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Grave Tower 2F Map Mary Skelter Finale BAI GAMING

Grave Tower 2F

  • Clara’s group – X21,Y35 (Shortcut)
  • Clara’s group – X25,Y24 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group –X 35,Y11
  • Clara’s group – X27,Y19 (Acquire Grave Key 2-2)
  • Clara’s group – X24,Y16 (Use Dustbox to give Grave Key 2-2 to Jack’s group
  • Switch to jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X30,Y44 (Use frozen tear to open door)
  • Jack’s group – X2,Y30 (Shortcut)
  • Jack’s group – X9,Y25 (Use frozen tear to open door, you may need to do this with several flames around the local area.)
  • Jack’s group – X7,Y10 (Acquire Grave Key 2-3, send to Toh’s group)
  • Switch to Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – Retrieve Grave Key 2-3 from Dustbox
  • Toh’s group – X7,Y6 (Cut wire)
  • Toh’s group – X44,Y8 (Shortcut)
  • Toh’s group – X44,Y35 (Acquire Grave Key 2-1, and sent it to Clara’s group via Dustbox)
  • Switch to Clara’s group, retrieve the Grave Key 2-1 from Dustbox
  • Clara’s group – X19,Y17 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X21,Y16 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X24,Y11 (Stairs to 3F)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – Retrieve Grave Ley 2-2 from Dustbox
  • Jack’s group – X2,Y9 (Stairs to 3F)
  • Switch to Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – X43,Y38 (Stairs to 3F)

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