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These save files take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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We have 100% completed NG+ game save files for Soul Hackers 2 for download HERE.

The password is:

Read the instructions below for installing it! If you want to share these save files, please link to this webpage and not directly to the file! I won’t list any spoilers for the game for the descriptions of the saves. These saves are for the PC platform!

To use on PC, unzip the file using 7zip and put the game saves in the Soul Hackers 2 save directory (I’ll explain the folder path soon). You can also right-click the game in Steam and select Properties and Browse Local Files to find where your game saves are located.

Also, if you’re using Steam, right-click the game, go to Properties, and under General uncheck “Keep game saves in the Steam Cloud for game”, otherwise your cloud save will immediately overwrite our save you downloaded.

It’ll look like something like below (put your PC username instead, copying and pasting will NOT work, you’ll have a unique number at the end of the filename too):


If you cannot access the folders or if they’re not visible, please click the View tab in Windows Explorer and put a checkmark on Hidden Items.

My 7zip file has 2 files, make backups of your saves before using or rename the save files so that they go in different slots (one of my saves goes into Autosave, and one is for SAVE01)

As for what these game saves contain, they’re both identical, one is just the autosave and one is a manual save. My save files include:

  • It’s a New Game Plus (NG+) save, so NG+ exclusive quests and demons are available. As well, Soul Levels are gained faster in New Game Plus, so you’re guaranteed to raise all characters’ Soul Levels to 200 to unlock their Level 5 Soul Matrix and all support skills.
  • (You can choose whether or not you want to carry over everything when you begin.)
  • 999,999,999 currency
  • All Demons unlocked in the Compendium. Sort the demons by highest level and the top 10 demons will have very powerful builds to make the game trivial.
  • Maxed quantities of all consumable items in inventory, including incenses if you want to increase your characters’ stats further
  • All characters level 99
  • 99 of every kind of material for upgrades
  • 99 of every kind of equippable Mystiques for characters
  • Best Stats Equipment available for all characters
  • All characters’ COMPs are fully upgraded. (Some upgrades are exclusive, but you can change the final upgrades by using the materials if you’d like.)

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