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Due to the nature of the game, I will have to mention slight spoilers in order to explain how to get the endings. I’ll explain the main choices that matter. The game has hundreds of choices, but it’s just a few choices to the most important NPCs that matter.

I recommend making as many saves in as many slots throughout the game. You can easily get most of the endings using just one save file, and it’s the choices towards the mid to end-game matter more than early story decisions.

Broadly speaking, the game is divided into Coterie, Rasputin, and Escape endings, which then split off into various good and bad endings. Be careful because there may be Dimension speech checks required for certain endings.

I recommend you get as many Salutors as you can, as they will unlock skill trees that allow you to get more Dimension levels (so you can pass more speech checks).

There is also an epilogue that shows short mini-endings for the side quests you do (it’s similar to the game Fallout’s endings), which are mostly independent from the main story’s route endings. If you want these to change, do those side quests and choose certain options.

Most endings will also get “My Work Here Is Done” achievement/trophy automatically.

Rasputin Endings

Best Rasputin Ending

To get the best Rasputin Ending, agree with him as much as possible during the game, especially when he visits your father’s cemetery and also before the explosion (you’ll get Arm in Arm with the Devil achievement/trophy at some point).

You’ll eventually have to choose an ending by talking to Upyr, choose that you want to side with Rasputin.

During the ending party, make sure to stop Wanda from interfering, or else you’ll get a bad ending. The easiest way is if you saved Janek during the prison escape (you need to tell Samira to save Janek at the prison), mention Janek’s name to Wanda and she’ll back down immediately.

When you get to the ending party with the Tsar, Rasputin will vouch for you and you get his best ending without any trouble. You have the option to betray him, but don’t betray him of course, and you’ll get the best ending. (Howdy, Partner achievement/trophy.)

If Rasputin doesn’t vouch for you and betrays you instead, it means you weren’t nice enough to him during the game, so see the below endings instead. If you’re having trouble getting Rasputin to vouch for you, just make a new playthrough and always just agree with him immediately, don’t even go through the other dialog options as he gets mad at simply questioning him.

Betray Rasputin & Don’t Spare Him

Same as above, except you don’t need to be nice to Rasputin during the game (but you still need to stop Wanda).

If you were nice to him it’s still possible to get this, you’ll just need to betray him in front of the Tsar. (If you weren’t nice to him he will automatically betray you even if you vouch for him.)

You’ll get into a conversation where there’s a Mind 7 Dimension check, leading to a boss fight with Rasputin. If you cannot do the check, you’ll get a bad ending.

After the boss fight you can decide whether to “Take him down” OR “Show him mercy”.

Choose to Take him down. (Let My Will Be Done achievement/trophy.)

Betray Rasputin & Spare Him

Same as above, but for the very last step instead choose to “Show him mercy” and you’ll end up being Rasputin’s boss. (Stay Put! achievement/trophy.)

Coterie Endings (Ariel Info)

Before discussing the endings, there is an extra character that adds more content to the Coterie endings, but he can die depending on your actions in the main story.

If you do NOT take the Golem from Ariel, he will live, and will be present during Coterie ending scenes.

If you take Golem from Ariel, he will die later in the game and there’s no way to save him.

He’s NOT required to be alive for the best Coterie endings, the best ending will still proceed as normal skipping the lines he would’ve said (he doesn’t say too much either). So it’s up to you if you want to take Golem from him or not. Ariel doesn’t really add much to the ending, he will stop an easy mini-boss encounter before the final boss so you save a few minutes, but he’s really only there for story and lore.

I’d recommend you save before the choice to take Golem from him or not. I’d probably just take Golem because he’s a strong Salutor.

Best Coterie Ending

Be nice to Faldjey and Samira throughout the game if possible, but it’s not strictly required. I was able to pass all the Dimension speech checks when Faldjey first meets you and questions you I don’t think it’s needed but it helps.

Near the end you need to pick a route from Upyr, choose “Side with Coterie”. You’ll go through the final mission of the game, it’s very straightforward until the final conversation with the Tsar.

Right before going into the final building you’ll need to stop Wanda from interfering. The easiest way is if you saved Janek during the prison escape (you needed to tell Samira to save Janek), mention Janek’s name to Wanda and she’ll back down. Alternatively, on the Coterie route you can just tell her that Faldjey has a plan and she’ll back down because they’re allies.

In the final mission talk to all NPCs and scan the areas for red sparkles before going to see the Tsar himself.

When talking to the Tsar, in general you need to pass Dimension checks, such as “Discreetly focus your thoughts to manipulate the Tsar” (Mind 3) or “*Use the knowledge about the ruthless decrees”.

He will accept your demands and you’ll fight Rasputin. Win and you’ll get the best ending. (The New Coterie achievement/trophy.)

Bad Coterie Ending – Betray Wanda & Revolutionaries

Follow the steps above including stopping Wanda, except when you are talking to the Tsar choose “Accept the Tsar’s conditions. You have no choice”. Don’t choose the dialog options shown above in the “Best Coterie Ending” because you’ll succeed the confrontation. There may be a Dimension speech check as well after, but don’t do it (I think you can pass this check and you’ll still betray Wanda yourself, but just let Faldjey handle it, it’s easier).

If done correctly, Faldjey will betray Wanda. The epilogue will now take place in a cemetery. (The Price of Victory achievement/trophy.)

Escape Ending

When talking to Upyr before the final mission, select “Choose to escape”. You’ll need to meet requirements below for it to appear.

It’s tricky to get and there may be multiple ways to get it, but I found that after the explosion with Rasputin in the mission “The Last Day of Summer” when talking to Stanislaw choose “Escape the trial.” (Heart 7 Dimension required). Keep progressing the conversation with Stanislaw, you can bow to either Rasputin or Coterie, but another option should appear too, “Ask what other paths he has in mind”. Choose that when it appears. Then you’ll get prompted to Bow to Rasputin or Coterie, pick one and keep progressing the story until you talk to Upyr before the final mission and choose to Escape. (What If I Just Quit… achievement/trophy.)

Generic Bad Ending

You can get a generic bad ending in multiple ways. The easiest way is to just go on any route and before entering the final building, do NOT stop Wanda.

Failing some speech checks in the final conversation can also lead to the generic bad ending, such as if you do the Rasputin route and you’re mean to Rasputin throughout the game or if you betray Rasputin and can’t do the speech checks.

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