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Devouring Armada Tower 4F Map Mary Skelter Finale BAI GAMING

Devouring Armada Tower 4F with True Route Ending Guide

  • As Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – X12,Y7 (Many statues in this room)
  • Toh’s group – X7,Y18 (Devouring Card Key A, give to Jack via Dustbox)
  • Toh’s group – X18,Y18 (Lever)
  • Switch to Jack’s party, retrieve Devouring Card Key A
  • Jack’s group – X2,Y16 (Frozen Tear to unlock door)
  • Jack’s group – X3,Y33, X3,Y30 (Buttons)
  • Jack’s group – X17,Y21 (Devouring Card Key C via X15,Y24 button, give to Toh via Dustbox)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X36,Y20 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X30,Y27 (Devouring Key 2, send to Jack’s group)
  • Clara’s group – X25,Y25 (Lever)
  • Switch to Jack’s group, retrieve Devouring Key 2 from Dustbox
  • Jack’s group – X4,Y35 (Timed lever, and unlock door at X12,Y21)
  • Jack’s group – X18,Y20 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X18,Y21 (Event)
  • Have all parties return to the base, Clara will get a boss fight at her base, but thankfully the game will give you a warning so you can save your game
  • Event boss in Clara’s base: Gallows
  • Clara’s group – Make an extra backup save! Route split happens soon!
  • Clara’s group – X27,Y23 (Event)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X18,Y21 (Event)
  • For True Ending Route, choose Broken Highend Pocket Watch, then Right Pocket
  • For Bad Ending, choose anything else
  • If you don’t get the True Ending options, you might’ve missed a scene, but you should be able to get it, check all your maps for blue events, you can cycle through all the maps in the game in any dungeon, and also make sure you got the true ending scene I mentioned for Riley and Ellie’s dungeon, their dungeon is repeatable so don’t worry.
  • Switch to Toh’s group, retrieve Devouring Card C
  • Toh’s group – X28,Y10 (Timed lever)
  • Toh’s group – X28,Y17 (Timed lever)
  • Toh’s group – X15,Y8 (Timed lever)
  • Toh’s group – X24,Y12 (Timed lever)
  • Toh’s group – X24,Y15 (Timed lever)
  • Toh’s group – X29,Y1 (Statue)
  • Toh’s group – X31,Y1 (Statue)
  • Toh’s group – Unlock X30,Y3
  • Toh’s group – X30,Y5 , X36,Y4 (Statue)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X29,Y29 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X36,Y22 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X36,Y21 (Stairs to 5F)
  • Switch to Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – X36,Y1 (Stairs to 5F)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X1,Y36 (Stairs to 5F)

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