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These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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Brewmaster Simulator Tips

This is not a guide for every single recipe and step, but here are some tricks and corrections to misconceptions that will help you avoid common errors that mess up your product. 

If you want to see step-by-step recipes for all missions in the game, I recommend checking out my video, it has timestamps for both story objectives, missions for all the characters, and how to get 1st place in all the competitions. Otherwise scroll below video for a text guide.

  • In general to reduce contamination and decrease bad “Off” flavors, always have the lid uncovered when boiling your liquid in a pot, and always have a lid on otherwise. An exception is that you have to take off your lid to add ingredients or transfer liquids, so be quick when doing this.
    • Early game you make beer using extracts in a boiling pot. Generally you don’t cover your pot in this situation. BUT, you will need to cover your pot while you leave it to cool back to 20 °C. Also leave the lid on during fermentation and conditioning, of course.
    • Also, buy better equipment as soon as it’s unlocked through story progression, this will reduce contamination as well. You can access the catalogue to buy new equipment from the magazine.
    • When cooling the brew back down to 20 °C, use cooling equipment such as coils. Please note that the cooling coils may be glitched and reduce your bitterness of your product to 0! I have more information on this on a later bullet point.

  • After the first few brews, you learn how to make beer using grains in a Mash Tun. This is stressful early on. You add grains and boiled water to it to make the grains heat up to 65 °C.
    • The issue is that you need to leave this mixture for an hour while maintaining it at 65 °C. So you need to put the lid on the mash tun, wait a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes, remove lid, add a bit of water to correct it to 65 °C, put lid back on, wait another 10 minutes or so, and repeat the process for 1 hour. I try to keep it within plus or minus 5 °C, but you should try to be precise.
    • Do your best for now, and later on in the story check the Catalogue from the Magazine, there are better Mash Tuns you can purchase that maintain the temperature more easily. Buy the better Mash Tun as soon as it’s available to make this process significantly less stressful! The more expensive Mash Tuns will pretty much keep the temperature after you put the hot water in due to being better insulated, so you don’t need to refill it.

  • I often had problems with connecting tubes. It’s not hard, but you need to connect the tubes in the order of FROM to TO. The order you connect where the tube goes affects the flow direction, so your equipment won’t work if you connect the tube in the wrong order, even if it’s connected correctly!
    • The sink is small and I couldn’t find a way to renovate the entire kitchen. So my solution for creating bigger batches (Medium and Large size batches) later in the game were to connect a tube from the tap to the bigger pot on the floor. Otherwise you can put the small pot directly in the sink to fill it up.
    • If transferring between containers, put the container you’re transferring from on top of a table, and put the container you’re transferring to on the bottom so gravity works. Sometimes it’s slow so be certain to use the watch to skip time.

  • Playing on October 1, certain equipment is glitched, maybe this will be fixed in later patches. The advanced counter cooling coils and the wort plate are glitched, and using them will cause the bitterness of your beer product (the IBU) to be reduced to 0. So don’t use them unless you don’t care about losing all the bitterness.
    • It’s unfortunate because it’s better to use cooling equipment to reduce contamination. The basic Immersion Coils work fine though without the bitterness glitch.

  • My recommendation is to try to follow recipes in the game closely, it’s very hard to make entirely new recipes on your own. So try to “modify” recipes slightly to achieve the goals and missions in the story.
    • So if someone wants a kind of beer but with more alcohol content (ABV) then normal, try following the same recipe, but with adding more yeast in that step because yeast turns into ethanol which is alcohol in the beer. 
    • Flavors gets complicated, some missions in the story are hard to do and require a lot of trial and error. Try to find an existing recipe in your book that looks close to what you need to make, and read what flavors each ingredient in the beer does. So let’s say someone wants a type of beer with more Biscuit flavor, what I’d do is look for that type of beer in the Recipes menu, and look at the grains used, and try to use more of the grain ingredient that has Biscuit flavor. But be careful too, if you change too much in the recipe you’ll end up with a different type of beer!
    • Another simple example is if you need to get a fruity flavor, try adding fruity hops in the steeping phase when the mixture is boiling.

  • The magazine near your front door only has new pages. Sometimes you’ll need to make a beer for a mission that is one of your old recipes. Check ALL your recipes by using the TAB key, then select Recipes from that menu and pin a recipe that matches what you need to do. When the recipe is pinned, press C to see the steps in more detail.
    • I initially thought that the magazine would have relevant recipes for my current missions, but that’s only sometimes true, so sometimes you need to use old recipes in a current mission.

  • When using recipes, make sure you have the correct batch size selected! Check what the mission requires because some missions later on require you to produce medium or large batch sizes. Otherwise if they don’t specify a size, I just make a small batch because it’s less work.
    • You need to have over the required amount for different kinds of batch sizes, such as over 20 L for small and over 40 L for medium batches.
    • Sometimes you will get really unlucky and your final product will end up at, say, 39.9 L, which doesn’t meet the requirements for a medium batch. An easy solution is to just add water in the final step, it’s better than getting it rejected outright and it wouldn’t mess up the composition of the beer significantly. You may need to transfer the product from the conditioning container back to a pot to add water, then transfer it back to the conditioning container to give away. I don’t know why, but for some recipes when I followed them to the letter they’d always have just under the required amount, due to boiled water evaporating.

  • Be careful of the fermentation temperature for yeast! Usually recipes in the game will say “Ferment at 20 °C for so and so days”, which is fine because your room temperature is about 20 °C. BUT, some recipes later on will say “Ferment at 25 °C”, which is NOT your room temperature in this game! If you don’t ferment the yeast at the right temperature, the yeast will die instead of being turned into alcohol, so you’ll end up with no alcohol, or 0 ABV.
    • To ferment the yeast at higher temperatures, you need to buy a heating pad and press E to set the temperature. When cooling the yeast, don’t let it hit below the required temperature or they’ll die (you can’t re-heat them it won’t fix it, the yeast will be dead).
    • Now this was odd though, after I bought a heating pad I wasn’t able to put my fermentation container onto it. I had to leave my mixture in my pot and put the pot onto the heating pad with the lid closed.

  • Equipment you buy later in the game will make customizing your beer more easy.
    • Great equipment you unlock is a pressure tank for customizing the carbonation in your product. One quick note is you don’t need to add corn sugar in the near last step if you’re using the pressure tank to set your carbonation!
    • Another great product is the oak barrel conditioning container, if you do conditioning in a wooden barrel you’ll automatically get the Oak Flavor added to your product. 

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