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Grave Tower 3F Map Mary Skelter Finale BAI GAMING

Grave Tower 3F

  • Toh’s group – X44,Y9 (Shortcut)
  • Toh’s group – X34,Y9 (Cut wire)
  • Toh’s group – X28,Y26 (Lever)
  • Toh’s group – X29,Y26 (Lever)
  • Toh’s group – X29,Y16 (Lever)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X19,Y9 (Use frozen tear to open door, you may need to do this with several flames around this area.)
  • Jack’s group – X3,Y30 (Shortcut)
  • Jack’s group – Now may be a good time to return to the base for event cutscenes. After seeing the cutscene, watch another event in the Hallway regarding Gato’s pocket watch, it’s required for the true ending. I don’t think it’s missable, but it’s better to watch it now and get it out of the way early. If you haven’t been viewing the character events, you may need to trigger those in the Hallway first before the pocket watch event occurs.
  • Jack’s group – X10,Y22 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X18,Y38 (Stairs to 4F)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X3,Y7 (Arrow switch)
  • Clara’s group – X38,Y2 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X21,Y34 (Shortcut, return to base for events if you haven’t yet)
  • Clara’s group – X3,Y40 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X43,Y44 (Stairs to 4F)
  • Switch to Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – X27,Y9 (Stairs to 4F)

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