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We’ll tell you how to get all endings in Sword of Convallaria’s Spirals of Destiny mode (demo). We will try to keep as spoiler-free as possible, but we’ll have to mention character names sometimes. I’ll try to keep it as vague as possible.

We’ll use chapter names in the route map as well, to access it go to Voyage → Spirals of Destinies → Voyage Map. You can see where you are in the game and if you’re on the correct route.

Some endings are much easier to get if you use a certain Beacon when starting a new playthrough. If I don’t mention a Beacon then use whichever you want.

When playing the game, make sure to eliminate the Darklight when possible, certain missions will be marked “this affects the story” even if they’re optional. Do these or you’ll get a bad ending after chapter 2 (the lower route).

The demo has 5 endings you can obtain.

If you’d rather just watch the routes and endings instead, I have a YouTube playlist walkthrough as well: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-Hm3rGMVE2vKdD1GvNUdqSqUTL_Pek-S

Sword of Convallaria BAI GAMING Spirals of Destiny VOYAGE MAP all routes guide

Beginning of Destiny Bad Ending

This is the top-left corner route. It’s automatic. Just progress the story, and when you leave the prison you’ll get a bad ending. You’ll then have to do the gacha mode for a bit, but keep going through it and eventually you can go back to the Spirals of Destiny mode.

Prince Ending 1

You need to make an alliance with the Union in Chapter 2 to unlock the upper Chapter 3 route. In the demo keep progressing and doing missions for the Union. Make sure to eliminate the Darklight when possible too, they’re optional missions but labelled that “they will affect the story”.

You’ll go Chapter 3 – Castle and Knights. The demo is locked to only let you make an alliance with the Union so it’s not hard.

Keep progressing the game, and keep agreeing to the Prince (don’t choose Gloria) and keep doing his missions. You’ll end up progressing to Chapter 7 – Future in Mist (the upper Chapter 7).

In the very last scene of the route, you’ll be with the Prince on the Hotel Roof. Accept and agree with him and you’ll get the upper branch of the route.

Prince Ending 2

Same as Prince Ending 1, but in the very last scene with the Prince on the Hotel Roof you now need to disagree with him. You’ll need to do this many times, keep refusing and rejecting him. This will be the lower branch of the route.

The reward for this route is the Elegy of Knights Beacon, which lets you get on the Gloria route easily, so if you want to go to Gloria’s route next try getting this Prince ending instead of the other one (the other one just gives you a beacon that lets you get on the union route more easily, which is not useful since it’s easy enough to do).

The two Prince routes are the same, it’s only the final cutscene that changes. I would recommend getting this ending (Prince Ending 2) so that you don’t have to go through the entire game again since this gives the Elegy of Knights Beacon.

Gloria Ending

You need to make an alliance with the Union in Chapter 2. In the demo, it’s easy, just keep progressing and doing missions for the Union.

You’ll go Chapter 3 – Castle and Knights. Keep choosing Gloria instead of the Prince and agree with everything Gloria says. You’ll go to Chapter 6 – Price of Justice (the lower Chapter 6 on the route map) if you unlocked this route. After this there are no more route splits.

This can be tricky to unlock on a fresh playthrough. If you use the Elegy of Knights Beacon you can get this route very easily. You unlock this from completing Prince Ending 2 (disagree with the Prince at last minute).

Darklight Bad Ending

Don’t do the “eliminate Darklight” missions. Also don’t get your reputation high with any factions. It’s very easy to get if you just keep skipping everything and only doing the mandatory missions and this is pretty much just an early bad ending.

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