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We have a step-by-step guide on where to find Rafa the hacker (Emem’s Anarch Domain mission).

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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Rafa is located on a ship covered in eyeball graffifi, but there are guards that won’t let you in. You need to get into the ship using the sewers.

The sewer system in this level is intricate and leads to many exits; however, the easiest way is to turn left from the guards before the ship and find the manhole nearby. This one is very close to the ship so you won’t get lost in the sewer maze. (Click the screenshots to view them fully.)

Once in the sewers, press the LT button (or equivalent button on your controller) to activate Emem’s ability and then press RT to teleport across ledges to get through. Make sure you press LT first otherwise RT won’t work.

You’ll make your way onto a ship. Go up the stairs and around and you’ll get into Rafa’s room, but he’s not there.

Investigate the room and when you’re finished use the LB button to activate Emem’s powers in the location in the screenshot to pierce the obfuscation. This reveals a safe. Hack the safe to unlock a secret passage.

Inside the secret passage investigate everything you need to, including putting a floppy disk into an old computer for information. When finished you’ll need to use another keypad to exit the room. Use the password 568974 to reset it or hack it.

As you exit you’ll now be confronted by Rafa. We were able to avoid misses in the confrontation with the persuade and skill check dialog options.

If you’d prefer to watch this guide in video form, please see:

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