Demon Gaze EXTRA – Game Save Files Download, has New Game Plus (Maxed Levels, Best Equipment, Most Items, Max Currency)

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We have game save files for Demon Gaze EXTRA for download HERE. Read the instructions below for installing it! I won’t list any spoilers for the game.

I played the game on the Yuzu emulator to make these saves (I bought the game on the Switch and made a legal backup), so I cannot confirm if it works for a Nintendo Switch but it should work fine regardless.

Instructions for using these saves for Yuzu or for the Switch are below:

To use on Yuzu, unzip the file using 7zip and put the game saves in the Yuzu “game saves directory”. On Yuzu just right click the game and select “Open Save Data Location” to automatically go to this folder. If you cannot do this, the folder path should look something like this, replacing YOURUSERNAME with your PC’s username (this is the default installation path):


To use on the Nintendo Switch, unzip using 7zip and put them into a Switch save manager such as JKSV, please Google and YouTube “JKSV” for instructions, you can likely watch YouTube videos on how to do this. You basically put the Demon Gaze EXTRA game saves folder into the JKSV folder of your Switch then run JKSV on your Switch.

My 7zip file has 3 files, one is for the autosave and one is for the first save slot, they’re pretty much the same. One is for the System Save.

As for what these game saves contain, they have

  • Completed game, so to start a New Game Plus talk to Prometh in the Inn and select that option when talking to her. She’s in the basement of the Inn on the left side, she’s the blue-haired woman with a purple hoodie and bra. You can choose whether or not to carry over everything. You can carry over everything except story key items. 
  • Maxed Ether for all Equipment
  • Maxed Character Levels, and these characters all have maxed stats
  • Best endgame Equipment on the characters, which are upgraded to max as well
  • Maxed currency (1.4 billion gold)
  • Maxed consumable items in Inventory
  • Maxed items in Storage (Most consumable items, Artefacts and Gems)
  • 99 of each Artefact (not all artefacts, but all of the useful ones)
  • 99 of every kind of gem (Increase 2 gems, Gold Gems, Artefact Gems, and much more)
  • (I cannot guarantee having every single item in the game because there’s too many types, but it’s got all of the most useful items including endgame items. You can always change the equipment and swap out what’s in your item basket if you want, and you can easily discard all the items you don’t want too.)
  • For proof see screenshots below


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  1. Demon Gaze Extra is literally the most difficult and irritating game i’ve ever played. It’s good, but takes forever making any kind of progress.


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