPT NG+ Miracles for certain routes. This is because you only get a Miracle from choosing all Law speech choices and doing the Law ending, and another Miracle from choosing all Chaos speech choices and doing the Chaos ending (if you did Law speech choices then do the Chaos ending you get no Miracle). We did Law speech choices in the game, so if you choose the save file with the Law ending then you’ll get a Miracle that lets you summon demons beyond your level (useless because our Nahobino is level 99). We didn’t want to do another whole playthrough choosing the Chaos speech options, but that Miracle reward is much better, it lets you rewrite any demon skill when fusing a demon, but I don’t have it sadly.

Also, some demons are exclusive to certain endings, I won’t spoil their names. There are 2 unique demons in the Law route, and 3 unique demons in the Chaos route, and they’re not good. We have level 99 Metatron, Shiva, Vishnu with all the best skills and almost maxed stats, etc, the unique route demons are pretty “normal” so don’t worry unless you know you purposely want them.

GameSave00 is Save Slot 1, GameSave01 is Save Slot 2, etc. Each save slot specifically has:

Save Slot 1: Before the alignment route lock and endgame (before the final dungeon), all sidequests completed except Demifiend quest. On Hard mode but can be changed to lower difficulties. Use this to see any ending you want.

Save Slot 2: Same as Save Slot 1

Save Slot 3: Clear save for second ending (Bad Neutral ending), doesn’t have many bonuses, I didn’t max out the incenses or inventory on this one, don’t use because this ending has the least NG+ bonuses.

Save Slot 4: Same as Save Slot 1

Save Slot 5: Clear save for True Neutral ending, I recommend this one for starting a new playthrough

Save Slot: 6: Same as Save Slot 1

Save Slot 7: Clear save for Law ending

Save Slot 8: Same as Save Slot 1

Save Slot 9: Clear save for Chaos ending

Save Slot 10-20: Same as Save Slot 1

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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