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Academics Wanted Answers

  • What is the current name of the country where the story of Night Mokoi originated?
    • Australia
  • What is the translated meaning of Jirae Koropokkur’s name?
    • Dweller beneath the butterbur
  • Which demon is also known by the title “count of death and destruction”?
    • Halphas

Academics Wanted (Again) Answers

  • What is the name of the demon said to seduce men and born from the demon Lilith?
    • Lilim
  • Nezha Taizi is the Chinese heroic god in the form of a young boy. Whom did he fight?
    • Sun Wukong
  • The Raptor Muu Shuwuu was supposedly a girl who never knew love. What is she known to drain from her victims?
    • Brains
  • What two things is the Greek god Dionysus associated with?
    • Answer: Drink and Theater

Academics Wanted (Yes, Again) Answers

  • Divine Power is a ranked title for angels. What is their original Greek name?
    • Exousiai
  • Which of these demons is known to have a great knowledge of both birds and jewelry?
    • Decarabia
  • Which evil dragon is famous for being slain by the Scandinavian hero, Siegfried?
    • Fafnir
  • Concerning the vampire Kudlak and the emissary of light, Kresnik. What color are their animal forms when they do battle?
    • Black and white
  • What is the name of the place of judgment where the Egyptian god Anubis weighs the hearts of the dead?
    • The Court of Osiris

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