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When you’re starting out career mode in WRC 10, you’ll likely to dealing with a lot of new information. We’ve compiled a list of tips for you in your career mode to save yourself from ruining your races and to make sure you get all the promotions!

  1. Get a good meteorologist as soon as possible! The weather can change drastically during a race, and there’s only a chance that the weather report is accurate. To get the most accurate weather reports, it’s worth investing in a good meteorologist. There’s nothing worse than a snow storm happening out of nowhere that messes up your entire race!

  2. Make sure to get the tire upgrades quickly in Research and Development. You may have to do your first rallies to get some level ups to get points to spend into these skills. Not all tires are actually unlocked from the start! One extremely useful skill lets you acquire rain asphalt tires, for example. There’s no point spending in a good meteorologist if you don’t have the tires for the weather conditions.

  3. Don’t be afraid if you’re starting out some rally stages and you’re behind. Often the AI will start off doing really well and even if you’re doing your best, you’re still getting red stages and are behind. This is fine, it’s often a trick, often the AI will get some bad times later on because they may have crashed or had engine problems. The AI will generally get slower the further the rally goes on, and there will be a lot of opportunity to gain time over your opponents. Our advice is to be consistent in your racing, don’t rush through the stages and crash either.

  4. Do the shakedowns at the beginning of rallies to get four extra tires to use! These shakedown stages are extremely short, even compared to the short stages, often only lasting a minute or two. Having more tires will be useful, especially if you’re playing on a higher difficulty or if you have the championship set to long or realistic (if you need to race on more stages, you need to have more tires).

  5. Generally don’t mix and match tires! Have tires of the same type on your car. If you don’t have enough tires, you may be tempted to mix, say, snow and asphalt tires, but don’t. Having different tires will make your car have different grips on each end, and will cause your car to spin out extremely easily. Let’s say a snowstorm happens you don’t have four snow tires available, you only have two snow tires. Don’t even bother using them, it’ll cause you more problems mixing tires!

  6. The stages are labelled differently during the rally championship so pay attention accordingly! SS means special stage, but is generally just a regular rally stage lasting maybe 3-5 minutes or so. SSS means short special stage, a particular kind of stage shorter than the SS stage. Keep an eye out though for ES, which stands for endurance stage. ES races are actually many SS stages put together, and can last from 15 minutes to even 40 minutes depending on where the rally is. This means you should always make sure your car is well repaired before an ES stage, and also exchange your tires for fresh ones as well. Save tires for these ES stages, otherwise you will have to run a long course with bad tires costing you significant amounts of time.

  7. If you want to get through Career Mode easily, we recommend hiring someone to get you more experience per race because it’s a very good investment. When you get more experience for the championships, you can level up more, making you acquire even more skill points. Spend these extra skill points in Research and Development, and you’ll be able to get dozens of perks that will make your career significantly easier.

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.


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