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Devouring Armada Tower 2F Map Mary Skelter Finale BAI GAMING

Devouring Armada Tower 2F

  • As Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X33,Y7 (Bamboo Weaver on button)
  • Jack’s group – X27,Y12 (Button)
  • Jack’s group – X29,Y13 (Button)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X19,Y14 (Many statues in this hall, important ones to burn are X18,Y18 and X20,Y16)
  • Clara’s group – X22,Y33 (Acquire Devouring Card Key C, give to Toh’s group via Dustbox X18,Y24)
  • Clara’s group – X36,Y35 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – Arrow switches at X22,Y34 , X21,Y36 , and X36,Y35
  • Clara’s group – X19,Y33 (Lever)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X29,Y23 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X33,Y29 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X36,Y7 (2F Key A, use to unlock X24,Y21)
  • Jack’s group – X23,Y25 (Stairs to 3F)
  • Switch to Toh’s group, retrieve Devouring Card Key C from Dustbox
  • Toh’s group – 1F: X36,Y1 can be unlocked with Card Key C, has optional loot, but you need to go back down to 1F
  • Toh’s group – X12,Y23 (Timed lever)
  • Toh’s group – X1,Y25 (Lever)
  • Toh’s group – X1,Y10 , X1,Y7 , X3,Y8 , X4,Y7 , X4,Y3 , X1,Y2 , X3,Y4 (Cut statues)
  • Toh’s group – X13,Y3 , X14,Y3 , X15,Y3 (Statues)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X18,Y32 , X19,Y32 , X20,Y32 (Burn statues)
  • Clara’s group – X11,Y33 , X12,Y30 , X6,Y34 , X6,Y33 (Burn statues)
  • Clara’s group – X5,Y34 (Devouring Key, give to Toh’s group)
  • Clara’s group – X1,Y36 (Devouring Card Key A, give to Jack’s group)
  • Clara’s group – X1,Y27 (2F Key B)
  • Clara’s group – X36,Y34 (Stairs to 3F)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – Go to Dustbox to retrieve Devouring Card Key, then head back down to 2F, go to X7,Y8 for optional loot, then return to 3F
  • Switch to Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – Return to Dustbox, retrieve Devouring Key, then unlock door at X17,Y3
  • Toh’s group – X21,Y3 (Stairs to 3F)

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