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These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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For the Advantage Masters trophy, you need to beat all opponents in Vantage Masters (except the post-game opponents). I have a strategy and a deck that is foolproof you can use mindlessly to defeat all the opponents.

You can get all the cards necessary for this deck very early on, and if you don’t have all the cards the technique will still work.

This trophy isn’t missable because unlike Cold Steel 4, you can challenge and defeat all opponents in the post-game, which takes place in the True Reverie Corridor and has all opponents available for all mini-games.

My deck:

  • Master Card: High Ranger
  • 3 Pa-Rancell
  • 3 Requ
  • 2 Tarbyss
  • 3 Fifenall
  • 3 Magic Crystal
  • 3 Vanish
  • 3 Blaze
  • My strategy is simple:
  • Have a Ranger master card that you keep buffing (keep it in the back row), and keep attacking the opponent’s master card with it.
  • You have healers (Fifenall) that can heal your master card’s health and you draw more cards when they are defeated
  • You have rock cards (Pa-Rancell) that can act as bodyguards for your Ranger
  • You have water cards (Requ and Tarbyss) that you purposely destroy to draw more cards.
  • If you draw more cards you can get more cards to buff yourself.
  • Use Magic Crystals and Blaze to keep buffing your High Ranger.
  • Use Vanish late-game to deal high damage directly to the opponent’s master card.
  • If you’re getting a lot of damage to your ranger, you can heal with Fifenall and save the Magic Crystals to use on Fifenall so you can use their ability to heal again. Consider saving the Fifenall in your hand for when you need healing.
  • Some opponents have a master card that might seal your card (prevents you from using that card at all), in this case replace any cards in our deck with Medic that can cure the Seal status. Medic is available in the starter deck.

You can substitute the High Ranger for any ranged master card. You can get High Ranger from defeating Rixia, and you get 3 Tarbyss from defeating Elie. If you don’t see Rixia as an opponent, progress the game’s story more.

Here’s all the opponents and the rewards. To challenge C you just need to get all cards in the game (so opponents who give non-card consumable rewards like Divine Water are optional).

I have a video guide showing my technique (you unlock the High Ranger card after Rixia). For fun I fight all of the optional opponents too. The video will have character spoilers, but my text descriptions are SPOILER FREE. Bolded are important matches where you get the most useful cards.

Opponents to defeat for Advantage Masters Trophy

  • Defeat Elie, acquire 3 Tarbyss
  • Defeat Claire, acquire 3 Uptide
  • Defeat Claire, acquire 1 Shadow
  • Defeat Agate, acquire 3 Oonvievle
  • Defeat Musse, acquire 3 Amoltamis
  • Defeat Rixia, acquire 1 High Ranger
  • Defeat Alfin, acquire Spiritual Divine Water (OPTIONAL)
  • Defeat George, acquire Fortuitous Divine Water (OPTIONAL)
  • Defeat Elise, acquire 1 Holy Sister
  • Defeat Wazy, acquire 3 Ma-Gorb
  • Defeat Lechter, acquire 3 Xenofiend
  • Defeat Nadia, acquire 3 Reduce
  • Defeat Aurelia, acquire Powerful Divine Water (OPTIONAL)
  • Defeat Noel, acquire 3 Disaster
  • Defeat Estelle, acquire 3 Tentarch
  • Defeat Crow, acquire 1 Crown Thief
  • Defeat Zeit, acquire 3 Greon
  • Defeat Vita, acquire Magical Divine Water (OPTIONAL)
  • If you haven’t already, check the shop in the True Reverie Corridor and buy any cards for sale. Go through all the menus of the shop, there are a few cards for sale and it gets updated as you progress through the story.
  • Defeat C (switch to Lloyd to play him, you need all cards from challengers above before you can face him), acquire 3 Regna-Croix and Vantage Masters trophy obtained

You’ll now get the trophy Advantage Masters trophy from beating C.

You can play against more VM opponents for fun. I do because I like the game.

OPTIONAL Vantage Masters (NOT Required for Trophy!)

  • Defeat McBurn, acquire 1 Tyrant
  • Unlock Vantage Masters Dojo for more opponents at Phantasmal Shard rewards
  • Defeat Wald, acquire 3 Powerful Divine Water
  • Defeat Fran, acquire 3 Spiritual Divine Water
  • Defeat Michael, acquire 1 Soul Fighter
  • Add more VM Dojo opponents at Phantasmal Shard rewards
  • Defeat Shizuku, acquire 3 Magical Divine Water
  • Defeat Dudley, acquire 3 Fortuitous Divine Water
  • Defeat Sonya, acquire 1 Elder Spirit
  • Add more VM Dojo opponents at Phantasmal Shard rewards
  • Defeat Sergei, acquire 3 Vital Divine Water
  • Defeat Erika, acquire 1 Master Swordsman
  • Defeat Matteus, acquire 1 Arc Paladin

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