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Salutors are esoteric supernatural creatures that players can recruit in The Thaumaturge. They can be used in battles to disable enemy Traits and come with a variety of their own abilities.

Each Salutor is associated with one of four Dimensions – Word, Heart, Deed, and Mind, which influence responses in combat or exploration. By recruiting more Salutors, more portions of the skill trees will unlock, allowing you to upgrade combat abilities, being able to examine more objects when exploring, and Wiktor’s upgraded Dimensions can be used when talking to NPCs (Dimension speech checks will unlock).

We’ll try not to spoil, but I will need to mention mission names and Salutor names and sometimes a small amount of plot associated with it (Golem is the only Salutor that has slight spoilers).

We’ll generally go in the order you recruit Salutors in. There are 8 Salutors in total. There are “two tiers” of Salutors, in the skills screen there are 4 paths with Salutors, then they continue for another 4 Salutors. In general you’ll unlock the first tier of Salutors automatically from story progression.

The most easily missable Salutor is Krampus, so as soon as you go to Port Praga try to recruit him.

Make sure to see Rasputin after recruiting a new Salutor because Wiktor will be weakened until you get cured. I’ll mark which Salutors are easily missable. Sometimes you need to progress the story to unlock more regions you can travel to.




Complete the prologue mission “Shadow of Sins Past” (main story).

Morana (missable)

Go to Powisle and go to the eastern part of the map to start a series of quests. It starts with The Art of Dying, then after that you get the side quest Horses in the Sky. You might need to do Dimension checks to gather evidence, so you can wait a little to progress this questline later if you find yourself unable to progress. But it’s missable eventually, so try to make sure this side quest is still active your menu.

We recruited Veles first (see below) to do the Dimension checks on evidence to help complete the mission, so consider nudging the main story forward a bit.

When you’re able to, finish most of “Horses in the Sky” by finding the culprit. You’ll then need to wait for a phone call, but it won’t happen yet.

Progress the main story and finish the quest “To Dust You Shall Return”. Afterwards, Horses in the Sky can continue. Return to your house and answer the phone to continue the questline, where you will be able to fight Morana and recruit her.


Do The Reptillian Bash” main story quest.


Do “Bastards of the Night” main story quest.

Djinn (missable)

Go to the northern part of Mirow region when you unlock the region to trigger the “Fearless” questline.

There are options not to take the Salutor but choose to take it (Grab the Flaw and face off against the Djinn) to recruit him.

Golem (missable)

Do the “All Our Curses” main quest. There are three options right before the Golem boss fight that impact whether you recruit him, as well as the story in the game.

“Say yes” means you let Ariel take Golem and Ariel will live and Ligia loses her Flaw. You won’t get the Golem if you choose this!

“Fool Ariel” means you take Golem, Ariel will die, and Ligia keeps her Flaw.

“Transfer Ligia’s Flaw” means you take Golem, Ariel will die, and Ligia loses her Flaw.

Ariel is NOT required to live to get the best Coterie Route ending, you just lose out on some dialogue and he won’t help you with a forced enemy encounter (that’s easy enough to do on your own). Ligia’s Flaw only affects a small portion of the epilogue (I’d keep her flaw for a slightly better end but it doesn’t matter, you might get a Dimension bonus if you take the flaw so it’s up to you). (If you want to do the Flying University optional side quest, I found that keeping her flaw helped me progress the questline more easily.)

Krampus (missable)

Go to the Port Praga region as soon as it’s unlocked on the map! It’s very missable. If you take a tram to Port Praga examine the northern area to find Real Fireworks observation to unlock the sidequest. The location to find The Real Fireworks clue is shown below.

The Thaumaturge Krampus location bai gaming

Follow The Real Fireworks quest and press the right trigger to find where to unlock the other clues. It’ll lead you to a warehouse and a new quest A Rod For A Hero. In general you can pick any option and it’ll lead to a fight against Krampus. Win the fight to recruit him.

The only issue with this salutor is that it’s highly missable. If you’re examining clues in Port Praga and can’t trigger the Real Fireworks, then you went too far in the story.

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