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Devouring Armada Tower 8F Map Mary Skelter Finale BAI GAMING

Devouring Armada Tower 8F

  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – X20,Y27 (Button)
  • Jack’s group – X21,Y22 (Button)
  • Jack’s group – X22,Y26 (Button)
  • Jack’s group – X21,Y19 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X28,Y17 (Lever)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X4,Y16 (Burn statues)
  • Clara’s group – X6,Y18 (Shoot arrow to west, arrow switch)
  • Clara’s group – X7,Y16 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X7,Y11 (Arrow switch)
  • Clara’s group – (The next levers open/close paths in the jail)
  • Clara’s group – X7,Y6 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X14,Y2 (Release Key) (We will collect 4 of these and send them to Jack)
  • Clara’s group – X3,Y5 (Devouring Card Key C, give to Toh via Dustbox)
  • Clara’s group – X3,Y3 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X5,Y24 (Lever, use it, then unlock a door, then use X5,Y24 lever again)
  • Switch to Toh’s group, retrieve Devouring Card Key C at Dustbox
  • Toh’s group – X27,Y36 (Release Key) (Send to Jack)
  • Toh’s group – X31,Y26 (Event boss: Nuisance Owner)
  • Toh’s group – X31,Y15 Release Key (send to Jack)
  • With the 4 Release Keys sent to Jack, switch to Jack
  • Jack’s group – Retrieve 4 Release Keys from Dustbox, unlock X24,Y18
  • Jack’s group – X26,Y18 (Event boss: Luncheon Beast)
  • Jack’s group – X26,Y13 (Use Frozen Tear on flames to unlock door)
  • Jack’s group – X23,Y16 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X12,Y11 (Room with 4 buttons, use 3 Bamboo Weaver balls and stand on the fourth button, and the door nearby will be unlocked for a few seconds)
  • Jack’s group – X16,Y13 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X13,Y16 (Lever)
  • Switch to Clara’s group
  • Clara’s group – X7,Y31 (Event boss: Nuisance Owner)
  • Clara’s group – X8,Y33 lever (Shifts open/closes doors on route), use it
  • Clara’s group – X17,Y36 (Final Key 1)
  • Clara’s group – Use X8,Y33 (Lever again)
  • Clara’s group – X18,Y32 (Lever)
  • Clara’s group – X9,Y31 (Event, don’t use it yet, but if you did use it, skip to Licard Tower below and return here after.)
  • Switch to Toh’s group
  • Toh’s group – X33,Y3 (Acquire Devouring Card Key A, give to Jack’s group)
  • Toh’s group – X27,Y5 Release Key (Give to Jack’s group)
  • Toh’s group – X23,Y7 Final Key 3 (Give to Jack’s group)
  • Toh’s group – X22,Y1 (Lever)
  • Switch to Jack’s group
  • Jack’s group – Retrieve Release Key, Devouring Card Key A, Final Key 3
  • Jack’s group – X14,Y20 Devouring Card Key B, give to Clara’s group
  • Jack’s group – X18,Y27 (Lever)
  • Jack’s group – X15,Y24 (Use Frozen Tear)
  • Jack’s group – X14,Y19, X15,Y21, X17,Y24 (Buttons, use Bamboo Weaver, do X17,Y24’s button first, that way when you do Bamboo Weaver on the other buttons it’ll remove the bamboo used to fill the pit)
  • Jack’s group – X10,Y22 (Lever)
  • Switch to Clara’s group, retrieve Devouring Card Key B, use on X5,Y36
  • Clara’s group – X15,Y29 (Final Key 2)
  • Clara’s group – Now do X9,Y31 event, and go to Licard Tower (Older Riley and Ellie)

Licard Tower 1F and 2F (Older Riley and Ellie)

  • As before keep running from battles, it’s unfair because you can get ambushed by 3 enemies and killed by bad luck. A trick is to use zap, and zap to Young Riley and Ellie’s Licard Tower and save there, then zap back every once in a while.
  • 1F: X7,Y14 (Lever)
  • 1F: X2,Y6 (Event)
  • 1F: X10,Y8 (Lever)
  • 1F: X6,Y6 (Stairs to 2F)
  • 2F: X9,Y7 (Lever)
  • 2F: X14,Y14 (Lever)
  • 2F: X14,Y2 (Event, run away from it)

Devouring Armada Tower 8F (continued)

  • Switch to Clara’s group for cutscenes
  • Switch to any group you’d like to fight D.A. Nightmare Boss
  • You need to take each group to the final door
  • Clara’s group X17,Y29
  • Jack’s group X12,Y27
  • Toh’s group X20,Y30
  • Save your game, make a backup save as well in case because there are multiple endings. All your parties are required to fight the final set of bosses, so prepare well, and when ready to end the game go to the final event marker.
  • Fight the final boss three times
  • Bad Ending 2: “The Devouring Armada Tower” – The visual novel “Locked Up in Love” and “True Ending” continues off from here so it’s worth watching, but you’ll need to fight the final bosses again for the true ending.
  • Best Ending: “All the Towers”, and choose a girl!

These guides take a significant amount of time and effort to make, and anything that can be given is extremely appreciated.

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