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We’ll tell you how to recruit all units in Unicorn Overlord, sorted by continents and from lowest to highest level missions.

Most units are recruited from red main quests and purple liberation quest but some may come from blue liberation quests too like Mordon. In general to recruit a unit just select to recruit them in the dialog after the mission, don’t kill them!

Cornia Region

*To be safe, in any missions where you’re asked whether or not to spare a thief, spare them (there’s 2 instances of this). This questline continues in the main game where you recruit them if you spared them.

Choose to “continue research” in Tatiana’s mission The Tormented Helm to recruit her. Another character also refers to the research as proof and joins you as well.

  • Alain (Lord), Lex (Fighter), Chloe (Soldier), Josef (Paladin), Travis (Thief), Hodrick (Hoplite) Clive (Knight), Aubin (Housecarl) – Automatic at beginning tutorials (and choose to hire Aubin at the end of the mission)
  • Rolf (Hunter) – A Solitary Resistance (and spare the thief at the end)
  • Bruno (Gladiator) – As The Tricorn Rides
  • Sharon (Cleric) – The Winged Knight (and spare the thief at the end)
  • Ochyls (Feathersword) – Complete The Winged Knight, then talk to her and give her (trade with her) 30 Divine Shards. You can find them across the world map and use the mine in the southern part of Cornia to find more.
  • Yahna (Witch) – The Ravaged Swamp
  • Auch (Wizard) – The Self-Effacing Sorcerer
  • Berenice (Sellsword) – The Mercenary’s Trial
  • Adel (Knight) – Province of Famine
  • Mordon (Warrior) – The Battle for Barbatimo
  • Nina (Warrior) – Uprooting the Rock Rats (to be safe use Millé’s group you get in this chapter to defeat Nina during the battle). You can’t get Millé or Bryce here.
  • Melisandre (Swordfighter) & Colm (Fighter) – The Blade of House Meillet (You need to agree to meet up with her after starting the mission. Then make sure to use Alain in the battle. Melisandre and Colm will comment a few times on how amazing Alain is, that means you can recruit them after the battle.)
  • Monica (Radiant Knight) – The Unyielding Shield (After talking to Monica you’ll need to head on the world map and defeat an enemy where she points to. You need to defeat the enemy in one battle to kill them on the world map, so use a class strong to it, level up, or turn down the difficulty. Then return to Monica and you’ll unlock The Unyielding Shield mission. Complete it to recruit her.)
  • Tatiana (Cleric) – The Tormented Helm (choose to continue the research)
  • Scarlett (Priestess) – The Priestess, Abducted
  • Fran (Gryphon Knight) – The Priestess, Abducted

Drakenhold Region

  • Virginia (Valkyria) & Leah (Swordmaster) – Enter Drakenhold Region and do Battle for Mier
  • Berengaria (Dark Marquess), Primm (Bishop) & Aramis (Swordmaster) – The General in Black (Talk to Berengaria using Alain. Talk to Primm using anyone. Then talk to Aramis using Primm.) Berengaria will also leave a few missions later, this is normal and you’ll get her back later.
  • Jeremy (Landsknecht) – The Battle for Adopti
  • Hilda (Wyvern Master) – The Champion of Order (Talk to Hilda using Primm, you will still need to defeat Hilda. After the mission talk to Hilda on the world map. You may have needed to do Tatiana’s research to recruit her!)
  • Gilbert (Prince) – Two Armies As One (to be safe choose “Agree” when you’re asked about Gilbert and Aramis later in the story)
  • Amalia (Dreadnought) – Win the coliseum fights after the mission Another Prince. You can do this end-game since she’s level 40. You need to beat her twice.
  • Berengaria again (Dark Marquess) – Heir to the Dragonlands
  • Magellan (Landsknecht), Gloucester (Doom Knight) & Liza (Shieldshooter) – Beyond the Swirling Sands and Black Knight of the Dunes (the desert part of Drakenhold in the south)


  • Rosalinde (Elven Augur) – Enter Elheim Region
  • Ridiel (Elven Archer) – Side Quest A Half-Elf’s Resolve (Enter Elheim from the southern part of Corneria)
  • Lhinalagos (Elven Archer) – The Resistance Lives On (You can have Lhinalagos talk to Favio)
  • Gammel (Rogue), Mandrin (Sniper) & Celeste (Gryphon Master) – A Shifting Tide (You must have spared Gammel and Mandrin)
  • Ithilion (Elven Fencer) – The Elven Knight (Talk to Ithilion using Rosalinde)
  • Eltolinde (Elven Sibyl) – O’er Wood and Water (You’ll have to fight Eltolinde but you’ll recruit her after)
  • Galadmir (Elven Archer) – Bowman of the Setting Sun (She can die during the fight but it’s fine she’ll join automatically)
  • Railanor (Elven Fencer) – The Battle for Voryatan


  • Yunifi (Snow Ranger) – Enter Bastorias Region
  • Morard (Werelion) & Ramona (Wereowl) – Tempest of White (talk to Ramona with Yunifi)
  • Bertrand (Werebear) & Govil (Werewolf) – To Resist or To Yield (talk to Bertrand and Govil once, then go to the battle in the middle of the map to fight them both at once. Make sure you’re fighting them both in the fight, then you’ll recruit both of them afterwards.)
  • Dinah (Werefox) – Ferocious Loyalty
  • Laurent (Great Knight) – Complete all liberations in Bastorias, you’ll always see him but you won’t get him until you do them all.
  • Bryce (Legonnaire) – Battle of Solvaquad (you don’t need to talk to him during the fight, just beat him and win normally, but I would assume you needed to recruit Nina)


  • Fodoquia (Feathershield) – The Battle for Peyston
  • Sanatio (Featherstaff) – The Holy March (Nigel will leave no matter what)
  • Umerus (Feathersword) – A Faded Flower (Defeat the boss on the right, then talk to Umerus with Scarlett to end the battle. Don’t fight Umerus!)
  • Jerome (Great Knight) – The Battle for Largion
  • Raenys (Featherbow) – The Faithless Knight, then Shield to the Sacred

Postgame (Spoilers)

  • Hermann (Legonnaire), Nigel (Dark Marquess), Ilenia (Valkyria), Mille (Warrior), Gailey (Sergeant), Alcina (Dark Marquess), Beaumont (Legonnaire), Elgor (Dark Marquess) – After beating the game complete Dying Breath of an Empire Fallen sidequest (load your clear save, then go southwest to exit the castle area during post-game, then you’ll find a new sidequest on the map)

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