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These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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Tips for completing Trail Out’s Story Mode (spoiler free!), including how to grind for fans and money easily


  • Make sure that the game is fully updated! There are frequent releases of patches that balance the game. Some bosses were very glitchy or did too much damage too quickly without the patches. In case cases the boss fights wouldn’t even trigger correctly until the game is updated.

  • The best advice is to have two types of cars. One for the destruction derbies that has a high “strength” stat (SUV) and one for racing (speed).
    • All boss fights will have both a race to win and a mission to destroy their car, so having one car with high strength and one with high speed is crucial.

  • The destruction derbies are very unfair in the beginning of the game. This game doesn’t actually look at the collisions that much – if you hit a car in a derby and you hit them with full force it doesn’t matter if the opponent’s car has high stats.
    • What actually matters is the stats of your cars in a menu, kind of like an RPG (think Morrowind where you can hit enemies but still miss due to low stats). 
    • What this means is, early on, focus on the hitting cars that are weak in the derbies.
    • There are different kinds of derbies – one for points, and one for surviving, and you need at least 3rd place in all events to progress the story.
    • For points-based derbies, focus on acquiring points by hitting weaker cars such as Yuji’s car and Big Cheese’s car (the pink and green cars). Yuji’s in particular is very weak, destroy her car before your opponents do.
    • Make sure to avoid Joe Boomer’s and Sonya Mass’s car (avoid the blue SUV and police SUV) because they have powerful SUVs, even if you hit them perfectly you’ll probably take damage and they’ll take none due to the stat difference! Just avoid them at all costs. Most other cars are weak. The opponents’ cars’ strengths change as you progress the story, but in general Joe and Sonya are always powerful in derbies so avoid them.
    • For the derbies where you need to survive as long as possible, keep circling around the arena and only touch a car (not Joe’s or Sonya’s) before the time limit expires, and repeat. It’s hard because you need at least 3rd, but Joe Boomer and Sonya Mass will always be in the top two and there’s no way you can destroy their SUVs early on.
    • My trick was to invest in nitro for your car and if you see someone about to hit you, use the nitro to speed away. Joe and Sonya will eventually destroy all the other opponents but it takes some time. Cars will still target you as you circle around the arena, so dodge with the nitro or brake hard to avoid them. You should be able to barely squeak out third place to progress the story. Otherwise, keep grinding fans and money to buy a better SUV with higher strength.

  • You can only upgrade your car so much until you have to purchase new ones. To get new cars you need to progress the story by beating the bosses, but you also need to get more fans and complete events to do this. So every few bosses you’ll need to get new cars and upgrade them. For SUVs focus on upgrading their strength value to win derbies more easily, and for your racing car focus on speed and top speed, and possibly handling.

  •  My advice for grinding fans and money is to actually do the free races. Progress the story a bit so you unlock free races. Find a car you’re comfortable with and find a race you can win a race. Now, set the laps to a high amount and win the race, making sure to stay in first place for most of the race – the opponents’ cars depends on your car you choose, so sometimes a slower car might be better but if you can win with a better car choose the better car. I used “Cross races” because they were shorter but rush races can also work.
    • Don’t crash though, and if you can’t maintain your car’s health set the laps to a lower amount!
    • When you do a long race, you get an insane amount of fans by staying in first place. Yes, you can get fans by doing any action in the game, such as winning races, hitting cars etc, but this game is just like the Forza Horizon games, where I found the best trick is to do a long race staying in first place, and you’ll get more money from more laps. As long as you can stay in first you’ll keep getting hundreds or thousands of fans every minute or so.
    • There’s actually a perfect race for this – you unlock the “Autodromo” race track under Cross Races in Free Races which is just an oval track that’s easy. I don’t think you can use classic “rubberband on your controller tricks” for automatic grinding, but you can do the race while watching shows and movies which is what I did to grind for the story.
    • Also, get one of the right-most paint jobs for your car to get bonus fans or money.
  • For the final boss:
  • I struggled a lot on the second phase of the final boss where you need to destroy a structure, where even with the best SUV and maxed strength I was still struggling. My advice is to try to position the pillar between his tank and your car and if you get lucky he’ll start shooting and smashing the pillar. This final phase is all about luck, if you get lucky he’ll smash and shoot the pillar himself by mistake and take out most of its health and you’ll just need to smash it a couple of times yourself to win. Circle around the area when possible too and you can avoid his shots.

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