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In WRC 10’s career mode, the type of contracts are grouped into four categories (listed in order from slowest to fastest types of cars): Junior, WRC3, WRC2, and WRC1. This is not to be confused with the title of the game itself, WRC 10 (it’s called WRC 10 because it’s the tenth game in the series).

In this game, contracts last for a year, starting from the beginning of January to the ending of December. Each contract will have 12 rally races in the championship, which are generally spread out over the twelve months (DLC may be added later that adds more rally courses).

In general, you start out with a Junior contract at the beginning of the game, but it’s possible if you make the choice to make a WRC3 test immediately, and if you pass it you get started with a WRC3 contract instead.

Whether or not you’re starting with a Junior contract or a WRC3 contract, you’ll want to eventually move to the WRC2 and WRC1 championships later. There are different ways to get promoted, which include:

  • Completing the entire year contract and performing well in the championship by doing well on the 12 rally races, while also keeping your manufacturer rating high by completing optional objectives when possible.
  • Don’t complete the entire year contract. Instead, complete as many Manufacturer Tryouts as possible and try to get other Manufacturers’ ratings high, then keep progressing a few months and you’ll eventually unlock Manufacturer Challenges. Do these and pass the test, and you’ll be able to get a new contract with this manufacturer.

Note that when you accept a new contract, you will need to restart the entire season and the whole WRC championship. But I find this beneficial because I usually prefer to race with the fastest WRC1 type race cars.

If you try to do more manufacturer tryouts/challenges while on a WRC1 contract, you’ll be switched with another manufacturer on a WRC1 contract (there’s nothing above a WRC1 contract), so don’t do these on a WRC1 contract or you’ll restart the entire season (unless you really hate your manufacturer and want to switch to another one, or unless you’re not doing well and want to restart the year).

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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