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We have a step-by-step guide on how to solve the circle elevator puzzles (Emem’s Escaping Prison Cell section).

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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The easiest way to solve the circle elevator puzzles is to match the solved images I’ve shown below (click them to view the full images). You need to do a circle puzzle for each floor and you’ll need to go up 3 floors, so there are 3 circle puzzles.

The trick is to start with the outer layer first, then move to the middle layer and then do the innermost layer last! This is because rotating the outer layers moves all of the inner layers with it which will screw up the inner layers if you did those first. So make sure to solve the outermost layers first and then work your way to the inside layers to fix them up.

If you’d prefer to watch this guide in video form, please see the following (Skip to 34:00 for circle elevator puzzle solutions):

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