Mary Skelter Finale – Licard Tower 2F (Riley and Ellie) Walkthrough with Maps

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Licard Tower 2F Riley Ellie Route Map Mary Skelter Finale BAI GAMING

Licard Tower 2F (Riley and Ellie)

  • X1,Y15 (Lever)
  • X11,Y5 (Lever)
  • X7,Y4 (Lever)
  • X2,Y1 (Event)
  • X9,Y2 (Event)
  • Now run back to down 1F
  • X6,Y5 (Subevent, but you need this for the true ending, it’s temporarily missable but you can just re-enter the dungeon and get it if you miss it by zapping to Riley and Ellie.)
  • X2,Y1 (Event)
  • If you missed the true ending subevent, you can zap to Riley and Ellie again and do the dungeon again from the 2F X9,Y2 event. You see how the events and treasures collected are counted next to each character on the zapping screen? The blue subevent is NOT counted in this total, so make sure you get it. Once you see it, it won’t appear again so you’ll know you’ve done it.

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