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Kururu’s Diary automatically updates when you progress the story of the game. There’s 173 entries in total; however, there’s too many to list. Instead we’ll list the missable diary events, which there aren’t many of but it can still happen if you just happen to leave a town without talking to an NPC, for instance.

All Diary events are numbered in-game and they count starting from 1 at the beginning of the game to 173 at the end, so they’re easy to keep track of as you progress through the story, but the only thing is that you get diary entries for recruiting puppets so you need to recruit all puppets and some of these are missable too (see No. 149).

No.28 Father’s letter
Act 3: Read the letter before opening the hidden door in Kururu’s room.

No.55 What’s wrong Randy?
Act 4: After arriving at Blue Cat, meet a girl on the second floor of a private house before leaving town. (If you leave town then Randy and Sonia leave the party, missing the event.)

No.56 Elder’s advice
Act 4: After arriving at Blue Cat, meet the Elder before leaving town. (If you leave town then Randy and Sonia leave the party, missing the event.)

No.69 Encounter with an unexpected person
Act 4: After obtaining the Cat’s Eye Stone, talk to Etoile at the bar before finding the culprit (the culprit is Polinsky in the Tower).

No.91 You too, Claudia
Act 6: Enter the aisle in front of Claudia’s room “from the southern map portion” before the cat slide minigame at Beauty Castle. It’s tough to explain, you basically need to take the direct route to trigger this event because it makes fun of how you can get to the destination while Claudia is getting lost in her own mansion, and the direct route is taking the southeastern route. Here’s detailed directions: You fight a dragon boss in Myao’s room, then you go up a level via an elevator. On this new level go EAST, EAST, EAST, NORTH, EAST, EAST, EAST, SOUTH, EAST and you’ll trigger the event. Save often to make sure you get it. Once you get the event, save and you can freely explore the remaining dungeon for all the chests.

No.116 Peconyan Love pendant
Act 8: Get a pendant from Pekonyan before entering the Nyanko Theater in RQ Town. He’s in one of the side rooms, save often to make sure you don’t miss it (if you see a cats musical in a theater you missed it). You need this even to also trigger events No.118 to 121 because you need Peconyan as a friend!

No.149-159, 161 (Encountering puppet events)
Befriend each doll, which itself is also very missable. Refer to our list of puppet locations.

No.160 Old Dog
Act 4: Find the Old Dog in the fish (Bobo) dungeon (go to the bottom-most part of the dungeon)

No.162 Extra Berg
Act 8: Enter Eringa (Mushroom) town. To do this talk to NPCs, one will reveal the location, usually an NPC in Orange or Oasis will reveal it. Then go into the dungeon in Eringa Valley (say you don’t hurt Eringa’s) and fight Berg (the cat chef) again. Needs to be done before you move into the Final Chapter (Act 9) because these events disappear after.

No.163 Claire
Act 8: Enter Etoile’s house to trigger optional story events.

No.164 Diary of Etoile
Act 8: Read the diary at the Etoile’s house. This also will trigger events No.165-173.

If you’d rather watch us play the game in video form, please see our walkthroughs below.


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