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Slaps and Beans 2 will make a digital and physical debut on September 22nd, 2023 and you can pre-order the game for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5 via

Trinity Team, Buddy Productions, and ININ are teaming up to present a thrilling new game dedicated to the legendary movie duo: Bud Spencer & Terence Hill. This action-packed sequel picks up where the previous installment left off, but with new and enhanced features.

The combat system has undergone an overhaul, allowing for more intricate combinations and a personalized brawling experience. Each character’s unique abilities and strengths have been carefully changed and specialized, ensuring a deeper connection to the iconic duo.

Players can expect to face a variety of enemies, along with engaging environmental elements that add diversity to the combat encounters. Minigames will be available, which can be revisited in a dedicated party game section, for up to four players to play at once.

A notable improvement from the first chapter is the inclusion of voiceovers, a highly requested feature from the devoted fan community. Cutscenes will not only be narrated by animated characters but also dubbed in Italian, German, Spanish, and English.

Among the Italian dubbers, Michele Gammino, renowned for his work as Harrison Ford’s official voice actor and for previously voicing Terence in the last three Bud and Terence films, will lend his voice to Terence.

The trailer for the game follows below.

You can also buy a Special Edition of the game from Strictly Limited, which includes:

  • Special Edition Box (design by legendary Renato Casaro, creator of Bud Spencer movie posters)
  • Bud Spencer & Terence Hill – Slaps and Beans 2 (reversible cover art!) 
  • Manual
  • Punching Bag (incl. bracket and air pump)
  • Reversible Poster
  • Artbook
  • Post Card Set 
  • Sticker Sheet 

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